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What's the best comfort food?
McDonald's wow
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What's your celebrity dream?
I don't dream to be a celebrity
Who's always had your back in grade 7/8
We'll in grade seven I was a bitch so I lost most of my friends but for grade 8 probs Danielle Sarah Kiara and Olivia
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Who are you most excited to reunite with when school starts
Melissa,Alisha,Eden,Sofia,Talisha,sarah,Adrianna and OMG praise I miss her what a cuttie
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How would you explain color to a blind man?
Shutup I wouldn't
Sorry for asking but I'm 12 and when did you get your boobs?
LOOOL not one to ask cause I started very early
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Pap of a throwback
Throwback to last summer
Pap of a throwback
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Followed <3 :)  Anthony Mefleh
Lol Idc
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What are the weird names you change your friends to on iMessage
We'll for Danielle I have it as my princess with the crown emojis
Sarah's-jeanne d'arc with a rabit and heart emoji
Kiara-#LNT with tons of emojis
Those are the only ones that are like weird everyone just has their normal names with emojis
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Would you let your future child smoke ?
No I wouldn't
What can easily make you smile
Many things
Describe yourself
I'm blonde and I'm a girl
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Sweet lyrics ?
Who in your opinion has changed the most since grade 8
Didn't you just send that to me
Who in your opinion has changed the most since grade 8
Probably me
What's something you'd never do
Sky diving
Best guy friends
I don't just have one
Plans for tonight?
I'm going to my grandmas cause my aunts down from Toronto
Your sooo funny
I know
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Shut yours if you no what I mean it stinks
My vagina probably smells better than your mom
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Don't say huh you know what's going on
No I don't shut your mouth
Did you hear about alston....
Who in your opinion had the dumbest snapchat stories
Melissa there most stupid and irrelevant pictures or videos
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