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Paling Venise @PalingVenise
deleted the old one // 16
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Who are you?
I don't even know!!!
hi veniece. miss me? jk haha
Hmmm, i think i know who you are...
What's the best dating advice you have?
Be urself don't change for him!!
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What's the most valuable thing you've held in your hands?
I held someone's hand before, and oh fack it felt really good on the skin!
No i haven't im ur loser
panget ni izzy
Stop cyberbullying... And no, she ain't ugly
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Who is "A" that you were talking about with Izzy
Does Izzy have an
Who was Izzy Paterno's ex crush?
U ask her 'cause it's not my secret to tell
How would the world be different if everybody was vegetarian?
More animals!
Seriously go date someone this advice is for you!
Already am. And he's breaking up with me
Seriously go date someone this advice is for you!
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You need to get out there kk and date boys
Thnx for the tip
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you're prettier ok and it was a fucking downgrade
Ok lang naman sayo si steffi and gian?
Oo naman why not i like her
What's with the gian questions all of a sudden 'teh get over it hahaha
Anyare sa inyo ni gian? Sorry
This old news but.. Haha oh well
Masyado siyang cool sakin ganyan talaga ang lyf
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Tibs ka eh
geh lang
alam kong tibo ka aminin mo na
huh bakit mo dinidictate sexuality ko
What's the most awkward thing you can say in an elevator?
nice ass
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Post a photo of your favourite outfit!
Basta all black
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What do you think of the people who actually like fifty shades?
It's fine to feel that way... Haha oks cool lang to me no judging
why'd you only call me when you're high?
What do you think is the new online trend right now?
kim k hollywood?
What's your middle name?
It's okay lang! Haha
I want someone who is smart, tall, witty, funny and clever. Someone who has a great taste in music, someone who likes what I like (I just quoted a Motopony song) Someone who understands me more than I understand myself. Someone who doesn't mind if I fall silent all of a sudden because I do that all the time. Someone who accepts my flaws.....
'Yun lang (lol i call that a lang??)
What do you look for in a guy?
Eh... Landi questions i'm not down for that :-(
At what age did you kiss for the first time?
Never been kissed