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Olta♡ @OltaTarko
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I heard that you like jurgen !
Naw nigga. Where df did you hear that -.-.
Where did you get you jeweled lanyard?
Mine broke because people decide to pull on it -.- but ICING
What do you think about more than anything else?
tbh ; you're so gorg & you're in my pe class. you're hilar & so sweet. we need to hangout soon guurl. but ily ❤️  Sarah Brooke✌️
Love you more babe :* And stop talking about yourself
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How much of a shopper are you?
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Tbh your really pretty but we don't talk and you seem nicee  ↠Chloe↠
Thanks and that should change :)
honest opinion: you da bae
Love you
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Im pretty sure that's right
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you obviously don't know what "perf" means  Nicole (:
Yes I do
Example: Nicole
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omg I just saw that picture of me  Nicole (:
Haha you look perf
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Olta I'm bored
Me tooo!! Nicole
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Plat  Nicole (:
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Who knows the most about you?
Nicole is da babe!!
Who knows the most about you?
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Well why not wear it everyday?
Do you know how annoying having to wear that is? Its mf annoying. I hate it so much
Why do you wear your knee brace? Half the time you don't and sometimes you do?
Cause sometimes my knee hurts and sometimes it doesn't? Simple as that? Why do I wear it? For support mostly cause of soccer and whenever my knee pops and I also have lack of cartilage soo yeah.
tbh idek you. you should hmu. but yeaa
If I knew who this was then yeah. Kik me though//olta05
How many slices of pizza do you usually eat?
2 boxes
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Yess. That you can trust
They know who they are. If I've told you about a certain situation you know I trust you
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Top 10 prettiest/trust-worthy friends
Do you mean like my best girl friends?
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Wow personal problem? Everyone hates her! You probably do to!
Well im not two faced sooo
Okayy. Now why do Y'all always hangout together? Do you guys not have any other friends?
And I hangout with a lot of other people. And maybe because she knows about everything. Problem? And which gym class
Why do you even hang out with Victoria? She is mean & rude asf !
Seems like you have a 'personal' problem with her. Not me bitch
What do you mean? I spelled every thing right in that question dumb ass!
Dumbass is one word
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You & Viktoria are always together in P.E. do yalll have any other friends or are y'all just lonely losers?
Once you can learn to spell.I'll answer your question K?
Wow You're beautiful have a wonderful day/night  TheeComplimenter
Thank you :*