Alex And Arabella Sekella @OfficialSekella
Alex And Arabella Sekella @OfficialSekella
I am Alexandria Sekella. i have my beautiful daughter Arabella Elizabeth and i'm happily a single mother.

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It's just sad her bio father ditches her and comes back to play when it's convenient  Claire
She is fine always will be
I love seeing Bellie happy with your new man I know he's not trying to be her dad but at least he's there for her to be a father figure that is just awesome especially to fill the void Matt leaves by coming and going  Claire
Bellie has always had father figures with my dad and grandfather
How was you and Arabell's weekend?  Caitlyn
It was great we had so much fun
I'm so proud that you have found someone, God bless you Bellie and your new man.  Tiffany
Thank you
Omg cutest couple ever !!! I love seeing the three of you I'm sooo glad you found happiness  Claire
Is that your boyfriend on your Instagram holding Bellie I LOvE that you can have happiness and someone who actually WANTS to be around her ??? Instead of her sperm donor who is off playing video games bellie deserves a man to look up to not a little boy!! So so so happy for you !!!! Excited 4 u  Claire
Thank you
How do you think Bellie will feel when she becomes a teenager and finds out the truth about Matt not being in her life since day one choosing drugs over her, When she was a baby ?  Tiffany
When that time comes I will deal with it
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Since Matt so called has this great new job does that mean you'll get child support ?? He seems to think your child deserves child support at his convenience?? Has he even called her  Claire
I hope so it would be nice to have help with paying daycare
On Teen mom 3,Was you nervous our okay,with letting Matt watch Bellie when she was a baby while you went to work?  Tiffany
I was a wreck
Now it's crazy how they always get mad because of people using they pictures. But how the fuck could they take your pictures that you paid for, When bellie took pictures with they easter bunny ? Like I'm sure you never stole pictures from them.  Tiffany
At least you can have some peace and quiet lekota deactivated her ask account probably because she kept getting caught with all her deleting *ding dong the witch is gone * at least for now hahaha jk but she did deactivate  Claire
Who's your favorite dancer? Mine is gene Kelly  Krysta
Martha gram she's just incredible
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If you didn't get pregnant then what was your dreams for the future? What did you want to study for and become one in the future ?  Tiffany
A dancer
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I think Koda when off her rocker ! Who writes answers and deletes it and talks shit on janelle for tweet and delete it's really sad how jealous she is I wish you could have read what koda wrote and got rid of smh by the way your a GREAT mothers fuck them Bellie is perfect because of YOU!!!  Claire
Don't worry I got it
I just answered a question from lekota who's pissed I told you about the deletes hahah read my ask  Claire
I have screen shots of the deletes
They did many "ask" and deletes saying you are never around your child and Bellie is great because of sitters how do you deal with pure bs everyday  Claire
My work schedule is Mon-Fri 9-4 sometimes later on a Friday I take her to school in the morning and I am home in time to make her dinner or take her to extra curricular activities and then put her to bed now if me having a job is horrible then I'm baffled. Bellies school isn't free dance class and gymnastics are not free and when dance class ends for the summer she wants to do soccer with her pop pop that is not free. My income is the only income I have to take care of Arabella. I do what I have to to make sure Arabella is fed clothed and taken care of its not my fault some others can not do the same
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I know but I just had to ask to make sure I didn't miss something  Sara DeGreef
You're good
Have you Been watching the New season of Teen mom original ?  Tiffany
I mean she tried to tell me that hes a great dad and that hes fighting for his rights to her and I told her she was only kidding herself  Sara DeGreef
It is what it is
Has Matt ever apologised for what he put you and your daughter through? Does he acknowledge what he did wrong and how it influences the absence of his daughter in his life?  Kaite
Not to me directly but all over the Internet of course
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The druggie posted your number then deleted it told everyone to call your phone to wish your daughter happy Easter since you refuse to let him talk to her ?? How is that legal for him to do ? Bellie is soooo better off with out him glad she has you at least you don't abandon her for a piece of ass!!  Claire
Funny I didn't get any phone calls
That's what I thought but of course there always has to be one delusional one  Sara DeGreef
I'm not quite sure what you mean
wasn't it a test that Matt was suppose to take?  Tiffany
Is Matt really fighting to see his daughter? Lekota seems to think so when I told her he was a deadbeat dad boy did she get mad! Guess she cant handle the truth.  Sara DeGreef
It's just Bellie and I in Pa living life
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I think it's funny how everytime I ask you something matt has to comment on it it shows HE is who obsessed with you and your business clearly as he stocks or ask account I do follow them but I get a notification whenever they post something maybe all the drugs are making them paranoid ??Losers much  Claire
It is what it is