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How are you "getting the fun"?
Do you smile at strangers?
I don't smile.
What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
Is it scandalous to wear socks with sandals?
Not if they gucci
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Do u watch Peppa Pig?
Why don't u show your face
Don't need to
would you rather deepthroat your bestfriend or sym?  kay
Wtf is sym?
What color are your eyes?
But there's a clown in ur room
Have you ever fired a real gun?
Have you ever fired a real gun?
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What is the last thing you picked up off the ground?
My gay card
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What gift has someone given you lately?
I cannot share that information :>
How do you know when you're in love?
You turn into a faggot like me
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What perfume are you wearing today?
Boss bottled
What makes you really sleepy?
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Do you like Clowns?
Urm don't really care for them?
Do you prefer gold or silver jewelry?
I looked at my wrist and its already platinum
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When is the last time you told somone you love them?
About 30 mins ago
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What mask would you wear to a masked ball?
What's your dream car?
Twinturbo v10 audi rs6 avant
What is under your bed?
Computers and shoes
What would the world be like without religion?
Hover cars and shit
How would you like to celebrate your next birthday?
With bae
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How often do you drink coffee?
how many bitches do i have to slap to be as rich as Chris Brown?
Alot, ask war machine