Norah Alsharif @NorahAlsharif
Norah Alsharif @NorahAlsharif
فتاة حجازيه طموحي كبير واملي ب الله اكبر يوما ما سأكون ذا شأن واثر واترك بصمه جميله في مجتمعي والعالم العربي شعاري) ما اريده سأحصل عليه بأذن الله )
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مين لسا باقي من صحباتك مقرب لكي ؟؟؟
اتنين بس
Who knows the most about you?
No one
What's cool nowadays?
Ignore people
What do you think people think of you?
I don't know
How many pillows do you sleep with?
Lol just one and sometimes two
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What position do you sleep in?
I don't know ask my family
مساحه  سميه
هي نفسها كرافه
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What is the best news you could hear right now?
Surprise ....
Traveling to Spain
What makes you strong?
There are many things , but the most thing had me stronger and push me my parents when they think I will do thing to make them satisfied about me
What drink do you prefer when you’re thirsty?
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Do you have a lot of respect for vegetarians?
Yep sure
Do you like being alone?
Yea sometimes ...
What are you listening to right now?
صوت المكيف
هههههه مين أنا يلي أموت فيش؟؟؟
مو مهم المهم تحبيني ههههههههه
طيب أموت فيش
لا تموتي فيا بلله الله يطول بعمرش
يخي أحبك
احبك الله فيما احببتيني فيه
وحشتيني :$
طيب اسألي عني اتصلي اطمني ع صحبتك
Do you have any strange phobias?
يب عندي فوبيا من جهاز اللي يقيس الضغط
What will the future be like?
It will be beautiful more than now
What was the last thing you made with your own hands?
Washing dishes Loool
شعارك في الحياه يا صديقتي الصدوقة نفس شعاري استمري و ان شاءالله تنولي الي تتمنية و ان شاءالله يجي اليوم الي افرح فيكي فرحة العمر ...
الله يسعدك يارب أمين يارب العالمين
Do you prefer giving or receiving?
I prefer to giving and I don't waiting the receiving
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What are you wearing right now?
I don't know loooool this is a silly question
Do you hate Mondays?
Nop why I hate it loooool
What is your favorite pet’s name?