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I don't have a question, I just want to say that you make lore amazingly fun to watch and listen to, and you're fucking awesome <3
<3 thank you!
Hey nobbel im a VERY BIG FAN and id like to ask you is there eny one controling Sargeras someone above him ?
Not that we know
What kind of music do you like? Are you into the big EDM scene, or are you more laid back and like some soft acoustics?
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Hey Nobbel, In a few of your videos you talk about how the lore is poorly written or just does not make sense. If you had to pick one event to rewrite in the lore to make sense or one you just want to see happen differently; What would it be and how?
All of the Burning Crusade.
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I fucking love you nobbel
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Hey mon, I was wonderin if der was any hope for dem ta bring back Illidan. I know tat dey said somethin aboot it at BlizzCon. Quoting Chris Metzin "... we'll have to find a way to bring him back then" after he asked the crowd if dey wanted to see em again and they screamed "yes!". Can you think how?
Hello Nobbel. I was asking : Illidan was borned blind or he became blind. And if he became blind can you explain me? Thanks and love from Romania! (sorry for bad english)
He became blind. During the war of the ancients he infiltrated the highborn to deal damage from within. Sargeras burned away his eyes and replaced them as a reward for his great plan to use the demon soul to power the portal.
Hey, Nobbel! In the ToT quest line we see Vaneasa Windrunner (not sure about the name) saying, "They killed my husband!" And I just wondered, whom her husband was, and how he died? - Kunjin  William Einfeldt
Her husband was Rhonin and he died during the bombing of Theramore.
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Will you be in Blizzcon 2014?
Not sure if there will be a blizzcon 2014...If there is I'm going to do my best!
Hi! just wondering where you are buying the lore books, realy got into lore after viewing your great videos!
I get my books from, but that's a dutch website.
will you like to see DragonSworn in the game ?
Would love that
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Who is the first shaman on azeroth?
Don't quote me on this, but I believe that was Thrall
Hey, Nobbel. What would you believe is the most powerfull class, and what is the most powerfull race? This question isn't gameplay based (racials and special abilities), but more lore based. And last, what would you believe to be the most class + race combo? (lore based)  William Einfeldt
Power always depends on the story, who ever needs to win has the most power. I'm going to assume you mean the playable classes and from what I've read it seems like Mages/Warlocks are the most powerfull since they don't have to ask/beg for their powers. As a race I would say Trolls for their regeneration or Forsaken since they don't have to eat or sleep.
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who's your favorite character? and might broxxigar be there in WOD? umm same goes for how med'an's mother came to be?  Ahmed Negm
Can't pick so either Thrall, Medivh or SYlvanas - He might, not confirmed - When a mommy and a daddy love eachother very much they...well...have a baby!
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i wonder what is the difference between paladins and priests, both are fighting for the light and both can heal allies. What is so different that blizzard made them separate
They both wield the light, but the paladin trains himself to use weapons and wield the light in a more combat way.
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Hello, I've a question (hope it's not a silly one). Is there any information why is a Naaru symbol of the Horde? And if so, what is it's name and the story behind? Anyway, keep up with the great work. I enjoy your every video, lots of love, Marcelline :)  Marcelina Musiałek
This was asked last Blizzcon and they never gave a real answer for it. I don't think they ever designed it to be a naaru! Love from Holland ^_^
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Hey Nobbel, where are you from?
The Netherlands
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Hello Nobbel. My question is about the Gnomes. Very simple, where do they come from? What´s their story? Maybe I´ve missed something but I just know very little about them. Love your videos, keep it up!  Albhin
They were created by the titans (mecha gnomes in Northrend), hit by the curse of flesh, turned into gnomes.
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Hi, I've been watching loads of youre lore videos and I was just wondering #1 what realm are you on on? #2 in a blizzcon video they mentioned that they have several expansions lined up for us, what think these will include if their telling the truth and also thx for the videos keep up the goo
#1 Check out the first 5 seconds of my lore videos #2
nobbel out of all the races which one do you think is the oldest
Pfoeh...uhm.... Trolls, Tauren, Furbolgs or Murlocs.
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Could you do a video (perhaps lore speculation) about what you think will be happening with the storyline (and as a result raid progression) of the expansion? In the datamining, we know that we will encounter 3/4 of the warlords in the first patch. What do you think we will do for 6.1/6.2 etc?
Deal with ogre empire/Arakoa/kairozdormu/ unknown threats
Hello Nobbel! Just wondering if you know why Ner'Zul/Frostmourne was able to corrupt Arthas? Is it similiar to the technique the Old Gods use or?
Steal a bit of his soul, whisper to him, tell him he loves know...the usual ;)
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Hi Nobbel ! First I'd like to say that I love your videos and your sweet accent :3. What is your favorite book of all time from the Warcraft Lore ? Kiss from France !
Thank you very much! That would Thrall: Lord of the Clans. Hugs from Holland!
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Hei Nobbel will you make a lore video about durotan or thrall ?  Wolfy
Yep, on the list!
I Nobbel.This is a expeculation that i would like to share with you and hear your opinion about it.Remember when Kil'Jaeden said that we would be the master of the Burning Legion? What if he has a future chance to steal Sargera's powers? What if Kil'jaden turn into the true menace/final boss of WoW?  Sora Hearts El Sincorazon
What if...and anything is possible... Does leave the question as to how? I doubt Kil'jaeden could overpower Sargeras all on his own.