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Miss anyone
If you could time travel what's one thing you would do?
Many things than just one
Do you have someone in mind? :3
tbh Paige ur actually a real cute girl haha but uhhh we just started talking recently and then we stopped lol but ur chill funny and fun person to talk and ur real shy but hmu whenever and chill sometime at lunch  ✨Rabieh✨
Thanks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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**** Amiy or amiy
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Darkskin or lightskin
No guy (Y)
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How do you feel about the D???? ;)
Ok then do that
whos appearance has changed a lot?
I'm tbh idk
Cute guys in your class and cute guys who are not in your class
So your basically asking me to name all cute guys, why wouldn't you just say that
Who are you most happy you've met in grade nine and now
that u met in grade 9 hmmmm i dont think i met anyone new that im very close with
What's something that always makes you laugh every time you hear/see it
Priscas imitations
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If you could go back in time and fix something what would it be ?
Ooo many things
Of you could have one wish right now what would it be
To have some of my friends back probs
Funniest ppl you know that come to the top of your head
Danielle Sarah melly simon
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Do you become bestfriends with someone easily
Not really
The one about brothers in a headlock those make me weak everytime you get one  Queen Mel ♚
Omg that needs to be stopped
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If you could have one superpower what would it be?
Be invisible or read minds
best friends both guys and girls?
Already did this
What questions do you hate answering
There's many
Pap with someone who's like your other half
Pap with someone who's like your other half
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something bad that happen to you recently?
You single
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Lol I miss roni I never see him anymore
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Dylan m
He's very chill and nice and very goodlooking and trustworthy