Maia Mitchell @OfficialMaia
Maia Mitchell @OfficialMaia
Another Australian in LA.. I don't know.
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Jake have handsome eyes
yes, he do.. they're absurdly beautiful
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7 months :( where r u
So sorry, things have been so crazy..but I found some time❤
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My moms health isn't doing so good and things are just getting worse but I just finished The Fosters on netflix and I just wanted to thank you for giving me something to forget about my own problems and cry about someone else's. I hope to make your day just like you've made mine. Love you!
I'm so sorry about it... I'll pray for her and thank you so much, means a world to us
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Do you like David's song "Outlaws"? :)
I totally loved, it's amazing!
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How fun is it getting to work with David Lambert and Was the kiss scenes akward?
It's a uncomfortable question huh...? Mhhh me and david are like brothers but we have to separate our personal lifes and our work. And about that, even being a technical kiss he don't kiss so bad, you know? Hahahah
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I do not want to write with jake because he does not like me and he never answer me i'm just annoying  jake is my love forever
I'm really sure that jake loves every fan that he has, but he also has many questions so keep trying love
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Again please  Maia Mitchell
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Hi Maia. My name is Sophia. Can me, you, and Ross be friends?
I would love it honey
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This is your second account?
No, that's my only acc
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has someone ever given u flowers?
A fan already give me, it was so cute!
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Can you like just marry David lambert? Like now? You guys are so cute together on the show!
Oh hahah thanks but he's taken and I'm glad with our friendship!
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What do you think about it?  Maia Mitchell
What do you think about it?
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Selfie  Maia Mitchell
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On set  Maia Mitchell
On set
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Ohhh Maiaaaa Follow me im Ur biggest Fan ever :p hahah  Jake T. Austin (✔)
hahahah you are such a clown Toranzo
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First 20 likers, you will follow?!  Nothing
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Season 2 pick up for The Fosters.  Maia Mitchell
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Love you mate ❤  Maia Mitchell
Love you mate ❤
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Are you Australian or not?  Avery
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TV Life  Maia Mitchell
TV Life
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First 100 likers get a question from u!!
I will try...
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Taking a break from all these social networks.  Maia Mitchell
Going to focus on what's important. Thanks for the love. X
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