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Paling Venise @PalingVenise
deleted the old one // 16
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Wassup shawty
Shawty is yo booty drivin' me crazy
Pls buy me takoyaki daw sabi ni mommy
Ma, inubos mo na the other day
Calc is?
Bruh 'di ko inaral 'yan HUHU
Do you wear socks in bed?
Only if it's bed weather
Sino Crush mo? At least initials pls HAHAHAHA
Shy type ako hihi (HAHAHHAA)
Physics is? :3
Quite okay. Honestly don't have to study for it
How's the exam?
Third day of exams KILLED me
Do you talk to your crush
So happy that i do
Hey, could you check out my video...and if you liked it...drop it a comment, sub or just share it to whatever you socialise on? If not, that is kul <3 thanks if you do.  Ben.
It's kul
Why won't you reply to your messages hahaha
Hmm, i ran out of load hehe
Bitch im queen
Don't bitch me, queen
What is the weirdest thing you've heard somebody say?
"Bird meat, pare"
Yes Queen Paling *bows down*
Whaaaaat Haha funny ka
Pap of your messages again hehe
Haha i don't get why but okay
Pap of your messages again hehe
I dare you to cut a piece of your hair
A piece. So a strand?? I CAN DO THAT HAHAHA
What color did you see on thats dress
Call me colorblind but i see white and gold
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Pap of your messages hehe
Hmmmm... Okay haha
Pap of your messages hehe
Kilala mo si kyle barles
Ok ikaw na magaling
Wassup homie
Hi housey c:
What junk food could you never give up?
Cheetos and clover cheese flavored
What section is patita
Lol Y
Yey! Thank you! :) I'll wait for the video of you singing  mayjade dimaano
Haha yay!! :)
Aww :( I love you voice can you post again another video na kumakanta ka? plsss i love your voice so much
I will do! Thank you!! But as of now, i have to study physics whew :'(
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