Oliver Foogle :3
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Have you ever dis obeyed your family? If yes, why? WHY?

Cuz I havve my awesome reasons to disobey their unawesomeness. BAM :3

Who is the last person you bought a gift for?

Myself ;3

How can you change the World?

By being myself. Im currently not but i will be eventually... the world needs more brave people who aren't afraid to show their true colors. ;3

Do you have this feeling's when you want to hug someone you love?

Yea. But I cant cuz others will find it weird and unusual. Whatevs, takes time to build up the courage. Goes pretty well so far ^-^

How do you usually express your emotions?

I feel like I have to keep my emotions and feelings secret for now. Cuz some people qouldnt accept me. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes I simply dont give a D*ck. Slowly ill start telling people eventually.. CANT WAIT X3

Who's your favorite actor and what was his or her best role?

Matt Smith. He played as The Doctor in Doctor Who. =O I hope he will come back, he is my favorite doctor ;O

Do you worry about your future?

Yea sometimes, I worry about being able to make a good acting or singing / music producing carrreer D;
But I hope and I will try to make it a good future :D :3
I worry cuz wat if the illuminati wants to do something bad to me? ;-; :C

okay now what is the weather

Vladimir Putin

Oh, its you festivus :P Hi :3

how is the weather

Well, earier today it was shittier than what comes out of a person's @$$hole but now its okayer :P :3

Do you believe in aliens?

F* yes except they dont come to earth so this is a boring place

you are creep

No, I'm just a weird kind of normal. Special edition!

Do u like redheads?

If they're nice..and have souls


Shut up Isabela, u r inte min mama!

Do u like some one in your class?

Do you like red hair colour ?

I guess it looks nice

forever alone ..

Nd u forever a BiTch

how do you know im swedish do u know me ??


Hey you israelian peddo!

Hey swedish hora

Do you have a girlfriend? have you ever had? how many??

I dont thinx it counted as girlfrien)s(

I saw you smoke today in school at lunch break you naughty bad boy !?

That wasn't me. U must be hallucsinating bech

List your friends in schools name??

I don'% think they'd liek tht. :p

What will you never do?

Smoak, drugs

Are you from Hungary?

Correct, I am. What's the question I last asked you online? (if your answer is correct I'll know who you are ;D)

What is your best question to get to know someone?

"Fuck off please?"