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If those crows confirm Medivh this would be Medivhs third ingame appearance, Half life 3 confirmed!
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nobbel in your video the shadow person is medivh, i have a proof, if u see this video u can see a crow on granar body from 0.12 to 0.18 and medivh can turn into a crow and the model looks like medivh model.
Crows...Medivh confirmed!
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Hey nobbel! What's a lok'vadnod?
A lok'vadnod is a prestigious song composed for a specific individual. It is commonly seen as the greatest honor the orcs can grant to an individual. Great chieftains, shamans, and warchiefs are the usual candidates for lok'vadnod, and Orgrim Doomhammer, Grom Hellscream, Broxigar the Red and Durotan have all been granted lok'vadnod. Thrall does not have one in his name, as lok'vadnod are composed after the tale of a hero is finished, when they die.
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Hey Nobbel, I know the story of the Lich king with Arthas and Ner'zhul but what about Frostmourne?? Does this blade contain a piece of Ner'zhul's soul?? Is it controlled by Old Gods?? or is this an entire new thing?? Keep up the good work!  Jelle Kloosterboer
As far as we know Frostmourne was created b ydreadlords in order of KJ, shattered by ashbringer, pieces are unknown
Don't hate on me for askimg this but who is bolvar and what's his story?  Samuel Hammar
Bolvar rules sw for a time while varian was kidnapped, uber bad ass alliance, later killed at wrathgate and resurrected by dragon flame to be turned into the new lich king
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Hey Nobbel, I love your videos and recently have been looking into lore so my knowledge is really small but I have a general idea. Anyway, while not as lore related, I'm really wondering how the Horde and Alliance got their flying ships below down in Deepholme?  Eul
Magic? :D
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Hello nobbel! my question is whats the lore about Myzrael? keep up the good work :D - Snùffy Sylvanas eu
Myzrael is a "princess of the earth"[1] who was driven to madness by the Old Gods.[2] The mountain giants, who were crafted by the titans to protect the world, trapped her deep beneath the Arathi Highlands. Only through some crystal shards is she able to speak with the surface world — so she cries for help from the mortal races.
Not sure if my question got to you so I'm reposting it So, do you know if there is any lore involved with the Spirit Healers or are they just there for gameplay reasons? I'd love if you could make a vid about them since they play such a big lore for noobies like me. love your vids, like everyone.  Gábor Szilvásy
Hiya Nobbel! This might be a huge question.. but the four horsemen in Naxx vanilla/wrath, Whats the story behind each one of them? Take Care and keep up the good work! ^-^
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Greeting Nobbel. Really love your videos as I am the WoW lore maniac myself. Can you do a little summary about lore behind Darrowshire chain quest (don´t know if you done it already)? It is beautiful a touching chain quest, that I love since I first play WoW.  Melissa Grey
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Your favorite warlord?  Ahmed Negm
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When did Garrosh become completely mad? I mean where was the twisted turn from being an angry Orc who hated humans to a power-addicted maniac who wanted to watch the world burn under his command? Love from Sweden!  Robin Gustafsson
Around the release of Tides of War
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hey nobbel! which orc managed to hit sargeras,how did he managed to hit him and what became of that orc?  Mukhtar
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Hey Nobbel, I really enjoy your channel and the work you do. I was wondering do you think we'll encounter Garrosh sometime during WoD and possibly fight him? Either way do you think he will be killed and if so who would you like to kill him? I personally hope Baine does for Cairne.  Jordan Sky Pembro
I think we'll see Garrosh pop up from time to time, not sure if we'll fight him though. My personal prediction is that Garrosh will sacrifice himself to clean up his own mess, just like his father did. Time will tell!
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Hi, nolleb! Why didn't Arthas ressurect Uther like he did with Sylvanas or as he intended with Tirion? :)  Oliver Blomqvist
He resurrected Sylvanas caus she pissed him off.
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Hey Nobbel. The Blood Elves developed the green hue of their eyes after turning to absorbing fel magic. Since the Sunwell has been a fount of pure light energy for many years now in the lore do you think it's possible for them to develop golden hue's? Perhaps maybe this expansion?  John Mulholland
Eventually their eyes should turn back, but it will take a while. Hard to say what expansion it's going to happen, but I personally doubt that it will be warlords.
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Nobbel i was wondering in the legendary cloak questline in pandaria Wrathion says that Varian was a fighter in a naga arena of some sort is there any more story of what happened to him or how he escaped? Btw love ur vids <3 Love from sweden :*  Samuel Hammar
Onyxia had Varian kidnapped, split him in two with magic, strong willed Varian escaped, ended up as a slave fighting in the gladiator pits, escaped, turned back into full Varian as he took on Onyxia.
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Hey nobbel! Great work, love it. My confusion is why the Iron Horde attack draenei. On our past, orcs are corrupted and attacked draenei. But now, that Garrosh stops them from drinking the blood and get corrupted, why do they attack?  Χρηστακίδης
WORLD DOMINATION + Orcs attacked the Draenei far before they drank demon blood. They believed the Draenei to be evil since the spirits told them. It's possible that Garrosh let these events happen since it suits his goals or perhaps he told his father and Grom told the rest.
Hello! Do you think the outcome of Draenor might still be the same what happen to outlands? But in a different way to our own timeline and we are just there to experience how things happen due to our fault no matter what happens?  Adrian Torres
It's possible!
Hey nobbel :D!! In the yogg saron fight when you enter the his mind and get the lich king vision...who is the man being tortured? Ive never read or heard who he is and im wondering if its Bolvar after the Wrathgate...anyways thanks and love the vids!!!  Zachary Shattles
Yep that was Bolvar
Hey Nobbel What do you think about Blizzard removing certain class skills from the game? Which class do you think will be nerfed the most when WOD launches?  Kristian Hanssen
Don't think you should look at it as nerfing, more like taking certain abilities away to clear up the bars/put them together. I think that it's great for certain classes.
Hi Nobbel. Is there a reason that Chromie looks like a Gnome in her non-Dragon form, while (as far as I know) all other Dragons look like regular Humans?  Robin Kuipers
Dragons can pick for themselves what they want to look like
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Hey Nobbel :) Could you tell us the story about Lord jaraxxus? He calls himself Lord of the burning legion but isn't Kil"Jeaden/Sargaras the lord? And why does he look like kil"jeaden and Archimonde? Were he also a part of their race? Anyways, keep up the good work :) Love your videos  Eirik Jensen
Eredar lord of the burning legion, as in a lord within the legion not the lord of the legion. Yes, Eredar is the original name for their race.
Hey Nobbel, love the vids. I got some questions about the infinite dragonflight since i know very little about them. Like who is their leader and is what is his power (like malygos' thing was magic) and is he the only one with powers now that the others have lost their power after cata?  Sven Strobbe
Moruzond (corrupted Nozdormu) is their leader, their power is over time, uncertain if they still have aspect powers.
hey nobbel i was wondering if there is any lore behind the murlocs?  Erik scherman
Bits and pieces, but not much