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Are you a snooty person
Whos oomf
As in oomf I meant my dog
Who's Bae
Cutest sophomore at ponax
You ;)
Who's bae
I miss you!! But you pretty much forgot about me I think... lol
No!!!! Text me or dm me! :)
there's something about ya girlllll
Hahahah is this nicole morrow lol
You are drop dead gorgoues
Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!
you are kind of funny
Kind of? :(
Most perfect guy you know
No such thing
You are one of the realist girls I know
Haha thank you!
you are so beautiful
Oh my gosh thanks you so much! You're too kind! :)
Cutest guys at bend
Everyone there is perfect but brad is my fav
Did bae go to your game last night because if you were mine I would go to everyone
Hahahahahahahaahahahahah thanks!
Who's bae
who do you miss most from middle school
Faith, Sarah m., and Shelby!
come to courtland
Haha I really would love to!
What school does he go to
Come to our game so I know It's real
What school? :)
which hunter?
Best male soccer players
Aj, Kendrick, Joey, Reece, ok every single boy is literally so good
Longest relationship ?
What's a relationship lls
Cutest guys at courtland?
Hunter, chance, Blane, mike, and there's a lot more
Whos bae ?
Bae knows who he is hehehe