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للسنة الجديدة :  IDGAF
كل عام وانتي بخير
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beautiful words :  IDGAF
“You lost her. 
And now she lights up the night-time sky for her new lover cause he recognized her as the moon.
And you envy him. She could’ve been your moon, but you were too busy chasing the dimly lit stars.”
Zienab Hamdan - Admit it, you
express your feelings right now?  IDGAF
Really sleepy and got in a fight with one of my friends so yeah i feel like shit lol
قمة التخلف… ?  IDGAF
بنت تبني مستقبلها على الزواج
If you refuse to stay in cage and you cannot survive in the freedom.... what should you do?  IDGAF
Live in between?
how does it feel being so awesome?
Feels awesome
10 likes = 10 likes sare3 sare3 keda btw followed ♥ (send me done)
I dont get it. :/ why would i want ur likes lol
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If you saw someone shoplifting, what would you do?
Give them looks. Mdry
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خاطرري...☆!  IDGAF
انام الحين
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How many people do you think you've met in your life?
A lot i think i had enough lol
فيه ناس رافضة تفهمّ ؛  IDGAF
Between being openminded and a slut.
لا تناقشني لمّا ✋:  IDGAF
لما اكون فيني النوم
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? the times when you have to give up on someone does it feels  IDGAF
I never give up on ppl i love
I need ......?  IDGAF
I need money and attention
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ever been unconscious ?  IDGAF
Yes once
Do you prefer vintage or new?
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فكره تدور ببالك هالوقت ..  IDGAF
اني اعدل حواجبي
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What is a saying you say a lot?  IDGAF
الله ياخذ ويعطي
عمرك تعرضتي لخيبة امل في حياتك ؟  IDGAF
? trailer of movie that you want to see  IDGAF
What do you splurge on?
Personality pffft lol jk
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funny pic :  IDGAF
funny pic :
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مستحيل اقتنع بفكرة :  IDGAF
انو احد يتحكم فيني :)
أنـا مِـن الـنوع اللّـي .. !  IDGAF
في لحظة ضَعف !  IDGAF