1D UPDATES @OneDUpdatesOnline
1D UPDATES @OneDUpdatesOnline
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Harry is single. Niall is single. Louis is with Eleanor. Liam is with Sophia. Zayn with Perrie.
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Andrew!! Follow me on Twitter? MagsH14 please! ✌️ do you like México? And what about the mexican food?
LOVE mexican food ohmygod -Andrew
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have you ever met/seen 1d?
Yea ive seen their show front row and met louis and liam! -Andrew
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haha, you're cool! like your answers. and sorry, my english is bad, i'm german and i still learn but One Direction and all the fangirl-&update accounts are my motivation  Kathi
Ohhhh your english is fine! -Andrew
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LISTEN to blind by Somo like its short, but its still good
Oh i like blind! -Andrew
do you like my name: shealona bc i have never heared it before! and i think no one likes it
Yes its veryy cool =) -Andrew
Do you play Gta5 or Call of Duty
Yes, both! -Andrew
Your a guy right ,Why do guy's cheat on there girlfriend's
for the same reason girls cheat on their boyfriends! haha -Andrew
How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in New York ? Do you have any tattoos
18! and nope i do not have any and dont plan on getting any! haha -Andrew
pls answer!! is sophia pregnant? i saw her 3days ago and she looked fat! and you know in pics she looks skinny
No she is not! -Andrew
I can tell you get a lot of girls
Actually never got one sooooo..... haha -Andrew
Are you nervous when you sing in front of people
yes yes YES....i still do it but i get nervous -Andrew
Omfg I just watched your pooping in heels video!! Haven't stopped laughing!!!!!
haha you watched it!? Thanks! Very embarrassing omg.... -Andrew
Are you going to one of their concerts???
Idk, if i am not busy then yes! -Andrew
You should sign up for American Idol or America's got talent. You can really sing andrew
Thank you!!! =))) I think i might do the voice, idk! You have heard me? -Andrew
has any colombian fan has managed to take a picture with them there?
i have not seen any! -Andrew
haahaha whats your ethnicity or race hahaha just wondering
Italian and greek! -Andrew
whats your favorite song on Midnight Memories?
i have 3! "you&i" "Better than words and" "Dont forget where you belong" -Andrew
What's on of your favorite somo songs
My favorite song of his that i like to cover is "ride"!! -Andrew
It's weird when I first bought midnight memories I didnt really like many of the songs besides story of my life and best song ever. after I listened to them a lot I started to really like all of them... Am I the only one???
no i feel the same! -Andrew
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Wait so you own this account with 7 others? I'm a wittle lot confused
Sandra created it and the rest of us co own it! -Andrew
I like You & I, they don't know about us.. Basically all of them!! I don't really care for little black dress tho
yea and im not really a big fa of "diana" either! -Andrew
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What is ur favorite song by them????
TOO many! But i really like "More Than This" and "You&i".....but there are plenty -Andrew
When did you first hear about the boys? God bless: )
2 years ago! =) -Andrew
i want to co-own pls make a contest!
We dont need any co owners as of right now =) -Andrew
scratch that you don't look like luan at all omfg
I dont know who that is! haha -Andrew