Alex And Arabella Sekella @OfficialSekella
Alex And Arabella Sekella @OfficialSekella
I am Alexandria Sekella. i have my beautiful daughter Arabella Elizabeth and i'm happily a single mother.
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Do you still watch Teen Wolf? I think it's getting more and more insane! :)  Caitlyn Ann
Yes I love teen wolf
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by time you get engage in the future do you think Matt will have a hard time trusting other mens to be apart of Bellie life since you are having a hard time with Lekota being in Bellies life? when a ex couple is not together it might behard trusting other men and women to be apart of other kids life  Tiffany
If I was with someone who constantly bashed matt I wouldn't be with them it is just unneeded stress so Matthew won't ever have to worry about Arabella being in bad hands with another man because truthfully he'll be taking care of the responsibilities matt refuses to do aka financially
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When a couple breaks up and are fighting for Custody and CS they new gf bf dosen't have the right to be in the way its not they child even if they wants to be apart of someones else childs life the new Gf our Bf still dosen't have no right to be in the Custody battle our CS people should know that  Tiffany
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When your mom and dad had got a divorce and you was a little girl did they go through the samething with CS our Custody battle hard time trusting other men and woman to be a part of your life our did they tell you by time you was older that things was fine they didn't go through this problem  Tiffany
No believe it or not I've never seen my parents fight
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I swear I'm not trying to be a jerk, but aren't you not supposed to be present when Matt has his visitation? That's what they have said in the past.  michelle
No I'm allowed it says no where that I can't be
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Your a great mom Arabella is a smart beautiful girl you been doing good since the day she was born don't let people hurt you :) <3  Tiffany
Thank you
i dont mean to ask you this but was you trying to fight Lekota at the visits our was it just arugments cause im hearing all this shit people is saying  Tiffany
A very long story short I confronted matt about not following our agreement she tried giving her opinion so I gave her mine not once did I try and touch her nor was attacking her. She's nothing but a drama queen blowing everything out from what it actually and if I had actually done anything she says I did the police would have arrested me instead her and Matthew left
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I love how they are turning it into something it wasn't  Clary
I don't expect anything less
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huh so was there a physical altercation in front of bellie?  Clary
Nope there was an argument no one touched anyone
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I wish people will stop going back on others ask accounts saying you lied about being nice for her to come to the visits  Tiffany
People are stupid and people lie for their own advantage
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It doesn't appear that Lekota braggedabout seeing bellie. Did hell freeze over?  Clary
Check her Instagram
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You are really nice Alex! You helped me a lot with the advice you dmed me :)  Jay-Leigh Breann
Thank you
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That was really nice of you....uhhh did it go well?  Avery
Let's just say I don't like ass kissers
Im praying you will find a man that can be their for you so you can have a loving carring man right beside you 24/7 you deserve a better man with respect a man who treats females the right way who will always be their no matter what happend  Tiffany
Who said I haven't already found him? Unlike some people I'm not going to post all my personal situations on the internet
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i thought lekkota is not alowed to be around bellie  Avery
I was nice and let her
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Safe from matt?  Avery
From harm
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Matt is saying on his ask you refuse to co-parent but i'm confused if that account is real or not o_O  Avery
I just want Arabella safe
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whats your favorite resturant  Tiffany
Mama Nina's
Is Lekota stalking you again? lol  Avery
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when you went on ya last date where did he take you? and was it almost like a real lovley relationship our things didnt go well with you two  Tiffany
We went to dinner and it was just a date
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Does Arielle ever babysit?  Jaylinn Reed
Do you get nervous on first dates? And where do you meet guys?  Clary
Not really we usually meet through friends
How often do you get time without Arabella?  Nully
The only time I don't have bellie is when I'm at work
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when was the last time a boy took you on a date  Tiffany
A few weeks ago
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Hey! What's your Instagram? Can I DM you? It would mean the world to me if you looked at it!  Jay-Leigh Breann