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What do you think about this expansion Nobbel? I don`t like it since they are not the warlords I know from our time line  Agafitei Razvan
hi nobbel :) deathwing wanted to bring the hour of twilight cause he were lisening to the old gods, but in war of the ancient he was pushed away from the demonsoul and felt betryed by the old gods and said to himself to not trust anyone but himself. how does this fit all together? <3 ur vids :)  Björn Demuslim-Uadog
Old gods used him during the war of the ancients by manipulating him into creating the demon soul. Wanted sargeras to enter the world so they could break out of their prisons and they needed the demon soul for it. DW was obsessed with the device and needed his ring...uhr demon soul, despite what the old gods said. During cata they were working towards the same goal again
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#Warcraft dancing! Do you like how your race/gender dances? Is there another race that you envy because they have a better dance? Which is your favorite? Your least favorite? Any suggestions as what new dance routines would be fun to have in Azeroth? (All the dance questions!)  Rakael Towers, Paladin
Haha all other races have a better dance compared to the humans. Favorite would be pandaren! Least favorite: Humans! I wouldn't say no to the murloc dance
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Do any of the lesser dragonflights have aspects? The Cromatics, Netherwing, Infinite, Scourged, Twilight  Michael Ernzen
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In Dragon Soul, Ysera says "Praise the Titans" after you return to Wyrmrest after beating Hagara. Is the a Titan based religion the dragonflights practice?  Warlock Triqz
Nah more because the titans granted them powers and made them who they are
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Hey Nobbel, I was wondering if you knew what was the burning legion before Sargearas became corrupted and hired kil'jaeden and archimonde. Love your videos keep up the awesome work.  Philippe Boudreault
the Burning Legion was/ is a vast, innumerable army of demons, infernals, and corrupted races who seek to destroy any trace of order in the universe.
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Hey Nobbel! i was wondering if you could do a video or a quick response talking about the spirit beasts that are located all across WOW. my main is a BM hunter and these beasts have occupied a majority of my time on WOW, making me just camping spawn after spawn. my question is where did they come fr  Eric Hughes
Spirit beasts are the embodied spirits of the natural world. They are naturally incorporeal, but may take a true physical form to fight for the druid or shaman who called them. Fighting a spirit beast is harrowing, as the creature phases in and out of existence, rarely appearing in the same place twice during battle. Spirit beasts appear like regular animals, but bear glowing auras and are slightly translucent, even when visible.[1]
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Hi im wanna ask about whispering forest thoose who work for blizzard say its ansurprise what's hiding there when does they gonna tell us  rubenking
Nothing there atm and I have no idea when they'll tell
Hey Nobbel, i have just finished your newest Q&A and i was quite wondering about how big Archimond really is. We can see him climbing the tree in Warcraft 3 cinematic and there he is really big, but then in cinematic where he is destroying Dalaran he is quite small. I really love your vids!  Tadeáš Světlík
He can change his size so as big as he wants
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Hello Nobbel quick question: What was the point of The Argent Tournament given the amount of resources used and casualties?  Jennifer Lavender Winn
Too find out who was worthy to assault ICC (keep us busy and enjoy playing the game)
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Hi! Do you know what happened to Archimond and Kil'jaden on Argus in other realities?  little one °^°
No idea!
Hey Nobbel, quick question: Why doesn't Sylvannas declare war on The Argent Crusade? At this point she has them surrounded and they are going to be a threat at some point.  Jennifer Lavender Winn
Part of the reason would be not written yet...lorewise she wants to stay alive, not go to war
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What is your notable or funny #Warcraft noob/newbie story when you first started playing the game?  Rakael Towers, Paladin
Armor point race with a rogue buddy of mine or the time that I askt how to get my pet happy again and they told me to use /pet...good times
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Hi Nobbel If there is only one legion and if there are an infinite number of realities, where all possibilites exist, does this mean we'll ever see a corrupted velen that joined the legion? Or did the legion just decide to invade argus only in one reality? Thanks and keep up the good work :)  Manuel Maria Reis de Orey
They invaded in multiple realities, but apparently Velen never joined team legion. Or perhaps he did and we're going to meet him in the future...who knows!
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I was wondering if Wrathion found a way to restore the dragon aspects power to some degree (like timeless=nosdormu time travel) would Alextrassa be able to restore the black dragon flight with the help or Wrathion? Love your lore video´s  Silas Bjerre
Anything's possible, up to blizzard
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hi nobbel. can you make a lore video about alexstrasza?  Nozdormuu Timellord
On the list
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I Nobbel i have a question. I just startes the Well of eternity triology and im at book 3 and in the beginning malfurion says that nightelves age slowly but he lokked older despite his age. I thought they were emortal but????. Greetings from Denmark (besides Will u make a lire video of malfurion  Blank
They became immortal after the events of the war of the Ancients
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Hey Nobbel just wondering if there is any story behind the worgen kneeling before the grave stone in Brightwood Grove, Duskwood? It appears to also be injured in some way.  Jonathan Palmer
Do you have a name or something more for this Worgen? Don't know from the top of my head
Yo Nobbel, thx for answering my last question!!! Now i just wanted to say that at the end of the Pools of Aggonar questline you face Aggonis, a Felguard who claims to be the son of Aggonar, but how does that work when Aggonar is a Pit lord, is this an overlooked part of demon lore? O:  Ville westin
Of course, the relationship between a demon and any creature they beget or create is entirely unknown to mortals. It could be possible that Aggonar had a direct hand in transforming a mortal mo'arg, Aggonis, into a demon through a blood rite, entirely created him in the shape of a mo'arg felguard (unlikely, as few eternals — let alone mid-ranking demons — have the power to create from scratch) or that Aggonis is a shapeshifter (as are many other demons) and that he simply prefers to assume the shape of a felguard over his true annihilan form (though it is confusing as to why he would take the form of a weaker demon).
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Hi Nobbel greetings from Denmark i have 2 questions 1: the Black Prince ate that Hearth and he Got some visions and then blurred something with a broken Titan. Could that Titan either be sargaras or the Titan that died with 1 of the Old gods? 2: Do or Will you play hearthstone? Plz kep making vid  Blank
1 Could be, who knows! 2 I play hearthstone
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#Warcraft. What is your opinion of the current raid mechanics for Warlords of Draenor? Which are your favorite? Which do you hate the most? Are the WoD better, worse, or on par with the raids in the past? (Sorry, it's hard to just ask a simple, one line question for this.)  Rakael Towers, Paladin
I'm not the best one to ask about raids
Hi Nobbel! I hope you're having a good day. I would love to see a video of yours focused on explaining how Rune Magic in World of Warcraft works and its relations to the Titans! Are you planning to ever talk about such thing? c:  Foctopus
Hmm,...maybe one day!
hey nobble why are the naga/old-gods are fighting against neptulon if he was an elemetal lord who served them a long time ago.. do they have a freewill now? aren´t they connected to them anymore? Keep up the great work ;D  DamnThatDragon
Yep, elemental lords used to be longer the case
Hello Nobbel, how are you doing man?:D I have a question. The events with Varian being split in two and when he took down Onixia, when did this took place, in clasic or in wrath of the lich king?  Agafitei Razvan
Around classic
Hey Nobbel! Something that has been bothering me is why does no one recognize Medivh during the warnings of Warcraft3? I just find it weird since he was the guardian and you'd figure atleast the KirinTor would know him. Did he just isolated himself from the world to that point? Love from Portugal!  Vynecart
I have no idea, but could be that ressing him changed his look somehow?