I just wanna make good music, aha. Ask me anything.
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What are some good topics in a song to talk about if you rap??
whatever's on your mind.
What software did you start off with when you first started producing beats?
used Cubase for a day. #regret
If you had an extra hour of free time every day, what would you do with it?
Heard you banged ya prom date
nah lmfao
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You talk to anyone?
nah ._.
What song is stuck in your head?
The Worst Guys
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how tf we you and I getting similar questions to the point where that shit looks generic? lol  Kang Sticky
lmfaoo idk bruh
If your girlfriend was paralyzed and couldn't wipe her ass would you do it for her??
what is a girlfriend
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What do you think of Kristen Henley?
that's the homie, she's cute too, lol
Who's your favorite anime character and why?
Lelouch vii Britannia from Code Geass. He died a martyr for his dream of equality.
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I wanna be lightskin too
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Have any musicians had an influence on your life.
What does it mean when a girl smiles at a boy?
she wants his dick
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How do you see yourself spending your time in your old age?
playing piano and reading
What's the difference between Illuminati, Killuminati, and Villuminati?
Illuminati ~ bullshit
Killuminati ~ MY NIGGA PAC
Villuminati ~ J. Cole
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Do you still have the same opinion with why there's been so many fights at coast?
Post a picture that makes you proud of your country?
Madison, a proud American.
Post a picture that makes you proud of your country?
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What do you think is the sexiest language?
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Why are you so addicted to
idk fam
What is the best song to get a girl to twerk to?
juvenile // back that azz up
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What would you do if a girl hit you?
idk tbh
Have you ever been in a fight before?
Who's your number one friend?
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What if a random girl just came up and sat in your lap, and shifted herself in your lap, what would you do?
bust a nut.
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What if a guy stole your shoes and you saw the same person wearing your shoes later that day, what would you do?
tell him how much of a broke nigga he is.
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