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What's your snapchat? :) xx
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Going to cairns State High School? Or have you been there? Are the Girls wearing Make up at CSHS?
Um some do some don't
What is your favorite love story movie?
Can't sit though any movies about love or 'not fitting in' or movie where someone falls sick to cancer or some untreatable desires, I find them so boring
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What female celebrity do you wish was your sister?
Blake lively or Margot Robbie
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how is she doing? shes my friend and i miss her sooo much. xxxx
Yeah it seems like she's making good friends and she happy plus she's super smart
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is there a new girl in ur grade?? ellie i think her name is?
Yeah she's in my English x
Omg niki! That photo from ages ago on your insta it's like the second photo of your legs and the window, I just found it on tumblr with 178,561 notes wtffff haha
I know hahha
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Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?
Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?
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What do you wear to cheer try outs?
I normally just wear a sports bra and shorts but you can wear like a singlet or 3/4 pants or anything as long as you can train in them x
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what things do you have to do to get into cheer? i'm trying out but i can't do anything! is it hard?
You stunt and dance x
Tbh- don't think we've ever spoken but I see you around a lot, stunning & you seem like a lovely girl x  ally mullens
Thanks ally xxx
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Would you ever get a Tattoo?
Yeah already got 3 in mind I want to get haha don't worry there not big
holy fuck you are a flat 10 mint as x
What's your sister's ask?
I don't know
What worries you the most?
What to do when I finish school
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You are beautiful xx
thanks x
Didn't Kirra invite you to her birthday?
Didn't Kirra invite you to her birthday?
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Like for a tbh?
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Snapshot of your text and Facebook?
Snapshot of your text and Facebook?
I love make it or break it, it used to be my favourite show until they cut it :( I always thought I was the only person who watched it!  Miz
I loved it so much, never knew they cut it :'''((
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Whats a good tv show to watch?
My fave thing to watch right now is hamish and andy and how I met your mother but all these shows have been my fave at one point
-how I met your mother
- bones
-teen wolf
-hamish and andy
- ghost whisper
-make it or brake it
-gossip girl
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Do you want a boyfriend
It be nice to have one
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Definition of amazing
Fun sticks
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tbh- you are so perfect! you have the best hair and you seem really lovely :)  krystal hadley
Thankyou xxx
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