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What was the last thing you ate?
A brownie
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What gift has someone given you lately?
A bellydance costume made by hand
Name four turn off's.
How are you feeling?
Ur kik account is silly real shit
But I didnt ask for your opinion._. Butthole.
Have you ever been possessed by someone or feel like you are ?  IDGAF
Yeah yeah yeah
اُمنيتك :  IDGAF
تتحق كل امنياتي
كرهت شي اسمهه:..؟  IDGAF
اممممم الجامعة
I said kik? What the fuck is anewd!!
Thats my kik account u dumb.
_أجمَل شعُور..♥  IDGAF
When you get exactly seven hours of sleep. I know it doesnt make sense but for me it makes my day perfect
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الله يسعدك و يبعد عنك كل هم و ضيقه ✨  IDGAF
امين وياك
انا ضد فكرة :  IDGAF
كل الافكار غير افكاري
قمت التخلف ؟  IDGAF
اللي يتحلطم ومو جالس يسوي شي
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كل يوم.......:  IDGAF
يووم جديد هه ه
- اغبى اشاعه سمعتوها ؛  IDGAF
كل اشاعات الواتساب
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رد ينرفزك:  IDGAF
- last video you watched :  IDGAF
One of my bellydance videos i was editing
? Is it worse to fail at something or never attempt it in the first place  IDGAF
Never trying is worse because you will never know
حاجه تحببك بالشّخص؟  IDGAF
شي بقلبك:  IDGAF
Does nature shape our personalities or it's a lifestyle that we live in ?  IDGAF
what's your favorite wild animal ? and why ?  IDGAF
Lion; strong, loving and rules it's kingdom perfectly
Should people care more about doing the right thing, or doing things right?  IDGAF
Doing things right
ماهو الواقع ؟  IDGAF
The opposite of everything you wish for