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Who's your girlfriend?
Don't have a girlfriend.
Crush w el 3esha sa3baa :D
4 years woow! Appreciate!
Thanks dude :D
btl3ab music mn emtaa ??
Talat aw arba3 sneen,
ebtdet moseka tasweria ll aflam w ll rwaiat 3lshan kda 3andy khebra fel chill-out w el ambient music, w ebtdet house mn sanateen ta2rebaan
What is the most heroic thing you’ve ever done?
No heroic things in my life
What do you refuse to pay for?
Girls may be :D
Ellie Goulding or Bright lights ?
I prefer Bright Lights,
but it doesn't mean that Ellie Goulding is bad,
i love both too much :D
Both are from the best Female vocals in the world now.
الله يوفقك ويسعدك ويجعل كل حياتك سعادة  البوب ويكا
ربنا يخليك و الله :D
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سمعت ليلا فضة و هى بتغنى Take me to church؟
الي فهمها ان صوتها حلو ظلمها
Let the rhythm take you over BAILAMOOOOS ~0~
Barcelona or ManCity ?
Barcelona mn 3'er tafkeer:D
Tab FOB ?
Ma3rflohomsh kteer bas ely ba7bohom:
-The Phoenix
-My Songs Know What you Did in the Dark
-American Beauty/American Psycho
Top 10 Tracks for Imagine Dragons?
Homa aktar mn 10 bsara7aa :D
-I'm So Sorry
-Battle Cry
-nothing left to say
-Bet my life
-On top of the world
-Bleeding Out
msh bel tarteeb.
Linkin abl Scorpions ?!
belnsbaly ahh ana mtraby 3la linkin asasan :'D
Best 3 Rock Bands?
1- Coldplay
2- Imagine Dragons
3- Fall Out Boy
1-Linkin Park
2- Scorpions
3- Coldplay
Wella wla Mika wla Blazin ?
Wella fasheekh
aktar radio-show nfsk twsloo ?
Hardwell on air,
How to get support from DJs ?
Don't know unfortunately :D
Are you ready?
Ready for everything.
اية رأيك فى Size Records ؟
Btshrab sagaier ?
What do you do when you don't know the answer?
Mabaftesh el7amdulallah:'D
mo5ty feen ?
Kont sha3'al bas makontsh fady :D
feen sho3'lak ma3 wolfrage ?
Fasakht el 3a2d
Best songs for Zedd ?
-Find You.
-Stay the night
-The Anthem
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