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hey nobbel if you are in draenor with no chance to get back how do you go in the Uper Black Rock Spire ?  Eternal Hate
You can still get back with a hearthstone and portals.
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Hey Nobbel, I was thinking maybe Blizzard will use that non used raid/dungeon entrance beside the Throne of Tides as a Raid for a future expansion, similar to Rubysanctum where Halion introduced Cataclysm so maybe Ozumat will introduce the expansion "The Dark Below"?!?! What's your opinion? :D  En dëcken Lëll
It's possible!
Nobbel! I love your lore videos. Could you do some lore videos about Ulduar? I know it's a Titan prison for Yogg-Saron, but what about the other bosses? What is Thorim's story, Mimron, Hodir? Is there any lore behind Val'anyr? Ulduar is a great raid and some lore would be great to match!
Who is Tyr? What's he doing, where is he? I would love to know more about him. Keep up the good work :)  Vesko
Hey Nobbel! I wondered if the Alliance ever took back Lordareon , where will the starting area be for the undead?  Njanja Le Mand1c
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Yo Nobbel! My Pally bro, whassup? *raises hand in expectance of a high five*  Daltheer
*Holy high five*
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Hey nobbel, whats the story behind lady deathwhisper, she is my favourite boss in the world of warcraft just for her speech before you engage her but i know next to nothing about her, can you fill in the blanks for me please?  Hayden Lovelock
Afraid she doesn't have a story. The lich Lady Deathwhisper is the Supreme Overseer of the Cult of the Damned and the second boss of the Icecrown Citadel raid. The fight is mostly a DPS race (with a high damage output it becomes significanty easier), but also requires high awareness from all raid members. The 25-player Heroic version of this boss is one of the most difficult encounters in the instance.
Why didn't the trolls drink the demon blood with Grom and his troops? Or did they? In that case what happened to them?  Koopé
Don't think they did. They recognized the blood as something vile and demonic...bad voodoo and stayed far away from it. Grommash didn't care.
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Hey , Nobbel . Do you think Medivh will make a return in the Warlords of Draenor ? And if he does , what do you think his role will be ? Love your videos , support from Bulgaria ^.^  Влади :3
I doubt it :( <3 from the Netherlands
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Hey man, BIG fan of your videos especially consisting with WoW lore! During the legendary quest in pandaria you give the heart of the T-king to wrathion And he rises off the ground as an unknown voice was echoed from him, "WE MUST REBUILD THE FINAL TITAN" Any thoughts or speculation to this? Thanks!  Brandon Floro
Nothing confirmed. One of the possibilities is that the race of titans have fallen and we must rebuild the final one, which could be Sargeras.
Hey Nobbel, my question to you is this one: Who is the earthmother? i have heard that since i did warcraft 3 and i am wondering who it/she is. i hope you can help me out and keep on the good work with your vids  niels thomassen
The Earth Mother (also written as Earthmother) is a gentle being worshiped by tauren as the creator of the land. Her eyes are the sun (An'she) and moon (Mu'sha).
Hey Nobbel. I'm a little confused about the color of the orcs in Warlords of Draenor. In the Book Rise of the Horde we learn that the orcs on Draenor changes color because the use fell magic, and not by drinking the blood from Mannoroth. But why are the orcs not green in WoD? They used fell magic.  Darkferal The Dark
Only a few orcs use fel magic in warlords and are not allowed to chill with the rest of the cool orcs.
Hey, Nobble! I just finished reading The War Of The Ancients. I was wondering how Krasus and Rhonin went back in time without creating a different timeline. Yet Garrosh does create a new one. Is this the power of Nozdormu? Am I just understanding this wrong? Or is it yet another loophole. Thanks  Oussama Saoudi
Loophole. Blizzard has used different time travel rules depending on the story.
Hey dude I was woundering who is older Garrosh or Thrall never understood that please explain it to me. Keep up the awesome videos man :)  Деньо
Hi Nobbel! Where is the ruined city in Kalimdor where the Well of Eternity was? Thanks! Love your vids!  Lakatos Patrik
Under the sea. We've seen bits of it during Vasjhir, but there should be a bunch more under the Maelstrom.
Hey Nobbel, awesome videos, keep up the good work! I wanna ask if you can make a video or give us some information about the story behind Shadow Priests, since I can't seem to find some solid info! :)
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Hey nobbel love your videos. I redid the cata quests where staghelm attacks thrall and splits him between each of the elemental planes. During the last one in the forelands it shows his anger towards Gul'Dan. But he seems calmed one you complete the quest. Does he still have the hatred toward guldan  Dan fletcher
I'd imagine so, just more balanced
Hey Nobbel, I was wondering, did the titans create the tauren like other races? such as the mogu, dwarves, Humans (by way of Vy'krul), or did they evolve naturally? or perhaps elune was involved?  Aidan Christopher Lynch
Don't believe they've ever explained the origin of the taurens. We know they're very old though, 10.000+
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Hello Nobbel :D Love your videos ! I was just wondering what's the story behind Ner'Zhul and his connection to the Lich King ! Cheers !  Deian ツ
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Hey Nobbel! I was wondering why Gul'dan is in chains in the short story "Gul'dan and the stranger". Does the short story take place before or after the events of the cinematic? Love your vids :D  Luke Fitzgerald
The comic takes place before the events of the cinematic. Not sure how the chains bit works out. Perhaps Gul'dan chained himself to prevent himself from going berserk after sipping on the demon juice?
Hey Loremaster! Keep up the good work! I got a new question for you! What about these huge murdering tihng? Maraad is dead, velen is dead, Orgrim(!!!!) Also dead... and... Garrosh who created this huge mess... also dies during QUESTING(!!!!!!) in Nagrand O.o What the hell? What is your opinion?  Väkirauta
Hello Nobbel! You know why there are Red Dragons in RFD?  Miikka Sandelin
Belnistrasz cares not for politics; he cares not if anyone's affiliations are for either Horde or Alliance. He is more interested in squelching direct and dire threats to all the races. And he has found one in Razorfen Downs.
Whats your favorite WoW dance? :)  Vera Lakmaker
Orc female ofcourse!
Hey Nobbel, something that I came to realize as i played is that in Ragefire, the final boss appears to be some kind of mutated orc. During one of the scenarios where we go into Ragefire as a goblin, we see more "tame" versions. Yet they are nowhere in SoO... do we ever get an explanation as to why?  Nick
Hmm not that I know. Maybe they ran out of orcs?
nobbel, love your vids :D what do you think of the idea that varian will get killed by grom and blackhand in a epic battle and that logosh's spirit will go to genn greymane and genn will avenge him [varian]? greets from belgium  robbe vercammen
It's possible, but I personally don't see it happen.