Alex And Arabella Sekella @OfficialSekella
Alex And Arabella Sekella @OfficialSekella
I am Alexandria Sekella. i have my beautiful daughter Arabella Elizabeth and i'm happily a single mother.

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I think Olivia is your biggest fan she sure is pretty involved with you and talks a lot of shit how do people no see her as sociopath crazy person I would be very scared to have my kid anywhere near her?? Do you think matt will ever get overnights there in crazyville  Claire
It is what it is and no comment
I think it's funny that Olivia is writing me telling me how I don't see how many time matt calls you lol it's seems she is way more involved then what meets they eyes wouldn't be surprised if her and her husband are swingers with them wow losers!!!  Claire
I don't have any phone calls
When my one year old is with her father I ask for pictures sent to my cell phone at least every couple days I guess there's no room in his phone storage with all his selfies #loser how do you plan to deal with this for years and years ?? Feel bad for you  Claire
I'll keep to himself I have other people and things I'm focused on besides that
Your daughter just has to google her father and see what a complete liar he is and how badly he contradicts himself and chooses his want to be girlfriend/fiancée over her time and time and time again?? I find it funny he lost no new pic of his daughter  Claire
It is what it is
Correct me if I'm wrong but how is taking off to go live with an Internet bimbo and walk away from your daughter for a job you don't have just to pop up for her birthday act like nothing's happened that's so unstable and their new pic notice his and Kodas eyes are sunken in ?What a druggie deadbeat!  Claire
I saw
I could bet five hundred bucks there will never be charges filed cuz it's all full of shit  Claire
I'm just going to continue to be there for his mom she needs someone and obviously her own son is just an ass so I will be there for her she is Arabella's OMA no matter what
Also he is full of dog shit saying his mom stole his money when many many many times he and koda have expressed how he gave his mom his teen mom money !!! Sad when his mom has been his back up this whole time and he even lived with her !! Why live with some one who's does drugs ??hummm  Claire
Very good point and you know what if did give back the money that doesn't cover the money his mom has given him
What do you think about the article and all the lies they just now posted about matts so called drug addict mom if I recall he stated on his ask a while back his mom could supervise his visits?? I don't understand what he get lying about his mom and sister ??  Claire
He did a while back say his mom could be the supervisor didn't he?
i had no idea u liked the phantoms i like the flyers my dad nd bro go to the games every year your a great mother keep it up  joseph beecroft
Thank you
Keep up the great work !!! She's a beautiful dancer who clearly has self-confidence and herself and is a very happy child  Claire
Thank you
Are you still close with Briana Katie and Mackenzie  Tiffany
One day Bellie will see you've always been there and Matt always threw her aside for either a needle in his arm or for the. Thing men want under a girls pants it's never Bellie first and she will see that !! I've been there she will see has Matt throws her away and then wants to play ever now & then  Claire
Thank you
What did your sister do for her Birthday?  Tiffany
We had a party
I hope you realize how unsafe she would be i their care but yet they have an opinion on every other teen mom page it would be so sad if your daughter picked up any of thier traits of being gypsies living off people and being dead beat parents thank god for you and the real males around her  Claire
Thank you
Let's not forget the near death experience that Matt saved koda from falling off a log omg she was dying!!!! What about when they first got together she was dying or sick and threw up all her food that is called bulimia but she said no dr could say what was wrong with her  Claire
Some people just have problems I don't know her and if she chooses to post it over the Internet so be it
what does your parents think of Matt ?  Tiffany
Um......... Lol
How does he get around not taking that how does a judge allow that to happen and matt not be in contempt I hope you keep your daughter far away form those sociopaths they both are koda think she has a say so and she killed her own child and Matt is off on his little adventures to freaking Neverland!  Claire
It's a very long complicated process that matt and I have been battling with a judge for a year
Was matt allowed around Bellie as baby high but now you don't want him around when he's not on drugs besides weed which he has many times openly admitted him and koda smoke I mean weed is not nearly as bad as herein  Claire
I'm still waiting for matt to take a hair follicle test court ordered through custody back in January 2014
Don't worry about somebody else taking your place cause they not you are Bellies mother and always will be you been raising her since day one I'm proud of you keep up the good work.  Tiffany
Yes I have had help from my family when I have to work and things like that but they are not raising Arabella they are babysitters I am raising her and to correct matts statement of him being around the first year we all watch tenn mom 3 correct? No he was not he was not even at her first birthday
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Does Bellie know Matt as her father?  Heath
Of course
They also said Matt calls and you don't allow him to talk to Bella is that true I just don't see you doing that  Claire
I have no phone calls from him
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Why do you think Matt and koda have a right to Voice privacy on Bella's pictures when he posted butt naked ones of her in the bathtub naked on the couch that required a sticker to cover up her private how is that respecting her privacy but they're bitching over at dancing pose and questioning you???  Claire
Thank you and I'm sorry but if you look at a picture of your child and automatically think dirty things you need help. In my opinion they just wanted to start a fight. I like the picture they can have that opinion but no one else thought about it the way they did
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Do you know that koda is claiming that she is always going to be like a mother to your daughter and blasting you on parenting saying you arnt around and you lose your temper easy ??  Claire
She's in another state I really don't care I'm going to stay here and keep raising Arabella like I have from the very beginning
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So if Matt pays all the Child support that he hasn't paid then he can get visits our soon overnights?  Tiffany
It's a lot more complicated then just paying it back
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When Bellie ask for Matt what do you tell her?  Tiffany
She hasn't