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As a big fan of naval warfare, and in light of the shipyard being released in 6.2, my thoughts quickly went to the seafaring nation of Kul Tiras. Could you tell us about this forgotten nation, clues as to what might be going on there- and the Proudmoore's that ruled/rule it? Is Jaina its ruler?  Fabian van Dommelen
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Hello Nobbel I've been running ICC for the Mount and I've been wondering is there any Lore behind the bosses there. I've read what little there is, but it all seems thrown together at the last minute. Is there anything deeper?  Julian Martinez
Who is Edward the Odd? His items keep popping up in game, and he seems to be quite eccentric (caster mace, caster cloth robes, tank plate shoulders, agility ring, caster mail boots). Have you done a video about him before? If not, I doubt there's enough about him for a full video, but maybe in Q&A?  Warlock Triqz
Afraid there isn't more to tell besides what wowpedia has to offer: Edward the Odd is a very eccentric human paladin. His nickame "the Odd" probably stems from his abnormal sense of fashion. Although Edward looks strange, he is apparently not a pushover and is referred to as "the empowered".[citation needed]
He has not yet appeared in World of Warcraft, but is known for the mace, cloth chest piece, mail boots, plate pauldrons and ring which bear his name.
Edward appears in the Warcraft TCG set The Hunt for Illidan.
Nobbel, silly question, what do you think of patch 6.2? Is it good? Bad? And I would like to know why. Keep up the good work! :D  Wolfenus Dragonflame
The raid is great, Tanaan was ...alright... Overall not enough to keep it entertaining.
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What do you think the next expansion would talk about? and how will it go with the current story?  Ahmed Negm
Class Idea if they go with the sea Expac, Pirate. Mix of swords, daggers and guns with some of the dirty tricks of a rouge. specs for ranged, Dodge tank and Melee. What do you think? Every one is pushing for demon hunter but they dont seem to fit right now  Michael Ernzen
Would love to be a pirate!
Is Medivh still around? Isn't he in his spirit form or something and is it possible he could get back into the story, like a burning legion expansion. Would be cool seeing him and Wrathion together :)  彡J Lorbes
Last we've seen of medivh was him giving his powers to Med'an in Karazhan. Unknown where he is besides "taken his place among legends of the past" I'd personally say he's done for now, but blizzard can always bring him back.
Hey Nobbel love your videos, what are Death Knights and what's their story behind it? How did it all begin?  Deathmournex
That's a little bit broad to answer here & what version of DK are you asking about?
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Hey Nobbel, I wanted to ask you what you know about Shen'dralar? what is it? why do we have to go in there? Also, do you have any information on both the Razorfen Kraul and Downs? I think they got revamped this expansion.  Bakura
They got revamped, but only updated a little bit. Story is still pretty much the same as in, treat to the world...go clear it out. Story of the SHen'dralar:
Hey Nobbel. With 6.2 behind us, what do you think will happen to The General, aka the Player? Blizzard took a lot of time to build us up into becoming something more than the Nameless Adventurer for the story, and it seems like a loose end to not even reference our achievement throughout this war.  MuroKhan
I fear we'll just be pushed down to the rank of nobody and have to prove our worth by killing 20 rats, but time will tell!
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In the mythic version of the Archimonde fight, he transports players to the Twisting Nether realm......I'm wondering now if we've then technically killed him in the nether? Thoughts?  Yami (闇)
Archimonde mythic takes place within the Twisting Nether, but the cinematic cuts back to Draenor. Considering his light dies out on Draenor, I'd say that he died there so his soul returned to the Twisting Nether.
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If khadgar has Medihv's staff does that mean he is the guardian of so where did Garona's son(name escapes me) go  Stephe Herin
I think so and uncertain, up too blizzard to give an explanation to it all (really hope they will)
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Hey Nobbel, what exactly is Mojo? We are seen using it in zul'drak so it's not specific to trolls and following the lore it sounds like it's the same as Muisek, another ressource trolls ask you to gather while questing.  Cormorial
Mojo = A magic spell, hex, or charm, or (broadly) magic power
In the Archimonde encounter on mythic he takes players into the Twisting Nether and he dies. If this is canon, does this then mean that Archimonde is truly dead (also in our original timeline)? Thank you for answering my question :)  Thyzzen
Archimonde mythic takes place within the Twisting Nether, but the cinematic cuts back to Draenor. Considering his light dies out on Draenor, I'd say that he died there so his soul returned to the Twisting Nethe
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Could you do a video about The Light? Specifically, the human religion? Like, Are Northshire Abby and the Scarlet Monastery apart of the same religion? Where do human priest/paladins get their power; The Sunwell, the Naru, Elune?  Ian Ellis
Hi Nobbel! Who is the Black Knight? (Argent Tournament)  Layra_Angita
A reference to this guy
Who is guzbah??  Blank
Lord Guzbah[1] was Khadgar's first instructor at Dalaran. He studied demon-lore and had a particular interest in the stories about Aegwynn. In letters sent to Karazhan, he had been asking Khadgar for a transcription of the epic poem of Aegwynn, The Song of Aegwynn.
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Hey Nobbel, i would love to hear your opinion on what new races/classes they should add in the next expansion? my vote is for Class: Buccaneer and race: either Naga or Gynu (if i spelled that right) love your work, and thank you for answering my previous question <3!  Eric Hughes
Hello Nobbel the Noble :3 I was wondering... What do you think the next expansion will be about? Keep up the good work and greetings from King's Landing XD :3 (Yes... we have internet connection in the Seven Kingdoms, but you won't see it in the show ;) )  Wolfenus Dragonflame
Do you think Demon hunter will be the next class in WoW? The most recent instance I noticed it is from Master Cheng, monk training grounds, whose text reads: I am a monk, thought I always dreamed of being a demon hunter. Keep being Awesome!  Donoven Troy
That was added during MoP and no demon hunters in warlords! >:( It's always possible, can't predict the future!
Old Gods. Expansion. Happening or nah? Your thoughts? (Ireland bids you hello.)  Claranne Felshorn
Possibility for sure!
Greetings Nobbel! First of all, a big "thank you" for making all those awesome lore videos. I absolutely love them and i hope you continue to do this, well, for ever :D My question to you is this: which faction (Vanilla through WoD) is your favorite one lorewise?  Thanasis Skarmoutsos
My pleasure! hard to pick, but I really like the orcish story so that one or the Forsaken.
Do you think the WoD expansion is nothing more then filler to help intro the Warcraft movie for the general WoW population who are not up to speed on the Orc lore? If you view the xpacs so far, it is a total side step to the main arc of the lore.  Donoven Troy
Hmm I don't know considering that the alternate story is badly done + not consistent with our version. It's a good way to let people show the orcs of old though
Thoughts on this... WotLK - Algalon is prison warden / curse of flesh. Cata - old gods planned deathwing's "breaking" of the world. Mop - shows old ones influence creeping back into the world. WoD - filler for movie. 7.0 - We are the by product of a well laid out plan to release the old gods.
Doubtful since most of the we are titan creations, but not impossible.
:) I want to get into the lore of Warcraft /WoW, but i am unsure where to begin. Can you recommend an ordered listing? This might make a good youtube video which explains where to start, why, and where to go from there. Love your stuff good sir. keep at it.