Nour Eldeen Khaled @NourEldeenKhaled7amzawe شوف ده قبل ما تسأل
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ايه رأيك فى محدثين مشروع ليلى فى مصر دلوقتى و انها بقت موضة للأسف؟ شايف ده في مصلحة الباند ولا لا؟
لا مش فى مصلحة الباند خالص :D
انا متفاجئ عامةً ان الباند مرة واحدة اتشهر و كله بقى حافظ اغانى مشروع ليلى
يا اخى ده فيه واحدة من سنتين كنت اما اجى اسمعها اغنية ليهم كانت تقولى ايه القرفده و الجو ده و من يومين منزله صورة ليها مع حامد سنو و كاتبة(i hugged Hamed sno :O <3)
احا يعنى :'D
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What's the importance of Floorfish EQ ?
Removing Background noise for vocals and other instruments (lead,pluck,etc..)
It's very simple btw
What would you do if you woke up and all the other people were gone?
Definitely dance
The most 10 underrated songs ?
1-Coldplay-A Rush a blood to the head
3-Coldplay-Lost (Ft.Jay Z)
5-Linkin Park-Place for my head
6-David Guetta-Listen(Ft.John Legend)
7-Hardwell-Birds Fly(Ft.Mr Probz)
8-Fall Out Boy-Uma Thurman
9-Imagine Dragons-Friction
10-Imagine Dragons-It Comes back to you
11-Coldplay-Another's Arms
What about jack u band ?
They are great! :D
Where's Martin Garrix & AVB & Steve Aoky ?
Armin last 2 tracks was progressive house and i think armin is better for him to stay in trance not in house!
Also Garrix last 2 tracks (Forbidden Voices /the only way is up) are pretty much like Aviciies and i think it's better for martin to stay in Bigroom house or progressive house onlyy
Steve Aoky destroyed linkin park so fuck off..!
Top 5 DJs in 2015
5-Hardwell or David Guetta or Calvin Harris
Rihanna or Lady Gaga or Chris Martin?
Chris Martin neek ba2aa
What do you think about Om Kalthoum/Fairouz?
Both are legends!
But i prefer Fairouz voice, Singing with that great voice without filters or something like that is a great thing!
But Um Kalthoum is better than Fairouz in life performance.
Do i need to be drunk or high to produce music?
Ofcourse not! :D
هو لازم اكون فاهم sound engineering علشان اعمل ميوزك ؟
مش لازم و انت مبتدأ، بس لازم تتعلمه لو ناوى تبقى برو و محترف
How can i make my synth?
Are you romantic? Why or why not?
ma3takdshh :D
Noooouuuuurrr :D
Anooooon 😂
Your favorite football player? PS.don't say messi or Ronaldo.
Ronaldinho, Zin el deen Zidan and ibrahimovic
What's the difference between Producer and dj?
Producer: the one who makes the music
DJ: the one who plays the music
Most underrated dj ?
twoloud and hazem beltagy
ساعات تلاقى الى بيحبك مش عارف يوصلك انت نفس اللغة ويكون عجبك فيها اية #الحب #الصداقة #جواز
ليه الحكومه فى مصر مش بتطبق غير ايه واحده من القرآن #اينما تكونوا يدرككم الموت ؟؟؟  abdoelmasry
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أين أنت من واقعك؟  Mahmud Dawud
el7 al acc altany rg3 w da hyt2fl fy 24 sa3a :D ‎@anababaali  MõõZa Mąñõ
follow ^^ w al acc al2diiim atsr2 ‎@anababaali :/ :/ 17800 like da3ooooo :/ :/ bs isa alacc da yb2a a7sn isa :D follow b2a w ask ktiiiiiiiiiiiiir :D ‎@MooZaMano  MõõZa Mąñõ
ممكن لايك +متابعة like والنبى والنبى  البوب ويكا
la 3ade da kan rahan beeny we been as7aby hans2l random sample of people =DD fa meen cuter?
Doesn't matter me sorry :D
Mtab3 Ellen show ?
Ya3ny msh awy bas ba7bha neek oksemballah :D