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Hey Nobbel, Could you make a video about Timmy the Cruel from Stratholme? I have read almost every novel, graphic novel and manga (the small books) and not really seen anything saying who he is or why he is there. So I think I missed something, can you do a vid to tell us all who/why he is there?  Nox Elohim
hey nobbel when i was questing at the "new dark portal" i noticed khadgar had used the same purple flames like lilian voss to kill his enemies, is there some kind of connection between them? greets from belgium  robbe vercammen
None that we know of!
Hey Nobbel! Is there any hint about what happened to Lorna Crowley after she escaped with his father? I'm not really sure, but her voice files resemble the female undead ones, I'm not really sure, though.  Izembaro
Don't think they've continued that story yet
Hello Nobbel! what do you play League of Legends or Dota 2?  Agafitei Razvan
(2) I have all sorts of theories about them, like maybe she only went to see Arthas so she could bang his sister in secret, maybe she was just bisexual and Calia is sort of a "replacement" for Arthas? But even then, do you think Blizzard would even be ready to let gay couples be a thing in WoW?  Nistasiya
Hmm Jaina seems to be into men, considering that she's currently with Kalec and what not. I don't think there's even been a confirmed gay couple, but a possibility would be Wrathion & Anduin/ Koltira & Thausarian.
(3) this is just a random addition to my question about gay characters, but in the cinematic where Thrall kills Garrosh on Draenor, it sounds like Garrosh says "you loved me!" I dunno what you think, but a super-secret gay romance between them could explain some of what's been going on between them?  Nistasiya
Nah don't think it was a gay thing, more a father son thing
Hey Nobbel, love your videos and I hope you keep up the good work! My question is, will you at some point in the future make videos about you reading some of the Warcraft books? I myself don't have the time to do so, which is why I watch your videos for that information. Please put this in a Q&A  Matthew Schumacher
I wish I could, but that would create some copyright problems. There are audiobooks you can pick up
Hello Nobel, What if the next expansion will be focused upon the Scourge returning. After all there was some hints in WoD of that already. With the dallie with Darion, the Necromancer (Spires of Arrak). Plus it seemed as if this was a call back to Outlands. Perhaps the same with Northrend? Thoughts?  Banner
Would be funny, Cata revamped old world, draenor a flash to bc, next one about wotlk? Who knows!
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WoW's lore is rather grand in scale. Every dungeon, raid, quest zone, etc., all have unique and interesting stories connected with them. Do you have an idea of just how much of it you'd like to cover? You're an excellent story-teller, and as long as you keep making videos, I'll keep watching them :)  Kraylo
The goal is to one day cover each and every bit of lore! Great to hear that :D
Hey, Nobbel ! I was thinking, and this is a bit of speculation related to Warlords Of Draenor... What if Varian Wrynn from our time went to the world of Azeroth, that of the different reality, and asked all the inhabitants of the Eastern Kingdoms (humans, dwarves, elves, gnomes, maybe worgen) to joi  SLICED
What if...but I personally doubt it
Hi Nobbel. I was wondering, since Arthas was the first death knight, does that not mean he was killed and then resurrected as a death knight? If so, who killed him and who resurrected him? If not, how did he become a death knight without dying?  mat
Arthas wasn't the first DK, that was Teron'gor but they were a different kind of DK, similar to how Arthas was different from the DK's he created. He was "killed" by picking up Frostmourne (took a bit of his soul) and spending his time in Northrend listening to the whispers of Ner'zhul.
Hello Nobbel recently i did the Azjol-Nerub and after killing Anub'arak he said Never thought i would be free of him does he mean free of the Lich king or does he maybe mean a old god since they worshiped them i belive, keep up with the great vids :)  Charmota
He means the lich king and I'll do my best ^_^
Hey Nobbel, my question concerns an Emerald Dream expansion. I just finished the novel Stormrage, and I noticed at the end it said the Nightmare wasnt defeated. there was some left in the Rift of Aln.. and that the Rift connected to the Twisting Nether... could this be a great start to 3 expansions?  Jordan Burgin
Hmm anything's possible, but I personally don't think there's enough to build an expansion on. It would be azeroth, green with a couple of name worthy placed. Now a patch or raid...that would be brilliant!
How much do you know about The Forgotten One from Warcraft III? Arthas and Anub'arak fought it in Warcraft III the Frozen Throne...  Furnea Dragos
The forgotten ones are massive and powerful tentacle-bearing aberrations living in the deepest reaches of Azjol-Nerub.
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Hey Nobbel. Love your vids. Do you think there is any possibility in the future of taking back a capital like Gilneas or Gnomergane. Keep up the great work  Argiris Sarris
I would love to see a return of gnomeregan, but there's also capital city balance to consider.
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Hi Nobbel i got a question for you,i just watched your video about sylvanas and i wondered. What did Dar'Khan Drathir hope to get from Arthas for helping him? Did he turn into a lich as a gift of immortality or? love your video's and greets from belgium  robbe vercammen
Dar'khan had a lust for power, mainly the sunwell power & thank you!
Hi Nobbel I saw in the starting area of the undead that admiral redpath where there who is he ?  Linus Söderqvist
Marcus Redpath was the headman of Southshore prior to the onset of the Second War, greeting Anduin Lothar, Khadgar, and the refugees from the Kingdom of Stormwind. He sent his fastest rider, Willem, to King Terenas to alert him to their arrival.[1]
What is your opinion of the Burden of Shaohao video series on YouTube? Quality/story and all that good stuff. Wanna thank you for all work you've done so long but words won't do it justice enough. Either way, game on and I'm looking forward to your next work.  Rasmus Juliusson
I loved them, really happy to see that Blizzard is doing more to bring the lore to the people. My pleasure!
Hey Nobble! You have mentioned how the use of fel magic leaves signs on a persons body, for example, the orcs. How druids start to get more hairy or even grow antlers, e.g. Malfurion. Could you tell us of other ways to tell what a persons class is just by looking at them? Keep being awesome!  Artis
Hmm not sure if other classes really show something. I might feel that they have power hidden or a dk would be recognized by being an undead but besides that...not so much!
Hey Nobbel. Love your Videos. How did the humans after the fall of Lordearon retake Stormind since it fell during the first horde invasion and jaina took them to Kalimdor? Keep up the great work.  Argiris Sarris
Jaina took the people of Lordaeron, not Stormwind with her. Alliance of Lordaeron took back/rebuild Stormwind after defeating the first horde invasion.
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Hey nobbel, I just searched something up and I found the solution on how the dragon aspects will get their powers back should they be needed. The legion holds a weapon called the Glaive of the Aspects, and this weapon has the power of all the aspects put into it. What do you think? put in video plz  Matthew Schumacher
Very interesting, yep that could be a good way to do it...let's hope blizz picks it up!
Hey, Nobbel! If Sylvanas becomes a problem in a later expansion, what do you think she'll do and how do you think we'll have to deal with it? I really hope she doesn't die because she's my favourite character. Also, do you think Alleria will return just in time to help deal with her sister?  Diableos Auros
Check out the end of my sylvanas video, speculate about your question :)
Hey Nobbel What specs is your computer? Im looking into doing some recording myself, but my current computer cant handle it :D  Kingdurtyharr
Specs: (Hope I got it right)
INTEL i7 Game PC
Cooler Master Cosmos II Black
Corsair RM1000W Gold
ASUS Maximus VI Formula
Intel i7-4770K 3,50Ghz. Quad Core
Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz 32GB
Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD
WD Green 2TB HDD
Samsung DVR 24x DL SATA
ASUS Geforce GTX 780 DCII OC 3GB
MS WINDOWS 7 Pro 64bits
Hello Nobbel, I'm really curious about Milhouse Manastorm.We see him in Arcatraz, but how and why did he get there?We also see him during a questline in Deepholm- Is he really so significant? And is he dead , 'cause the last I saw he got swept away by Corborus in the Stonecore. From Poland with love  Łukasz Wasyliszyn
Check the video and Millhouse lives, he shows up if you pick the inn building for your garrison :)
Hey Nobbel, love your videos. What can you tell me us about the Rift of Aln? it was talked about in the novel Stormrage, and id like to know more.  Jordan Burgin
The Rift of Aln is a vast, deep fissure in a small corner located deep within the Emerald Dream, from which it is thought by the druids that the Dream itself originated. The druids also believe that it bleeds into the Twisting Nether and the Great Dark Beyond.