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Hi Nobbel love your vids. I am playing Warlords of draenor and I really like it. What do you think about this expansion and which was your favorite zone? Keep up the great work :)  Argiris Sarris
What are your thoughts on the execution of the story of Maiev Shadowsong?  Lady Clarie
Hmm bit strange tbh. Know they want to make her this crazy bad guy, but she's not wrong when it comes to accepting highborn again. Wonder what they'll do with her in the future
Hey Nobbel, I saw a theory on the WoW forums the other day that I wanted to ask you about. Do you think the red mists that turned the Draenei into broken in our timeline has something to do with the blood of Sethe? On Draenor we see how the blood similarly affects the Arakkoa that are cast into it.  Palmi
Hey Nobbel I love your videos since I started watching it I found Wow a lot more interesting. I was wondering what is the Lore behind the Raven Lord Anzu.  Jose Ortiz
Happy birthday , a bit late but still hope you had a great day :))))  Влади :3
Thank you! I did :D
Also, another question, could you please explain what the "curse of flesh" is?  Felicia Magnusson
Curse of flesh was a curse placed by the old gods upon the creations of the titans to make them weaker and more vulnerable for their corruption.
hey nobbel, i got a question where does the felreaver in outland come from and who made it?  robbe vercammen
It is said that the cunning mo'arg engineers of the Burning Legion pushed their gan'arg workers for weeks in the construction of the first fel reaver, a massive construct that could easily raze fortified towers or tear the wings off an airborne gryphon. The forge camps then began to mass-produce these fel reavers to smash the mortal forces of Outland.[4]
Hey nobbel I was questing through talador and I noticed something. There is a rare near Vol jins pride simply called 'Wandering Vindicator' and he is in a ghost form. It resembles a Dranei so I'm wondering: could it be Maarad? You know because he just died (this was after the shattrath quest).  Jack Wright
Nah don't think so...Keep an eye out for Mondays video and you'll see why ;)
What is your hobby?  Rakael Towers, Paladin
Hey Nobbel, just wondering why there leper gnomes in Silvermoon City?  Jonathan Palmer
Awesome didn't even know about this! Seems like a reference to some sort of sweatshop ? 0o
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Greetings Nobbel. I'm wondering about Draenor and how it will effect our timeline after we deal with the Iron Horde. We already have dozens of portals open, therefore, do you think Draenor citizens will ever set a foot on Azeroth? What would happen if Akama meets our Akama. Love your vidoes!  Elementz
Doubt we'll ever get 2 copy meeting each other, but data mined convo did have Maraad inviting Yrell to come over to our reality. If they'll survive, I think we'll see some unique characters move over
Bonjour Nobbel, as always, great jobs for your videos and etc. Do you know the game Darksouls (or Demon Souls)? Have you heard about it? Did you play this game? Watching your videos lets me think those games might please you, if you haven't played those games yet. I recommend it! Thanks!  Caux
Thank you! and I have a little bit, but they frustrate me to the point of wanting to break things :p
Your fans are thirsty Nobbel xD <3  Leroy Trollstein
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Hello Nobbel! What do you know about Moira? she is the dauther of Magni Bronzebeard which makes her an bronzebeard dwarf. What the hell is she doing with the dark iron dwarves?  Agafitei Razvan
Was kidnapped by Thausarian, she fell in love because he showed her respect, she got pregnant, we killed her hubby, she became leader of dark iron dwarfs
hello, Nobbel, l have some thoughts concerning the whole background of alliance-horde conflict. l guess it has a lot to do with the point of view, but in the lore, especially if you are alliance-sided, it kinda seems that horde is responsible for everything and alliance took a role of "azeroth cops
Yep, for the longest of time Alliance has been reacting to horde. Needs to change imo
What device(s) do you typically tweet from?  Rakael Towers, Paladin
PC or phone
Hey Nobbel, can you please tell me about the Maw of The Void and the demon hunter inside it. Thanks. I love you vid keep up the good work :-) ^^ <3  Casper Hansen
Telarius Voidstrider was a powerful Demon Hunter, but he was slain during an encounter with the warden Maiev, years ago. It is rumored that the ghost of Telarius dwells underwater below the Maw of the Void in Darkshore.
Hi Nobbel! How much time do you spend on leveling?  Agafitei Razvan
Hmm depends on what char usually a week? 3 days gameplay
*WOW Spoiler Alert* What are your thoughts on the Jaina/Khadgar encounter after you fight Garona?  Warlock Triqz
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Hey, Nobbley! Cheers from Brazil. The Iron Horde is a massive force of 8 clans. On the next patch, all of then but Gromm and Killrogg will be dead (and I believe Killrogg will go on 6.1). What now? The xpac is over in one patch?  Paulo Grego
Nah Grom and Killrog will be 6.2 and ofcourse we still have Gul'dan and the legion and perhaps the void
Hey Nobbel, is there anything known about Valithria Dreamwalker from ICC? is it just another dragon to be turned into a servant of the Lich King or does she have a story?  Marc Widmer
Just a captured green dragon I'm afraid
Thanks (regarding the Caer Darrow story)  SLICED
My pleasure ^_^
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What do you think about the integration of Twitter on WoW? I'm planning to make an abuse of it hahah  Izembaro
I'm very *shrug who cares* about it
Hey Nobbel! I was wondering, in the Worgen starting area wasn't Prince Liam buried not cremated, if so couldn't he be resurrected by the forsaken? I think it would make for some great story martial but would also like your opinion on this. P.S loved your Valentine video and others, thank you. :D  Connor Hillier-Nutley
It's not impossible, but who knows what the story will bring! Thank you very much :D
Hey, Nobbel! Since they told us about the spore whales, I am desperate to find one in game. You have already explored draenor far more than I did. Have you ever found one? where? Love your vids, you still deserve a cheese ^-^  Paulo Grego
Nope, don't think they made it in...yet? 0o