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Paige Mitchell @PaigeMitchell554
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How fast do you fall in love?
Pretty moderate
Do you like dogs?
Where do you feel most safe?
My house
Ew get away from me then
Fuck matt jones  Ben Lynch
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Matt jones..
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people actually like mike
I dont
Mike Ryan doesnt play bball
who do you think this is talking to you?... I play bball and am one of the most hated students at marist...
Mike ryan
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Top ten hottest guys in the grade
Connor jimmy terry uhh jack o brett bagus jake bobby um idk any others haha
Favorite freshman from rice, Marist, Rita, and Carmel one for each
Ray mccann molly healy connor kelly jake
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Liz zia is so kewl
top 5 favorite marist peopl
Del sar david aileen molly mike c
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Do you like being alone?
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who are you dating
tom gleason
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What's the most delicious fruit?
what would you do for a Klondike bar?  Ryan Kyle Lake
um who are you
Top ten chase freshman
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Who is the biggest gossiper you know?
joey onesto
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When was the last time you broke the law?
What sport do you do?
volleyball and softball bishh
Hottest Sophmore boys
Mike cullen joe s uh johnny d joey cody idk
Would you fuck a black while watching oprah winfrey or get some head while watching Jerry
What makes someone attractive?
green eyees
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Hi  Ruth