Have you tried Happy T?

no but my friends want me to try lol but idk should i

Oh. Sayang I thought creepy pasta..


Oh damn. HAHAHA. Good one. Alright


What's your fave kind of pasta?

lasagna and carbonara lol i'm not even a pasta lover :'(

Don't me???

tagalugin mo...jk hahah no more guy questions na pls :(


HAHAHAHAH don't me

Pap dms! Okay lang yan unless you have something to hide

U r makulit ha

Who knows. You might eventually like the guy who likes you. Hehe

asan sila waley

Raming namamatay sa maling akala..

woah quotable quotes

Why aren't you planning on having a guy any time soon?

eh di naman ako gusto ng gusto ko eh joke #drama ew

How do you know gian doesn't like you anymore?? :O

dude tagal na hahaha halata naman eh

Uhm bro code???

gian doesn't like me and caloy doesn't too beshie and their bro code is very much in tact i tell u 4 sure

Pap dms

private 'yun eh

Isn't caloy gian's friend? So how's that?

??? idk ano meron hahahah

What if he likes you, would you give it a shot?

i cant answer that here :/

How'd you know na wala?

actually i don't know IM JUST SAYING HAHAHAHA LOL

Idk why haha i'm just curious haha

Push mo 'yan friend, pero wala talagang something hahaha believe me

What tv show are you watching rn?

Greys and arrow!!! finished season 1 of arrow already and it fucked me up lol

Nah haha I just want to know his opinion too when questions are asked about the both of you haha

buuut why?

Did caloy deactivate his ask account again?

idk eh haha miss mo na ba siya

Did you see caloy?

hindi bes maybe he went earlier or later

How are you babe

Ay taray babe hahaha well i'm okay and i'm positive and i love people they all mean well

Who do you follow here on ask?

hm dati marami but now i follow no one

Hi Ven wasn't caloy at papus too?

idk? haha ask him!

Weh wala nga! Hahaha

HAHAHAHA wala nga lol i'm sleepy na, good night friend


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