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Hey nobbel can you do a video on lady silvanons like how she came to be or some kinda lore about her, thank you and love your videos  Jake balaban
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Hello there Ser Nobbel, love your lore vids, keep em up. My question for your Q&A is about Frosaken Paladins, my fav class is the Paladin, yet my fav race is the Forsaken, it bums me out i cant be both, i know people say there are lore reasons not to have them, what your thoughts on this, thanks.  Chris
HI Nobbel, love you videos. My question is what is the story behind the Path of the Titans and who is Jotun that walks it, and what is his story. Much appreciated :)  mat
Hey Nobbel! Do you think that the toy dropped in Talador, the Missive of the Burning Legion, may contain some huge spoilers when used? I mean, because of the guy that appears when you use it, you know...  Izembaro
Could be, I would love that
Hey nobbel could it be that yerel is controlled by kil/arch/sargeras and that they/he wants to kill the orcs for killing mannoroth and not drinking blood and kill the draenei for not joining the legion and that sargeras gas control over the dreanpr draenei? Greets from belgium love your vids
Seems very unlikely, but nothing's impossible.
Hi Nobbel, love the vids! I was doing a quest recently in Frostfire Ridge, up near the Bloodmaul Slagmines area, when I found a dead orc patrol. I found a journal on one of the orcs, and it tells how the Ogres are digging for an artifact called the "Soulgrinder". What is it?  Jacob Brown
Hmm don't quote me on this, but believe it was a titanic artifact that gave the ogre massive powers.
Hello Nobbel. At the end of Warcraft 3 the night elves lost their immortality from damage to Nordrassil. With Cataclysm Nordrassil has healed, Shouldn't the night elves be immortal again?  Timo Fisher
They're not and most likely because it's part of their story. How to they deal with being mortal now + being at the same level as the rest of the faction. Who knows though, perhaps with time they might become immortal again
Hello Nobbel! My question is, did you notice that in in-game cutscenes with Grommosh his weapon isnt gorehowl but a less detailed model version of it, do you think this an oversight, or US alliance players missed out on something?  Adrian Torres
You mean the warlords of draenor cinematic? Looked like Gorehowl to me tbh
Hello Nobbel, i was wondering if you could do a lore video on arthas and the lich king. Also have you noticed the Tusks of Mannoroth item that Garrosh drops in SoO, perhaps he only went evil because of demonic corruption through the tusks, so he wouldn't know of the corruption. Speculation Video...  Garrett Lehmann
On the list and nah, blizzard has clearly stated that Garrosh was not corrupted
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Hi Nobbel. In your opinion, how does Blizzard decide which Warcraft characters to add to Heroes of the Storm?  Gustavo
No idea tbh, think they'll look at the class it could represent, fan request and a general "that would be cool"
Hey Nobbel, what would you think if Gul'Dan were to turn Garrosh into the first alternate reality death knight, kind of like Teron. My friends and I were discussing it and think it would be a great way to bring him back into the story since it seems a shame he was used as just a segway to Draenor.  Luke Kime
Anything's possible, but I personally wouldn't like it. That would mean facing Garrosh for the third time...Let the orc be dead and finished. The story wasn't great, but atleast the whole Thrall/Garrosh arc came to an end.
I've got 2 questions : First why isn't Garrosh and Thrall telling their fathers that they are actually a family what do you think about that? and 2nd do you know why alliance and Horde are still fighting (Ashran f.e.) because they said they wanted to end the bloodshed. Thanks Nobbel I love you <3  Fabrice Lypold
<3 1. Because they don't want their fathers to think they're crazy. 2. Because Ashran is disconnected from the story. Blizzard tried to give it a story, but it's bullshit so we're just going to pretend that it's an area made for kicking the crap out of eachother, not part of the story.
In the novel War Crimes Go'el said that he couldn't go to Garrosh and tell him to give up the title of Warchief because he didn't deserve it, however if he did do you think that Garrosh would have given him the title? Because I was thinking that his lust for power had already gotten the best of him  Anthony Merino
Hmm depends on when Thrall would come back. During Cata Garrosh was still somewhat of an honorable warchief. I think he crossed the line of no return around the time of the bombing of Theramore
Hello Nobbel!i commented one one of your videos,but i didn't get an answer.i asked if you could tell us about one of the warlord is called Killrog.He sacrificed he's eye to see a part of he's future.right!is it the same eye that warlocks can summon?it sure has the same name...  Csányi Tamás
Not the same eye, but the spell is named after Kilrog
Hey Nobbel, in WoW noting made me as curious as the Engine of Makers did. I don't think that there is a story behind it but maybe some little details about its origin and purpose? Thank you and keep up the good work. :)  asdhero
Sad to say, I can't give you more info besides what's written on WoWpedia:
Engine of the Makers is a deep, tunnel-like "engine" in the Foot Steppes.
The Engine of the Makers, like all the massive machinery around the Storm Peaks, is actually part of the Forge of Wills.
The Forge of Wills is a large forge watched over by Sjonnir the Ironshaper within Halls of Stone. It can only be entered after the Tribunal of Ages event has been completed. It is surrounded by dormant iron vrykul, and Brann speculates that another location is making more of them.
It is also the device that is used by Loken to create his army of Iron dwarves. Once the Forge is taken by Brann, although he has some trouble at first and creates troggs and oozes, he uses it to create a new army of earthen to defend Halls of Stone and fight the war against Loken.
Hi Nobbel, love your videos.Anyways i made my own undead character and by that i mean i made a story about him so i wannted to share it with you if ur intrested ofc.But i do not want to write it here bechose i do not want enyone copywriting it.Eny way i can send it to you in private.  Jahja Dukmenic
It depends on how long the story is since I don't have the time to read a book...You can send it in a PM on my facebook.
hello nobbel i think ur one off a kind! :) but i would like too ask you if u know where the ogres came from if they where summon to draenor or if they just are the natives but then i thought how could they be the natives there if the female ogres is on a remote isle on azeroth? greetings from sweden  Dino Eriksson
Aww thank you very much! Afaik Ogres are natives of Draenor, probably descendants of the colusus. Ogres on Azeroth came from Draenor during the first Horde invasion
Hiya Nobbel. I saw something randomly on Wowpedia about an "Iron Citadel" that the Iron Horde is building in Tanaan, apparently according to Kilrogg. That begs the question - if it corresponds with Hellfire Citadel, could the Iron Horde have some power not unlike Magtheridon?  Twilight Nova
You mean draining a pitlord of his blood to empower the troops? I doubt it tbh since they want nothing to do with demon blood.
Hey nobbel I was doing the confront gul'dan quest and I noticed he said " Send khadgar my regards, I have a present for him." or something to that effect does that have to do with the vision from kara?  Kody Yuill
Nah, that's Gul'dan sending Garona to try and kill Khadgar
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Hi Nobbel, I read an earlier question here about a possible new scourge xpac. Could be possible that Slyvannas takes the reins (by some means) and we have to knock some sense into her. It would be a good chance to bring back characters like Lilian Voss. If so what characters do you want? Keep it up!  Daltheer
It's possible and top of my head would be Bolvar, Kel'thuzad, Sylvanas, Alleria, Vereesa and Koltira
Hello Nobbel the LoreMaster! where or how is stated that the night elves were once dark trolls?  Agafitei Razvan
It was in one of the wow magazines which I haven't been able to find online yet.
Hey Nobbel , who do you think would win the fight if grommash and garrosh fought each other ?  Emil Frithiof
Haha that would be a match for the ages...I can't really decide 0o
And oh, I turned that Adblock off :) (sorry for this not being a question!)  Nethery
Hello Nobbel! Do you have any idea why Grommash didn`t join the first invasion?  Agafitei Razvan
Gul'dan didn't want him to come with because of his temper. He feared that Grommash could disturb his plans with Khadgar
Why does Lady Liadrin wield the Quel'Delar in WoD? I thought players cleansed the blade not her.  William C Elam
Aye, no reason given as to why...same for Khadgar and Aetish.