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Alanoud @Nudz
ask me
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What is your favorite restaurant in the world?
do u like reading? what do u read?  IDGAF
Say something honest :  IDGAF
I'm selfish
تابعتك ي فتنهه $"♥  حسن بن محمد .مجهول؟
ايش اسوي لك
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How often do you work out?
I dont
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Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?
Front of it
Who knows the most about you?
No one which is sad. Not even me.
افضل هديه وصلت لك ؟  IDGAF
A Necklace in my 21 birthday
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If you were a road sign, what would you say?
What are the first things you notice when you meet someone?
What is the formula of happiness?
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What’s the best way to learn a new language?
Watching videos and listening to audios.
What is one thing you refuse to share?
Food :( i cant share food i hate sharing food.
How long has your longest ever phone call been?
Maybe an hour? And that was probably 5 or 6 years ago lol
How many slices of pizza do you usually eat?
What are your favorite smoothie ingredients?
Yogurt + strawberry + banana + honey.
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مُتى يقال للفرد بأنه معاق عقلياً ؟  IDGAF
لما يكون معاق عقليًا
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أجمل وقت بالنسبة لك :  IDGAF
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YOur Answer <3 And YOur Photo <3 <3 Please I want like on this photo only ^^{Help me To win} Any way Thx ^^
Im too lazy tbh
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للسنة الجديدة :  IDGAF
كل عام وانتي بخير
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beautiful words :  IDGAF
“You lost her. 
And now she lights up the night-time sky for her new lover cause he recognized her as the moon.
And you envy him. She could’ve been your moon, but you were too busy chasing the dimly lit stars.”
Zienab Hamdan - Admit it, you
express your feelings right now?  IDGAF
Really sleepy and got in a fight with one of my friends so yeah i feel like shit lol
قمة التخلف… ?  IDGAF
بنت تبني مستقبلها على الزواج
If you refuse to stay in cage and you cannot survive in the freedom.... what should you do?  IDGAF
Live in between?
how does it feel being so awesome?
Feels awesome