Niña I love so much💕💕 DAIHAJXXO_

I love you too!!

Nina please answer me!You and Ian=So cool !!!!mucksss Zeynep Duru Fidan

Hey there!!

Nina Dobrev is favourite celebrite :3. Terka333

Thank you so much

I love you so much omg ❤️❤️ Kaitlyn Marker

I love you too!!

What makes life worth living?,FOLLOW_ME ^ ^ Ahmed M.Agamy

YOU guys!!

I'm French and I love you Amélie ✔

Je t'aime❤

Hey nina you're so beautiful woman i love you ♥♥ goodbye #ninateam lulu♔

Thank you so much!

i love you josephine nicole

when you say you love me, know i love you mooore :)

Do you still love ian?

I love food! Don't you? :)

The most beautiful vampire i have ever seen^^ <3 Love you:') Georgia


Nina, you are very cute, you're kind of perfect, love you, bjoo ❤️❤️ Maria Fernnanda

Thank you!

Do you speak french? :)♥ ∞Séléna Kaçarévic∞

Oui :)

You are so beautifull ❤️ ;) Francisco Lachowsk

Thank you! You too! Xo

whether Damon returns in season 6 ?? Sara Peco


be with ian plizz nina Sara Peco


Delena/stelena? Chen~patao XD

what do you think guys?

Who are you?

I'm a vampire.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Do you still think you will want to be an actress or would you like to do other things? :) Molly

I see myself married, having kids, a beautiful family! I would still be an actress because it's my favorite thing to do and i can't imagine myself not doing it! I would like to just babysit my kids lol

nina please answer me !!!! DELENA is the best !!!!♥♥♥ you and damon =so cute :3 ♥♥♥ Angélique


u're the best <3 big big love from Tunisia :* :* Maha

Thank you <3

How are you? :)

I'm good. How are you all? :)

If you could be any superhero who would you pick? Joseph Cawley

Cat woman obviously lol

follow me please ♥♥♥♥ i ♥ u aand France ♥ u too !!

J'aime la france et je t'aime aussi!! merci :)


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Where ever you go... there you are. Going day by day... so let's see where it takes me! Namaste. Obicham te ❤