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Paigepaladeau @PaigePaladeau
Ask me anything xo
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Why cant you wait for saturday
Cause I just can't why do you care and why are you up in my business
Whats saturday
lol nothing
Which is worse, being too hot or too cold?
To cold
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It makes me mad when her name turns to caps  Queen Mel ♚
Yeah same but I'm not bothering to change it till it stops
Do you have any special gifts ?
People you're not afraid to tell everything to
What I want to tell Sarah DANIELLE and donia
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I remember this story you told me when it happened  Queen Mel ♚
Oh yeah I was so mad
Favourite twitter page?
It's 24 hours first of all and half of it makes no sense cuz you placed words in wrong places  Queen Mel ♚
She just said I had to be in cheer to know but I didn't cause that's basic time and yes I know I know
You need to re write what you just said buddy  Queen Mel ♚
No it just suppose to prove Sarahs ab idiot and doesn't know 23hrs is a full day
What's the dumbest thing someone has said to you
When me and Sarah came back from britania beach with DANIELLE and Livvy we were saying how 23 is only a full day and night and Sarah was saying no it's two days and then Sarah told said " paige idk why Your talking you don't even know cheer" ...
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Have you always had the same bestfriends? If not who were your bestfriends in the past
From 1-6 it was always danny still is
3-8 brook but we're still close
8-10 Sarah
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Pap of something you can relate to
Pap of something you can relate to
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Favourite book you've read?
Geronimo Stilton collection
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What are you thankful for the most rn
My friends
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would u date a guy taller, mature, and looks older but is 2 years younger
text me 331-558-4436 lol
No you don't even live in ot
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you should text me sometime lol
Yes I could do that anon
do you date black guys? lol
I like black guys yes
you thick lol
Lol no I'm not
Wtf happend to all your answers ....
Yeah I'm not to sure
Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?
ALREADY AM A VAMPIRE, and ware wolves are evil I'd never let one near me tf
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Like are you interested in anybody
I just said no are you not able to read
do you like anybody?
Are you feeling someone