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wait who r u


How much waifus do you have so far on the mind?

8D Um...10.

If you read a story, what do you like to find in it as you turn the pages?

I won't deny this, but something shocking and whiplashing. or something...unexpected. Books that don't have this are kind of boring for me, so. :x

If you could be in an anime or cartoon, which would you pick?

Mekakucity Actors.

What would you name your next/first pet?

Yurimoth or something... but my mom would kill me if I named it something that wasn't a "real" name.

how was it

Late, but it was good.

have u watched no game no life

I most certainly have! All 12 episodes.

Where's the line for 'odd' with you?

Well, I've seen a lot of odd things. But definitely anything with talking food.

do u have a boyfriend?

Nah. I'm into girls. I don't have a girlfriend yet.

What are you terrible at?

Where to begin?

Where did you get the name "Palamon" from, if you didn't mind explaining? ^^

natasha sakurai

Well, long story short, I thought I made it up at first. When I was much, much, much younger, I thought she was a Digimon. Turns out the Digimon's name was actually "Palmon" though. T_T Then I found out that Palamon is a knight from the story Palamon and Arcite. Idk, I'm just really attached to the name and use it everywhere.

What do you think about recycling?

That it's a mere time waste if you're just going to throw everything away anyway.

What freaks you out?

Nothing, really. Except when I do something stupid.

fave books/authors/genres?

Favorite books that aren't manga? Um. Those Galliger Girl Books. Authors is hard to say because I can't think of any atm. Genres. Horror. Definitely horror.

Post a picture of your favorite movie actor!


What do you wish for the most in the new year?

To break free from the despair, suicidal feelings and depression living inside me

What would you do if you ran out of ink? Use blood to write? Saliva? Tea?

@_@ Tea.

Where did life originate from? The land or the sea?

As I am possibly not human, probably the sea.

"Food is the delay of death." Do you agree?

? Hardly?

How was your saturday did you do anything fun?

Saturday was average for me~. And if anime is considered doing something fun, sure. xD

What do you look for in a girl?

Long hair in terms of appearance. She has to like me for who I am, and not for my cuteness I am rumored to have.

How are you Melissa?!

Fine. Just Toonaming until I pass out. B] Oh and listening to OR/AS soundtracks lusting over the music.

Do you believe that dreams can sometimes predict the future?

You mean premonition dreams? Of course I do.

Do you believe in 'love at first sight'?

No, I don't.

Hot tea or ice tea?

Pshaw. Iced Tea is where it's at man.


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