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Alanoud @Nudz
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احساس تخاف قلبك يعيشه :  IDGAF
Losing someone i care about
متى تشعر بالمسوؤلية ؟  IDGAF
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So there's a big earthquake happend and everyone starts to panic and run , while your running you saw on one side your dog is falling into a big whole and other side there's five year old kid stuck in rocks whom you gonna run for help ?  IDGAF
Five year old kid.
what if the scientist proved life on other planet and everyone starts evacuate and leaving ....would you leave ?  IDGAF
Are you a religious person?  IDGAF
Kinda. Hope so
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ايهمآ اصعب بنظرك وصف مشاعر الفرح ، ام مشاعر الحزن . . ولماذا ؟  IDGAF
The best thing you have done so far ?  IDGAF
Lol i have no idea
What we need to change the world ?  IDGAF
صورهه سنابيهه :  IDGAF
صورهه سنابيهه :
post your mood pic ☺  IDGAF
post your mood pic  ☺
Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?
what makes you calm down ?  IDGAF
When i cook, bake or listen to music and now READING is new to the list.
Also Quraan comes on top of them all.
الثقه تعتمد على :  IDGAF
الثقه؟ من اي ناحية ثقة النفس ولا الثقة بالناس ..
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لحظه جميلهه ؟  IDGAF
بعد ٤ شهور ان شاءالله ❤️
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Which word do you want everyone to stop using?
Im not that pathetic i have things more important in my life :/
Have you ever fake a smile front of someone because you are afraid of them?  IDGAF
Yes LOL two days ago im such a chicken
pic :  IDGAF
pic :
do u like reading? what do u read?  IDGAF
I just started reading my first book ever! Its called The Young Elites
What is your favorite restaurant in the world?
Say something honest :  IDGAF
I'm selfish
تابعتك ي فتنهه $"♥  حسن بن محمد .
ايش اسوي لك
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How often do you work out?
I dont
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Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?
Front of it
Who knows the most about you?
No one which is sad. Not even me.