I'm may not be perfect, but at least i'm not fake.
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Do you decide quickly or do you think a long time?
What is something you have lost, that you wish you could get back?
The old version of me
Do you trust your friends?
Are you a city or a nature person?
What is your most played song?
Shattered-Yesterday trending
Do you whistle in public?
ymkn mt3rfnesh aw aked t3rfeny bs mr2bek men santen bzabt tb3an htstghraby ana 3ayz eh ? ana msh 3ayz haga l2ny 3arf kol haga 3anek bs 3ayz a3rfek we msh dlw2ty khales kman fe el wa2t el monasb aw lama akhlas sa3ba we aked msh htwaf2y bs msh hfdal mstkhby leh (el ahm fekry msh fe ertbat ) ..
Msh fahma 7aga wl mos7aaf
What was the last song you heard?
Katy perry-Firework
Do you prefer to answer questions or ask them?
How did you meet your best friend?
B7odn w shtema
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What's your biggest fear?
How will you celebrate your next birthday?
happy new year <33  sara ahmed
Thank you
What was the first thing you learned to cook?
How many hours do you sleep at night?
Actually zero i spend my night thinking and my day sleeping.
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What makes you cry?
No thing.
What is the last song you listened to?
كان يا مكان - أسكندريلا
Where is the best place for a vacation?
شيئآ ﻷمك ..~  ﺷَـيّ خوَرٱﭬِﯾـيَ .. *
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^_^ ممكن طلب بس بعد اذنك عاوز15 لايك بس علشان اجيب ٣55 ^_^ و عملت فولو^^باك لو مش هيديئك ^_^  ZiaD El Snosey^^
La merci
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Which is worse, being too hot or too cold?
In between
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nuuran ?
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ok , 3malty a b2a fel english ? :D
Tmaam el7l
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sheely 'i'm' men awl el gomla w 7oty 'be' makan 'not' 3ashan el gomla tetla3 mazboota ( may be i'm not perfect ) , etla2eeky habelty fel english :D  Yasser Dahroug (Mr. Ambiguous)
Eh al fatty dh hya al gomla kda sa7 3la 2sas anak fahem??
mmm, nazarytek weslet ;)