How many days will you stay there?


Pap a selfie!

Ehhhhh dont like

Where ka nagstay diyan sa macau?

Venetian hotel

cute parang si kokey? sobra!!

Hahahahaha okay 'yan ah! Nah legit, i'm flattered

hey you've been on my mind lately!! wala lang ang weird

Sorry ha hassle maging cute beh

im good looking

Woah naman :)

take a guess

Not good with guessing unless if there's a clue haha

How much did you lurk your crushes social media before talking to them?

Grabe besh more than u know

i miss you ven!

Aww who is this? Introduce!

Where are you going?

I'm actually in macao right now and then hk

Why did you take your finals earlier?

Gotta travel this week eh

u like rj ba?

Who is rj?

pasalubong ko ha - jed

Oo naman

Hi :)


I feel so replaced. Iyak na ako ng iyak lagi, parang wala kaming pinagsamahan e

Does he have a new girl now? I honestly think you don't need him anyway hahaha sira ulo na guy eh. Anyway, it's okay to cry and let it all out. Tbh i've been crying everyday since wednesday hahaha i'll let it get to me, then i don't. Hahaha tbh i just cried like an hour ago LMAO hahahaha tawa pa ako now

How to convince myself that i'm better of without him? Kasi he broke up with me ang sakit sa feelings

Off* ohh baby :(( hahaha ay naq that guy! I guess paganda ka ng sobra and magworkout ka LOL hahahahha and surround yourself with your girlfriends lol pag ako naHB 'yan gagawin ko

How how de puta Gian Lopez

Clever mo naman :)

Btw btw hahahahaha lol how! Gian Lopez

Kasi how how de carabao

Nagcloseup si ven walwal is life fam siya Gian Lopez

Hahaahhahahaha lol hope you enjoyed! Btw i'm friends with charles pala btw

Nagclose up ka?

Mukha bang may time pa ako sa close up nyahahaha

Pap from your prom/ball?

I dont have it saved on my camera roll haha pero meron ATA on instagram idk

Who was supposed to be your ball date ba for AHS ball?


Bakit 'di ka pumunta?

Got sick that week lol my right eye was swollen and high fever

Did you go to AHS ball?



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