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Hi Nobbel. Love your videos. Can you please tell me, when did dalaran move form the Silverspine Forest to Northrend? We saw that Archimonde destroyed it. What happened afterwards? Keep up the great work :)  Argiris Sarris
They rebuild it with magic in a day and send it flying towards Northrend
Hi Nobbel love your videos. I have a question about the Demon Hunters. As the name implies they hunt demons but is there any lore behind them? I would love to hear it from you. Keep up the great work. :)  Argiris Sarris
Here ya go ^_^
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If you had several minutes of Blizzard's ear to give them your ideas, rant, raves, etc., what would you like to share with them? (You can be mad, glad, or sad, but be respectful please.)  Rakael Towers, Paladin
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Hello Nobbel! since you said you are going to Blizzcon, i want to know what question will you ask Blizzard in the Q&A  Agafitei Razvan
Hey Nobbel, love your vids and greetings from Canada! Is there a reason that Duskwood is permanently... at dusk? Is there any lore behind Darkshire?  ← Kyle™ →
Had to do a bit of googling: It was originally implied that the darkness "followed" the worgen when they first appeared, but that's since been retconned to Medvih's death causing the darkness to leak from Karazhan.
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Hey Nobbel. If you would compare Draenor and Outland, what do you think happend to some continents? Like Spires of Arak and Frostfire Ridge there is nothing like it in Outland. Or the Sabereon and Goren where did they go? These changes are for ofc gameplay but is there any lore behind it? Speculate!  Crillam Hej
Parts of it was changed/destroyed during the transformation from Draenor into Outland. Other parts are simply mistakes by blizzard which you can explain with: It's an alternate reality.
Hi nobbel. I got question about draeNEI tribe OmeNAI. There are actually only two mensions of this word within game back in BC, but it is entire faction that has been cut. I was wondering if it has something to do with naaru, like KureNAI tribe and K'ure. Can they make come back in WoD?  Сергей Литвинов
Seems like it's been cut and there's no real story behind it so uncertain!
Has anyone told you that you look like a certain famous person? If so, who?  Rakael Towers, Paladin
I'm sure people have said it before, but can't remember which one 0o
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Hey Nobbel, I've already asked, but seems like you didn't saw that 3 part question. Anyway I'll keep it short. Do you think Arthas was a piece of a puzzle in some "evil's under tirisfal" plan? "The day you were born, the very FORESTS of Lordaeron WHISPERED the name : Arthas" Keep up the good work :)  Robinas
Nah I doubt it considering Kozak said in an interview with Jesse Cox that there's currently nothing under Tirisfal.
Hey Nobble, if you were be the fluff in someone's pocket, how will you be able to answer this question?  Bikutoru Paredesu Kasutoro
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If you were given the offer to have an NPC in WoW from Blizzard, what would it be and what would it's function be?  ThatAltoholicNoob
A big ass nibbler that's buffed and works out while idle. Talking to it gives you random lore questions
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Considering trying out WOW but I don't know.. can you tempt me? Also I am in love with your accent.  Clo
Haha, just look at this beautiful game. You want this game! Nah, I'd recommend trying out the free trial and if you like it, go for it!
Hey Nobbel, love your vids =) The Dreanei came to Dreanor using the Tempest Keep, so there should be a Tempest Keep floating around somewhere in WoD (even including the Exodar). Do you think we will see it in the Expansion and what could they do with it?  Primas Benjamin
Draenei came to Draenor with Genedar aka Oshu'gun. Tempest keep was later summoned by Khadgar. Could still be summoned again, I would love it, time will tell
Greetings Nobbel, i've been watching your videos to keep up with Warcraft Lore outside of the game. My question, since the players interference with the events that corrupting Anzu in our time, do you think the Arrakoa will play part in events or expansions to come ?  Jonathan H
Hard to say, might see an arakoa npc show up from time to time but I doubt they'll play a big roll
Hi Nobbel, was wondering if you have a video about the different "religions" or religious faiths in World of Warcraft?  Fredric Lundberg
Not really, got one about the light though:
Hey Nobbel! Love your vids! Do you know how there are ogres in Kalimdor like there are in Feralas? Thanks in advance!  Claimh Solais
They came with the original horde and stuck around on azeroth
not sure if im double posting.... whats if any the lore on Mor'Ladim? always got ganked back in vanilla by him  Nicholas Cass
Hey Nobbel, love your videos especially your "lovely" accent ;D So... Would you do a video about the history of the gnomes and why did they joined the Alliance?  Clirador (Cliff)
Thank you & history of the gnomes is on the list. For now:
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Will Moira Thaurissan's son be the one and only King of Iron Forge/of the dwarfs when he is of age or will they continue to have 3 of the clan leaders be the leaders of iron forge? will Bronzebeard maybe train the kid or will he take over and be the "official" king of the dwarfs?  Phillip Kissau
Hard to say what the future will bring. Moira would like her son to rule all clans, time will tell!
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My main man Nobbel! How do you think the Iron Stars are constructed? Do you think Siegecrafter Blackfuse discovered a fuel source that burns perpetually? Maybe there's tiny Fire Elementals sealed inside them? Do you have another theory?  Andrew PG Lusk
0o...never gave it much thought. I'd imagine fuel + heat generated by the rotation = EXPLOSIONS
Hey Nobbel, want to see what you think about this speculation. We fight the Lichking. Same time Mal'ganis posseses Bolvar. When all souls from Frostmourne are realesed Mal'ganis creates an illusion of King Terenas. "There always needs to be a Lichking". Mal'ganis finally gets his revenge.  Primas Benjamin
Could have been great, same as the theory that Ner'zhul was still in the helmet and pretended to be king Terenas to get a more willing puppet as lich king. Hopefully blizzard will ever pick this up.
Hi Nobble Love your vids, one thing i was wondering is that we dont have a lot of Lore with the Tauren, and i wanted to know How and Why The Tauren can be Paladins and the Sunwalker Lore  Banshee
What would you do for a choco taco? *Encloses a picture*  Kaiserneko (Khan)
Pay 50 msk!
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Do you like giving and/or getting bear hugs?  Deathwing
Especially with big black dragons!
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Hey Nobbel, I've got a question if you will record Hellfire Citadel like you did in Siege of Orgrimmar. Thank you for your answer :)  Mickey
If there's enough story...sure!
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