I'm may not be perfect, but at least i'm not fake.
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How did you meet your best friend?
B7odn w shtema
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What's your biggest fear?
How will you celebrate your next birthday?
happy new year <33  sara ahmed
Thank you
What was the first thing you learned to cook?
How many hours do you sleep at night?
Actually zero i spend my night thinking and my day sleeping.
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What makes you cry?
No thing.
What is the last song you listened to?
كان يا مكان - أسكندريلا
Where is the best place for a vacation?
شيئآ ﻷمك ..~  ﺷَـيّ خوَرٱﭬِﯾـيَ .. *
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^_^ ممكن طلب بس بعد اذنك عاوز15 لايك بس علشان اجيب ٣55 ^_^ و عملت فولو^^باك لو مش هيديئك ^_^  ZiaD El Snosey^^
La merci
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Which is worse, being too hot or too cold?
In between
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nuuran ?
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ok , 3malty a b2a fel english ? :D
Tmaam el7l
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sheely 'i'm' men awl el gomla w 7oty 'be' makan 'not' 3ashan el gomla tetla3 mazboota ( may be i'm not perfect ) , etla2eeky habelty fel english :D  Yasser Dahroug (Mr. Ambiguous)
Eh al fatty dh hya al gomla kda sa7 3la 2sas anak fahem??
mmm, nazarytek weslet ;)
Where do you like to read?
On my bed.
7lw !? , leeh enty btgeeby kaam :D
La ana bageb 95% w kda bs bl neba l 2oula w tanya saney dh 7elw hya de al drgat asuln bttgeb fehom
La2 mesh shater wala 7aga , bas el wa7ed beyeegy yelem el manhag fe a5r kam osboo3 kda we 5elset el 7kaya , bas 2 sec. Ba2a hya elly me7taga sho3'l men awl el sana 3shan ana gbt feha 86 bas :(
3matan 7elw brdu.
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Yaah sahla 1sec :p , ana gyb feeha 90 , 3o2balek b2a :D
Dnta shater b2a
Enty fsana kam ?
1 sec
How many pillows do you sleep with?
About 10. One under my head and holding the rest
Emt7an ! , emt7an a ? :p
English isa
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;D , enty bt3mli a b2a :p
Wla 7aga 3iza anam 3shan 3ndy emt7an w kda *sick*