do u still like shamar d LMFAO

Wtf lmaooo

hella fake for that lmao .

Muriyah Vailes♡


can I goose daddy?

no lmfao

who's yur bestfriend ?

muriyah posadas lmao

your so fineeee .


Which famous person have you met or been close to?

Kobe Bryant

Who do yuh want 2 be bae?

I have one

who's yur bestf?

no you

i saw you at madison like a week ago lol

so ? lol

I just wanna know what type of girls you find attractive

Why ? Lol

who do you think tha cutest girl @ school is?

why lol

friends on NGSD?

Everyone on Ng is my friend

First letter of name

Nylah lol

who does n.h stand for?

My bad lol

hmu you're cute

Lol thanks

do you like any one


What do you wish for the most in the new year?


Your cute af


what destiny? there's a lot of "destiny's" lmao

Lmao I don't know her last name

name the cutest girl in your 1st and 2nd periods.

1st period Destiny , 2nd no one

Your sexy af tbh

Thanks who's this

you're cute.


initials of people you talk/ like

Don't talk or like anyone at the moment

you're honestly so hot lmao we went to middle school together but i never really appreciated you

Lol thanks & why


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