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How quickly have you fallen in and out of love?
Quickly ..
Post a pic? #whereistand
Post a pic? #whereistand
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What do you think people think of you?
I honestly don't care what they think ! Hah cause 20 years from now who's it going to matter to? No one .
Haha yeah i knew it, thanks for the likes c: lol  Victor
No problem (: you seem really cool(: don't be afraid to return the favor(:
How well can you cook?
Really good (:
soo i have you on Ig? huh lol look familiar  Victor
You do have me in ig(: I'm not a ghost follower I think I like all your pictures xD
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Post a selfie?
Post a selfie?
What's you favorite thing to do for fun :)  Vinny KTA
Sing (: play guitar and piano xD an kick it with my friends (:
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Why do some people enjoy life and others don’t?
Don't let the small things get to you.
Why do some people enjoy life and others don’t?
What is prohibited in your country?
Apparently faithful guys !
Do you believe that each individual on Earth has a soulmate?
Honestly no . Because most guys can't settle down they don't know what they want
What is your idea of perfect relaxation?
A hot bath listening to music and just thinking
What have you been thinking about lately?
My birthday is going to suck because I'm going to be alone
What gift would you like to receive?
Look in the mirror. What do you see?
A girl afraid to show who she really is
What is your favorite animal?
Monkey xD
What will you never do?
Cheat on anyone , even I I wasn't happy in the relationship
How can you tell a good person from a bad one?
They get to know me before they judge me, they are honest with me even if they know it'll hurt me
What is your favorite salad?
What makes you special?
I'm a ginger(:
What is your favorite tea?
Do you tolerate heat or cold better?
Cold it's my favorite
What's your favorite midnight snack?
Coffee ice cream
Who knows you better than anyone else?
My sister
Do you believe in love?