Austin Mahone ✔ @OhSnapYouFoundAustin
Austin Mahone ✔ @OhSnapYouFoundAustin
Miami Florida
Thank you guys for the love and support!! My new single What About Love is available now on iTunes!! Miami, FL ·

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haha okaii haha ly best friend :)  ✨lexi Castillo✨
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your in my bio:))) best friend :P  ✨lexi Castillo✨
Yay best friend :) I'm going to look.
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YES I DO! And AWWWE . I love you more .-.  Dumbwhore
*smiles because you saved me* u saved me lol. thanks :)  ✨lexi Castillo✨
Your welcome.
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Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeee Boyo  Olivia Holt ✔ @ReallOliviaHolt
Ayeeeeeeeeeeeee LIVY (:
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Justin's new nick name is blushy xD just FYI  Katie
Lmao okay.
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*died* :'(  ✨lexi Castillo✨
*Saved you*
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Austin I think I need HELP!!! LOL  Angel Williams
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haha I made you smile *smiles back and then dies*  ✨lexi Castillo✨
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Ik Alex needs to be slapped for breaking your charger... ._.  Katie
Lmao Ik
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ahh my phone messed up *gives you candy bar*  ✨lexi Castillo✨
*Takes a bite* Smiles
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Omg.... You missed out last night.... Was the best convo ever xD  Katie
Phone died
My questions aren't coming in?  Katie
how much do u want? ;)  ✨lexi Castillo✨
Uhm it doesnt matter.
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how much do u want? ;)  ✨lexi Castillo✨
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LMFAO...Im not weird tho...but I do silly things  Angel Williams
Lmao I bet
haha I'd share.... lol.. want some? :D  ✨lexi Castillo✨
Yes (;
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Hershey's bar :) and no they love you more :))  ✨lexi Castillo✨
Yummy and nope.
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Lol....People say im weird but I don't see it!!!! lmfao  Angel Williams
I see it lmao
haha lucky I'm eating a candy bar :)) your fans love you  ✨lexi Castillo✨
What type of candy bar. And I love them more.
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Ni! it's ‎@Tammy656  #VXIIXCIX
I know.
:( My link is: ‎@Tammt656 that's me  #VXIIXCIX
awh were best friends :D you made Austin haha u chatting with fans on chatzy?  ✨lexi Castillo✨
Yes and some famous people
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I was drinking water and I missed my mouth...Is that Weird?...LOL  Angel Williams
Lol yes
talking to u and on Kik:) your talk to :D  ✨lexi Castillo✨
Thanks best friend.
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