#Followed sweetie! Team Madison Reed(√)


U are cute!

Thank u!

Where do you live? Team Madison Reed(√)

In my house! Haha In LA!

You're so cool! Team Madison Reed(√)

You same! :D

Yeah they scared! Haha Vic said have monsters in her room too but i think have angels in her room and these angels sleep with other angel:Vic! Team Madison Reed(√)

Hahah! :)

Get out monsters! You don't scared me! o.O Team Madison Reed(√)

Yeahh! :/

I'll scream! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Team Madison Reed(√)


from where are ya?

My house!

Are u afraid of the dark? In my room,have monsters and this monsters...eat unicorn(one monster told me last night in mu dream) and i'm a unicorn,i'm scared!!!! I can't sleep tonight! Team Madison Reed(√)

OMG! I get scared a lot in the dark! :O

You're so cute! Yes she is cute sweet amazing very good person....Oh yeah! Sexy unicorn!!! Yes! She is HOOOOT!!!!!!!! Team Madison Reed(√)

Yeah hahaha!!!

do u love Victorius?

Of course! <3

How old are u?

11 old years!

Hey babe :) Your fav animal ? :) Can u ask me please ? :3 :) ♥ Simona

Heya! My fav animal are all! :D Done!

Cats or dogs?

Dogs!!! <3

- Ann †

I'm so happy! †

Omg Thank you for the gift sweetie , i love you ! <3 , followed Caroline Sunshine

OMG OMG OMG!! Caroline Sunshine ITS YOU!! You're welcome! :) Love u so much <333333

followed !!!❤


GIFT for GIFT >?. 90's B I T C H ♛


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