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When do you feel the most comfortable?
Around the people I love
Someone you find extremely beautiful in Ottawa
Ooo there's many
Smartest person you know
Aww you look a lot like cailou in this pic  Queen Mel ♚
Most seen race in Ottawa
Post a fetus pic of you
Me and my brother
Post a fetus pic of you
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Would you consider yourself a happy person
I'm most of the time always happy so yeah
What's is one of the dumbest things one of your friends have said
Everything that comes out of sarahs mouth is dumb
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The person who said they will be there for you  Queen Mel ♚
Who makes you laugh the most
My friends
Who said that to you  Queen Mel ♚
Put these in order -Black -Brownskin -Lightskin -Arab -Latino -Asian -White
people u trust
Sarah,Kiara,Danielle,melissa,wael,Tariq,Dylan,jesse, idk i trust to many
Best part of your week so far ?
Having someone I barley talk to me tell me that they will be there for me if I ever need to talk Ahaha and Indora picking me up and hugging me
top 10 cutest grade 10s
Which picture the best describes your city?
Which picture the best describes your city?
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Ok sorry for asking a bad question
How about we forget the question n go back to our stuff
I have no idea what you mean but stop asking me questions ...
So ur saying my questi8n is stupid
Yes, because it's really none of your business
Lol dont tell me to shut up.
Then don't ask me a stupid question "lol"
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Who do u like . Tell us his initial?
Lol shutup
This is soo nice
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Would you ever date Dylan
Dylan's my Bestfriend
top 5 cutest grade 10s
There's more than five