Alex And Arabella Sekella @OfficialSekella
Alex And Arabella Sekella @OfficialSekella
I am Alexandria Sekella. i have my beautiful daughter Arabella Elizabeth and i'm happily a single mother.

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Matt said that he's paid you 1200 this month alone is child support and you still don't allow him constant access to his daughter and he claims that you use no judgement with who is around your daughter ummm someone is jealous  Claire
Where is this?
Has Matt called last month to talk to Bellie and wish her a happy birthday ?  Tiffany
Do you have any plans for Bellie's birthday ?  Tiffany
We are having a birthday party
Do you have Facebook or i messenger thing?  Christine Hatfield
How's your daughter doing?  Christine Hatfield
She is good
How can I contact you?  Christine Hatfield
Alexandria Sekella official its a Facebook fan page
How's everything going?  Christine Hatfield
It is good
How long will Matt and Lekota be living in idaho?  Tiffany
I have no idea
Does Matt see his child yet? Does he attempt to?  Lila
He lives in Idaho
How would you feel if Bellie says she wants to move with Matt ?  Tiffany
Depending on how old she is I have not much say but I'm not worried about that
What do you think of Matt's three years clean and sobriety?  Tiffany
I'm still waiting on a hair follicle test
Omg Matt is saying him and koda are parents of a angel baby and wishing koda happy Mother's Day !! I don't think getting a abortion and murdering your child makes you a mother which last year she bragged about her abortion they are sick in the head and need non stop attention people to feel good  Claire
It is what it is I don't know their story nor do I choose to know so I have no comment for it
What are you doing for mother's day ?  Tiffany
Thank you
Happy Mother's Day !!to a real mother !!! Unlike some people on Instagram and Facebook who are claiming the title to the children they aborted!! Be proud of your self !!! Bellie is who she is because of you being a great mother to her not her because her Sperm donor who comes and go out of her life!  Claire
Thank you
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Happy Mother's Day  Tiffany
Thank you
Lekota is such a self absorbed individual!!!! Matt has no consideration of you being his child's mother and the fact she is awesome because you raise her to be that way!! They are both such losers karma is bitch I hope they get what's coming to those druggies!!!  Claire
It is what it is
may I see the other half?  mtv teen dads
may I see the other half?
can you show us what koda said?  mtv teen dads
It's to long for one screen shot I have the other half to but can only post one picture in an answer
can you show us what koda said?
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Why does she keep deactivating her account and talking shit like she's some amazing parent when she killed her kid ?? She has nerve  Claire
Nothing you can do
It was up for about an hour and she just removed it it's really sad that they are that miserable to say those things about you  Claire
It is what it is I'm here taking care of Arabella and yes I may use sitters or daycare while I'm working but I am using my own money to pay for it so anyone else opinion about it is irrelevant and if I so choose to go out every so often I feel I am allowed it isn't affecting anyone's visits and I mean come on you can call me a bad parent all you want but at least I'm here caring for her and not on the other side of the country
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Were you able to catch what koda answered the.n delted like three min ago  Claire
Yup I got it
At least Bellie has your dad and your Grandfather,Who are more like father figures to her.  Tiffany
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Lol does it not annoy you that those chicks keep asking you questions pertaining to Matt and Lekota? Lekota is an annoying stalker and literally comments on anything about Teen Mom. Anywho I hope you're doing well and congrats on your Boyfriend. Private life = Happy life. :)  Misty
Thank you
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Did Matt move our is he just working out of town ?  Tiffany
He left the state
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I don't want to ask you this but are you Jealous of Matt's and Lekotas Instagram? Cause I don't get why people are saying that, You have now found someone to be happy with, and soon live a happily ever after relationship with.  Tiffany
I haven't seen all of their Instagram except what they post of Arabella and I have them blocked. I'm confused what am I suppose to be jealous of? I have kept my dating life extremely secret until two weeks ago and truthfully I'm keeping it a secret
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