Alex And Arabella Sekella @OfficialSekella
Alex And Arabella Sekella @OfficialSekella
I am Alexandria Sekella. i have my beautiful daughter Arabella Elizabeth and i'm happily a single mother.

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In all matts stuff he still puts Arabella e Sekella McCann doesn't she only have your name ?? Why out that out there so she can see it one day and be confused on why her own father can't accept her for who she is and stop trying to change her ?? He has so many red flags of how unsafe he is smh  Claire
It is Sekella
Didn't matt fall off a cliff once why would he turn around and climb again of his daughter is what matters ??? Seems pretty selfish to me  Claire
Is what it is
What is Arabella into?  Caitlyn
Princesses and puzzles
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Did you give Matt and Lekota a picture of Bellie with the easter bunny?  Tiffany
No I did not they took it
Bellie looks so beautiful I noticed matt posted the same pic as well as koda so does that mean they actually helped pay for those pictures since they are so big on people using their pictures??? And Bellie does not have his eyes she is a complete mini you!!  Claire
Of course not they are on the other side of the country in Idaho
That's a beautiful picture of Bellie with the easter bunny,and I like her dress. But she looks more like you the older she gets.  Tiffany
Thank you
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How do you deal with haters?  Christina
I don't you can't deal with them or manage them
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Did you hear on the news that 13 Deadbeat dads were arrested for not paying child support ? Like that's fuck up I feel sorry for does kids.  Tiffany
Me too
Well that was nice of her considering what lies and horrible things his and his chick published about her maybe he should be thankful and big surprise he didn't come through kind of like on one of your last episodes when you waited and waited at the park for him but he couldn't be bothered with her  Claire
It is what it is
Did matt get to see Bellie since he posted a new picture of her ???  Claire
No his mom sent it to him through text message her and I visited his mom Sunday he was suppose to call at 4 and talk to bellie but never did
Has your relationship with Matt improved?  Christina
We don't speak
Do you ever change your profile picture on instagram ?  Tiffany
Besides your episode, Did you even watch any of the season of 16&pregnant ?  Tiffany
From my season yes
I'm glad she has your last name.  Tiffany
When Bellie gets older will you let her know that her last name is Sekella ?  Tiffany
Sekella is her last name legally changed from Sekella-mccann to Sekella
Seriously every pic they post they are drugged out in their face !!! Has matt been calling or making child support he claims he got a job so he move back ??? Thought he left for a reason but ok lol how did someone as cool as you even have a kid with such a creep ??  Claire
I was young I have not gotten anything
Did you see on Twitter where matt is already fed up of bing at Olivia haha apparently she's and he keeps cleaning up after them which is funny cuz he left your house nasty !!!  Claire
Same as when you were 17 you give up everything while he gets to walk away then he complains how unfair dads rights are Umm ok ?? I would never leave my kid for a job I don't have ! At least you take responsibility for your mistakes you made as a teenager and have grown up keep it up girl  Claire
Thank you
I'm so glad she's going to see all the truth that recorded on camera your 16 and pregnant episode aired he could have cared less about that little girl now it's still about druggies and his girlfriend where does Bellie fit in to his life I would be homeless before I left the state of my child  Claire
Bellie fits into mine
So has he made any attempt to pay child support?? Send her an Easter card or at least acknowledge any kind of parental responsibility !! Calling a phone to cancel the call isn't being a parent it's putting on a show especially when you announce it to your "fans"  Claire
Theirs Nothing wrong with going out for one night all parents need breaks from they kids. So I don't even know why people are complaining about you going out. I leave my daughter with my mom so me and my fiance can have a day out it's nothing wrong with it. And my mom is okay with babysitting.  Tiffany
Going out is the only way I'm going to get to know someone else and hopefully begin a relationship with someone. Obviously not every night and not every weekend but I'm going to go out sometimes. I'm allowed to be happy too yeah know
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Who is Olivia?  Kaithleen Kearney
Someone matt and Lekota met over the Internet
Do you have Olivia's number? You should put it on Twitter for everyone to see like she did to you. Regardless of whether or not your phone is blowing up, that was damn right rude.  Lila
I'm not hanging my number just because they posted it through custody if I change my number I have to let matt know and who says they won't just post it again I'm not posting anyone's number nor will I post my call logs the Internet does not decide my custody case a master does and that is the only person who needs to see my call logs
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They have some nerve talking shit on Facebook about you going out last time I checked you are an actual parent he's what a Sperm donor that doesn't even pay child support you should see what they are saying what druggie losers trying to talk down to the person RASING your child  Claire
Well I went out on a date. I'm allowed to every once in a while aren't i? I mean I could just bring the guy around Arabella instead of going out but mmmm no I find that to be irresponsible when I barely know the guy and I'm trying to get to know him. She was in the care of a responsible babysitter for a few hours it isn't like i up and left the state.
I think Olivia is your biggest fan she sure is pretty involved with you and talks a lot of shit how do people no see her as sociopath crazy person I would be very scared to have my kid anywhere near her?? Do you think matt will ever get overnights there in crazyville  Claire
It is what it is and no comment