Noah Engle
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name some of your favorite girls(sophomores)

Brooke, Sydney, Olivia, Bethany, annabelle, Ireland

You look like phineas

Fuck you

prettiest shepton girls your grade

Annalissa, 3 brookes, 3 Emily's, mikaela, Paige, Donna, 2 chandlers, Annabelle, Olivia, Bethany, Kennedy

Why you so cheap? Stop throwing pennies

Stop being a shitty stripper

noshy I miss you it's double d

I miss you 2 to double D come back into my life

hi noahhhhh I love you

Love you too

best family friend

Zach or chandler

Prettiest girl at shepton freshamn

Lindsey, Brooke, maddy, tori, Emily S, Emily C, Emily F

pretty girls you've known foreve

Chandler, Emily, Annabelle, Brooke, carly

What girls do you know from jasper?

Morgan, Fatima, Jessica

Do you already have app for iPhone?


Top 3 8th graders?

Kylie, gianna, Julianna, Rosalie, Karli

pretty girls in each period

1: chandler S, Sarah S, Bianca P, Emily S, mikaela G
2: maddy D, Alex L
3: Annalissa O
4: chandler W, Paige L, Emily F
5: Alex L, mikaela G
6: Alex L
7: athletics

Do you like being jewish


your party was so gay

What party

best friends that are girlz

Brooke, chandler, Lindsey, mikalea

you say everyone's your best friend but yet you don't invite most of us to your parties lol

Well I can't have everybody!

who's going to your party

Like 30 something people

U dont "get" anything from girls but u act like u do by posting pictures with them all the time. Like seriously calm down we get it. U have friends that are girls. Cool.

You wouldn't know if all you do is look at my pictures instead if hangin out with me

Ur Jewish


Are you and Roby by your selves on vacation?

My family

Who make u laugh in 2nd period


Rosalie or Kylie?

Why do I keep getting this question lol?