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Do you remember me
You look familiar!!!
Hey it's Shelby Russell
Hey???? Haha
Do u like adham?
I don't like boys
Ur pretty. Bam, now it's
This is probably my mom, HEY
Yeah, text me too
I'm on it right now!!!
Text me
Ok unknown person!!!!
Cute guys from Bend?
OOMF ;) aka you
Photo with the training mask
See me at AFF ;)
3 hottest guys you don't talk to
You you and You
3 cutest boys from your math class?
WHat is this
3 cutest boys from your history class
What is this
3 cutest boys from your English class
What is this
3 cutest boys from your science class?
What is this
Favorite people to talk to ?
I only talk to like 4 of the same people everyday haha
I heard you bad
Hahahaha from who
let me slide in your dms
Hahahah ok
My name is evan rapp haha my Twitter is evan_rapp, I was the one that said you're gorgeous and don't post this
Oh thank you so much Evan
Uhhh can you tell me who you are now haha
I'll take you
Haha okay you can be my date lol :)
Do you like chest hair and beards ?
Hahahhah I guess lol
you're welcome ☺ you thinking about prom yet?
Yeah I guess! But how much do you wanna bet that I'm going solo hahaha
You're absolutely gorgeous like you're one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen
That made my night 100x times better!!! So nice! Tell me who you are plssssss
Lol you're really cute
Who is this hahahh thank u THO :-)
really? you look younger
Thanks I guess hahaha :,)
what grade are you in?
J for junior :)))