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Hi nobbel,I would like you to do the lore of sindragosa please.  David
Heey Nobbel, I would really like more information on the Dragons espacially the Bue flight. Any ideas for novels i could read? Maybe any chance you make a video on the subject in the near future.  Arcranius Frostfire
Stories are on the list, more information can be found in the novel Dawn of the aspects and Day of the Dragon. They also feature in the comics and manga like the sunwell trilogy
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Hi Nobbel! I dont know if you got my last message but here it is again! Me and my friend are arguing about Maraad and Yrel. Its about if Maraad did ever exist on the new Draenor (and please tell us where it is mentioned please) and if Yrel ever existed on our Draenor(outland)? Thanks. Stay awesome!  Sebastian Trampe
It's not mentioned, but we do see that there isn't a Maraad in Draenor's reality and we see a similar thing with Garrosh (he was simply never born). Uncertain about Yrell, but I assume she never existed in ours or perhaps she died before she got any story.
Hey Nobbel! I have a question. I just red the book "The Last Guardian", and i know that Sargeras was in Medivh since her mother defeated him. But i am curious, everything that Medivh did, did he do them while he was under the control of Sargeras? I mean, did Sargeras control Medivh his whole life?  Martin
Nope, for example Medivh found the time to get it on with Garona and place people around him that he knew were willing to take him out if/when the need was there
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Hey Nobbel, can you make a video talking about the shamans? Their lore, how they work in each race, their powers, the elements, etc. Thanks from Spain ^^  Jose Vargas
Are the Water Elemental's Mages summon sentient?  John Mulholland
Yes, for example they called for aid when Jaina tried to force them into flooding Orgrimmar
What exactly is the Kul Tiras? Ive always wanted to know. Also could you perhaps make a lore video on the Caverns of Time and what they are, what is their purpose and how did they get there. Thanks man! Keep up with the awsome videos!  Alex Gopka
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Hey Nobbel. What is your opinion on this subject: Calia Menethil. Do you think we will ever see her again? Since as far as I know, we haven't heard from her since the Novel day of the dragon and her fate wasn't really explained. What do you think, friend or foe? And what could her role be?  Stephen Hald Christiansen
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Hi Nobbel love your vids.Im wondering do you know what the Arthas' guards were doing while he was killing him father? In the cinematic we can see them ready to fight but how 2 guards can kill king's defenders? If they killed the guards why didnt we heard that?What were the king's guards doing?  Tihomir Georgiev
Getting slaughtered by the rest of the troops we didn't get to see in the cinematic ^_^
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Could you tell me the lore of anasterian sundtrider? I love your videos, Merry Christmas from sweden  Isak P Jakobsson
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Hi Nobbel what about Thura , what happened with Broxigar axe ? Is she still alive ? Axe ?!  Boris
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Hello there nobbel! Love your vids! I got an question, there is an box under Farstriders square, Silvermoon City. Any idea what it contains and why its in a sealed box? Have a good day from Sweden <3  Tobias Söderstjerna
Do you mean the box that was part of the Dominance Offensive quest line?
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Hi Nobbel love your vids.Im wondering do you know what Arthas' guards were doing when he went into the King Terenas Menethil's throne room?In the cinematic we can see them preparing for battle but how only 2 guards can defeat the king's defenders?What were the guards doing?Keep up the great work :)  Tihomir Georgiev
Getting slaughtered by the rest of the troops we didn't see in the cinematic ^_^
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Hi Nobbel, I am a new subscriber and I love your videos about the lore of WoW. And may I ask you, do you have any videos about the lore of arcane and how mages get powers from it and how they transform the energy from arcane into some their ability? (like fire and frost) If not, will you do one?  PartyPants
Thank you very much! and check out this video:
What were the dwarves doing during the war of the ancients?  Agafitei Razvan
They were still Earthen and they joined the war because Krasus asked them
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Hey Nobbel! I love your vids, and my question is, why Kilrogg drink the demon blood (or as grom called the "poison")? In the lords of war this isn't the death he saw, because he in a normal orc form when he died. This is change Kilrogg future, and the vision was wrong?  Zabos Zalan
Maraad is the one telling that story for our Kilrog and Maraad had no idea what he saw during his vision
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He Nobbek I love your videos please play Warcraft 3 and make a warcraft 3 gameplay  Deathmournex
One day for sure
Hey Nobbel! First, love your work and just love all your videos keep up the good work! My question is, what is Blackhands secret that is told in the legendary questline and where will this questline go if you would chance? What will happend when we meet Gul'dan and such!  John Paavilainen
Not going to spoil it here, but it has something to do with his arm...More details can be found here:
What was your favourite Warlords leveling zone, why, and how does that relate to your character(s)?  Clarie Martin
Starting areas, shadowmoon and frostfire. Cause they looked awesome and I enjoyed the story. It doesn't really :o
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Hi Nobbel love your vids. I am playing Warlords of draenor and I really like it. What do you think about this expansion and which was your favorite zone? Keep up the great work :)  Argiris Sarris
What are your thoughts on the execution of the story of Maiev Shadowsong?  Clarie Martin
Hmm bit strange tbh. Know they want to make her this crazy bad guy, but she's not wrong when it comes to accepting highborn again. Wonder what they'll do with her in the future
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Hey Nobbel, I saw a theory on the WoW forums the other day that I wanted to ask you about. Do you think the red mists that turned the Draenei into broken in our timeline has something to do with the blood of Sethe? On Draenor we see how the blood similarly affects the Arakkoa that are cast into it.  Palmi
Hey Nobbel I love your videos since I started watching it I found Wow a lot more interesting. I was wondering what is the Lore behind the Raven Lord Anzu.  Jose Ortiz
Happy birthday , a bit late but still hope you had a great day :))))  Влади :3
Thank you! I did :D
Also, another question, could you please explain what the "curse of flesh" is?  Felicia Magnusson
Curse of flesh was a curse placed by the old gods upon the creations of the titans to make them weaker and more vulnerable for their corruption.