Nazryl Lahhh @NazrylD
Nazryl Lahhh @NazrylD
the name's nazryl. #15 this year. Peace!
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I hope you sincerely consider my advice and make dua to Him, because he responds to the dua of the one in need, not necessarily immediately, but overtime and His promises are always true. Watch this video for example: :')
I really do heed your advice. And i've been always berdoa kepadaNya. But i really want to know who you are
He Hears because it is He who gives comfort, cry your heart out and your feelings to him. :') Only He Understands. Take care and May Allah bless you my brother. :')
Thankssss. Can i know who you are?
Hey, I just want you to know that I am sorry because I am not there for you, but I want to remind you that the best relief in times of hardship, be it sadness, heartbroken, depression or loneliness, is to pray to The Almighty. :')
This is by far one of the sweetest thing i've heard from someone. Thank you so much :)
If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which two people would you put together?
Me and her duh! Okay maybe Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens
What is your relationship status?
Single >.>
Close guy friends?
If i left out anyone i'm sorry. Alif, Izzul, Hafiz, Radell, Wei Xuan, Yuh Horng, Sufyan, Jimmy, Elias, Joshua, Cedric(s). Yeah i think that's it
Close girl friends?
Umm, Jasmine, Chelsy, Sheau Qian(?), Farzana and Wandira. I think that's the closest ah
Hey what school are you from?? :D
Um i'm from Woodlands Ring Secondary School!
Totoi ah. kau da gunting lom?
Not yet. No idea what to cut hahaha
bro aku nak gunting botak boleh?
Gunting ah kau. Rambut kau sak hahaha
haha describe me forgot to unanon just now HHAHA ok lame  Amani
Oh ahahah nah you ain't lame! Ok so i'm not really close to you but you're pretty cute. You seem friendly and um nice and um understanding yeah hahaha. Hope to get to know you better!
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describe me :-) aha
Who is you
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How to find true love?
You may not notice it but sometimes the one you've been pushing away or the one who's been your friend might always end up to be your true love. I don't know actually hahaha. Wait for it i guess
What sound drives you crazy?
The sound of her voice
Do you need any help?
Yes, a lot of help.
Who are you?
I am a creation of Allah! *peace*
Mhmm lulu alif mintak maaf semalam
Hahaha yesyes aku dapat jugak. But aku rasa dia pulak marah kat aku >.>
If you could change one thing about what would it be?
Ummmmm nothinggggggg
describe patricia huehue  patricia
Patricia ah? Ummm she's reaaaaaaally tall and i hate it cause i'm reaaaaally short :< and and she's friendly! But never talk to me before in school >.> hahaha. And maybe she's pretty! Ahahaah talk to you more often alright!
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What's the most unusual thing in your refrigerator, right now?
I'm not even home lul
Mhmmmmm if you know what mean *pedo face* hahahahahaha
What the. So a skinny guy like you can do pull ups? Then means I can, thanks for teh motivation
Hahahah go and work out or something idk but the adrenaline rush would really help on the day :> no prob!
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Dude you already got 23 to get a gold in Napha? Sick mate. Break it down for me please how well you did for each station, not including 2.4km of course
Bahaha thanks mate! Well it wasn't that hard after all heh. For Pull-ups, i did 7 so that's 4 or 5points? For SitnReach i stretched till 42cm and that's 4points too. Next is SBJ, i jumped 229cm which is 4 or 5 points? For SitUps i did 50 which is 5points. And lastly ShuttleRun for 9.9seconds which is 5points!
Fuck the haters,cool boy:)
Haha thanks! Who're you anyway? You're such a nice guy/girl
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You're not even that handsome.
Didn't even say i was >.>
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