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Paigepaladeau @PaigePaladeau
Ask me anything xo
RSS answers
where do you see yourself in 10 years
Hopefully not in ottawa, in a small city and a small apartment living my life by myself
what do you mean your not sure it's yes or no?
Nah it's a not sure
What's your background right now?
This is like my home screen if that's what a background is
What's your background right now?
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Do you like someone
I'm not sure
If you had more money than you ever need, would you give it away?
Yeah I would
Last cute text you received
Want MANCHUWOCK want mcdonalds
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tbh for likers
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farthest you been with a guy
None of your business
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would you fuck Mgk
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Favourite couples
Me and mgk
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What's a personality trait in people you cannot stand
Cockyness or annoying ass people
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Describe yourself in 3 words
Vampire diaries sleep and food
What's your passion
Um idk
Best thing that's happened since the beginning of grade 10
What's something you love about yourself
Honestly my eyes
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Would you hit your kid as a punishment ?
What's been keeping you happy lately
My friends
What would you never post online?
My barf
What's something that you cherish deeply
1)age? 2)fav colour? 3)location? 4)single? 5)virgin? 6)wear thongs? 7)gave a blowjob? 8)had anal? 9)masturbate? 10)ever been eaten out ? 11)what's your sexiest underwear? 12)bra size? 13)shaven,strip or hairy? 14) underwear type now 15)thong and bra colour now?
Why do you think I have time or would share this Info with you
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Wyd today?
Sleepover tonight with my girls
If you could go back to any grade what would it be
None why would I wanna re do a grade
Who do you miss
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Pap of you ATM