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are you single yet


nah you'll think I'm too old hahah

I just want to know who this is that's all

He used be in nc??

Nope he never was

But I liked you :(

Who is this just tell me

thought he was newbridge college??

No no my school

When did yous get close

2nd year I think it was

What school is harry s in

My school

What year is harry swan in

My year

are you actually going with this harry swan lad

Yeah why?

seen you again the other day , this isnt fair

What isn't fair, who is this, where did you see me??



thought we supposed to "chat"

Chat me so

Niamh how did your jc results go

Good good was happy with them

Are you in 4th year or 5th year aaha

4th year

Closest lad bestfriend

Ah I can't choose just one I've a good few

You and josh confuse me


Is finn kerins related to luke kerins???

Yeah brothers

You'd love some of him

Nah I'm grand thanks

You and dean ye

What hahahha, we're just friends

do you go for outgoing guys or shy guys?

Don't really have a type but, outgoing

Are you a virgin


Opinion on zodiac signs?

What sort of a question is this

How long have you been texting mike?

Oh my god why does everyone think we're texting, he's my bestfriend

Would you say your amazing?

Hardly, not amazing at all


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