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I love you loads it hurts :((


He is a gentleman, holding open doors for me, he is good looking, he stares at me a bit in class where we are opposite but across the room, we talk online but i start the convo and he keeps it going, we hardly talk in person but he says hi and smiles, does he like me?

he could like you or he could just be being nice! talk to him more and it will soon become obvious:)

how do i start a conversation with my crush? what do i talk about?

just start off with hello and have a normal conversation about anything, the convo should just flow;D

What makes someone attractive?

being a gentleman and being funny..nothing beats a boy with banter!

How do you usually start a conversation?


Have you ever been in love?


What is your relationship status?


When did you first fall in love?

when I was 13, I had my first love ;)

What’s the best thing to do after a long and hard day?

sit and have a cup of tea

Idk if it is seeing as she is in my lesson

Okay then don't do It if you don't want too:)

You feel humiliated if she does say no

Yeah true, but it's a risk worth taking! Get talking to her, ask to meet up, give her compliments and you should be able to tell whether she likes you back or not x

Opinion on cheating on someone x

It shouldn't be done! If a person isn't happy why cheat,just end the relationship! X

What's the best way of asking a girl out? Compliments, etc.

Just literally ask her out haha! The worst she can say is no

I wouldn't know where to start


What do you do if you like a girl but she's way out of your league?

Hmmmm idk just try talking to her

When did you get boobs

SinceI hit puberty lol

I need your advice if that's okay

Go for it-

They obviously aren't if they don't reply or anything

They do reply just super slow haha oh well;D

Is there anybody you can speak to if you need them?

Yeah lots of people:')!

They aren't worth it then (:

They are very much worth it though haha

Anyone that you want to message you at the moment?

Yeah there is actually one person but they never reply or text first so I've just given up :(

Do you talk first or do you wait for the boy to?

Depends normally I'm the one talking first but I'd prefer the boy to!

Got your eye on anyone at college?

There's a few attractive people but no I haven't

Do you have high standards?

No not at all!

because you're attractive :')

Aw thankyou x


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