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meet anyone cute using the chatous app yet?

never heard of it

you're so beautiful

thank youu

let me hit it?

Um ew no


Who are you

Top ten 7 graders

Girls or boys

do u own a thong?

Whats wrong with you

pap of u in yogas?


hey Nicole!!!


Whats the most you've done with a guy

Well i didnt think that was any of your business.

Does anyone want to ask me a question


what my mom named me when I was born


your favorite person

Welllllll what is your name

your favorite person

Whos that

what's up

Who is this

you are one of if not they more gorgeous girl ever! just look at your simply amazing smile .. and them eyes.. well are something else! just gorgeous.. your beautiful FACT! even tho you know that already.. aha!

Who is this and thank you llooll(:

Hello there, person of the internet. I'd just like to say congrats on making it through 2013. You probably went through some bad times; we all did. Just know that there are people who care about you and want to see you smile. Goodluck in 2014, I'm sure you'll do great. Much love, Internet anon<3

Uh thanks

Im a 6'0" 135lbs boy , If i stood next to a 7'1" 350lbs boy how would he make me look?

Muscular and better- looking


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Heeeey. Liz & Danielle<3