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1D UPDATES @OneDUpdatesOnline
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Harry is single. Niall is single. Louis is with Eleanor. Liam is with Sophia. Zayn with Perrie.
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I've heard rumours going around that the boys are bringing the WWA tour to Australia is this true or just a rumour?
Its a rumor as far as I know -Kalesha
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Do you think that if Harry got a girlfriend back in the UK he wouldn't be spending that much time in LA?
No I think he'd still be here ahah -Kalesha
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Hey Kalesha!!! Did I read on here the other day that you said Niall was ur fav? I thought Harry was?? Much love!!
Yes :) He was but he's kinda crusty right now so I'm gonna need him to clean up a bit before he can be my favorite again! <3 -Kalesha
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What do you like most about Niall <3
How he never disappoints. -Kalesha
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Hey who is ur favourite one in 1D? :)
Niall! -Kalesha
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What can you say about their new music video?
Not too crazy about it ! -Kalesha
Is harry bought a house in LA? So he has a plan to move to LA soon?
No! -Kalesha
Do u think Harry Styles will quit the One Direction to do solo career and acting works like an actor?
Nope -Kalesha
Harry's hair is so long it's not really curly anymore
It hasnt been curly for a while :/ -Kalesha
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Why Harry Styles is in LA so far? I heard that he was invited to the 1975 concert, Is it true? And is he still in LA?
He just likes it here! -Kalesha
What type of iPhone do you have ? I want s iPhone 5
I have a 4s still because ive given my upgrade away every year :(
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Who out of the boys give the best hugs ? It seems like Harry
Harry and Niall -Kalesha :)
Do you get homework in college ? If so is it hard ?
It depends on the class. Some language and science and math classes have online labs that you do so its technically "homework"
And theres out of class essaysbut thats really it. Your only "homework" is to read the textbook but nobody does that haha -Kalesha
hiii :)
Hey! -Kalesha
hey! i was just wondering if the tumblr question worked? i didn't ask on anon and I'm kind of bad at the messaging part. let me know :) thanks again Kalesha!!! :) :)
Yeah it did! Im gonna get online in a bit! -Kalesha
Summer Romance maybe ? Okay I'll give my hopes of Kandrew *sighs* You two would of made a cute couple
Hahaha oh god. No we're a little too comfortable with eachother to ever date. We're just going to be young wild dumb and reckless this summer ;) -Kalesha
kalesha! you should come to lolapalooza in chicago this summer!
Id love to!!! -Kalesha
Have you meet Andrew in person ?
No but we talk like literally every second of every day and skype all the time. We're meeting in person this summer! -Kalesha
I have 13 brother's and 3 sister's and my mom is 45 and pregnant with baby number 17.I Freaking hate my life to many people in one house .Can I live with you kalesha lol
WHAT OHMYGOD YES come live with me im so sorry i dont know how you deal with that many siblings. -Kalesha
Kalesha are you going to see Ali before she leaves tomorrow ?
Probably not :/ i saw her once though! -Kalesha
Kaleshaaaa :( I've been following this account for a really long time and I know that you always get in to concerts and press conference and know a lot of important people, do you think that you could help me to get tickets for the concert in my city :(:(? they sold out like in one day :/
I dont have that kind of influence with one direction babe! Im barely in with them... -Kalesha
How old is Andrew
21! -Kalesha
When is you next giveaway??? I hope i win next time
We dont know if we'll do another! -Kalesha
okay then I understood it wrong Sorryy<3 I thought you wanted to say that he's trying too hard to look like zayn.. But I preciate every answer of you so thanks for your opinion:)
Love you! -Kalesha
how do people in california spend a typical easter day?
It depends on if youre religious or not! -Kalesha