Paling Venise @PalingVenise
Paling Venise @PalingVenise
deleted the old one // 16
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Haha seriously ano nga? :P
Lol 109 lbs
How much do you weigh? And height
Height: 5"4 and i weigh 8492 pounds
What's your favourite cheesy pick-up line? Have you ever actually used it on someone?
Are you a tower?
Because eiffel for you
No, i haven't (hopefully soon)
Pls give me advice :(( i got preggy just last night with this guy i just met
nagaadik ka 'no? Don't think you can get pregnant that fast.. unang una, why do you call it "preggy"? It sounds like something you can name a fish. Secondly, bat ka pumayag? How could you be intimate w/ someone you don't even know? Thirdly, pls do continue checking, you "think you're preggy" is not clear enough
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May forever ba?
"Kakabreak lang namin nung 23 walang forever"
Nah I said that in hopes for you to let it all out. bye
I really know who u r
Omg dont be sad youre very pretty
What?? Labo, it doesn't connect at all. I'm not sad because of that tangina i'm not shallow HAHAHA what you said had no effect on me, i'm sad because a friend of mine is migrating to canada tomorrow and i just realized how i fucked up and how i didn't spend my time with her well enough nakakapaghinayang
IM PAKALU PAPITO I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANT. I turn egoys to kojie san betches
Just sleep.. I'm too sad and tired for this
Ok po. how to fix po
Woo matulog ka na lang let's fix our body clock together
my name is pakalu papito.
Tangina talaga
if i introduce myself will u like 5 of my questions? i will like yours
Hahaha ok gballz lang im too bored anyway
What was your first concert? No matter how embarrassing - let's hear it.
Paramore... Not embarrassing at all (muka akong gago dati idolizing hayley)
now that u answered, pls like my questions
dunno you eh
u got ugly :'(((
Always been
Is your fam rich?
We're kay lang
I would totally date you if you were a lesbian
HAHAHHA kaso hindi ako lesbian eh
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pap of ur hair
Yoko...i'm secretly the filipino harry styles
Are you a party girl? Do you have a fake ID?
Not fond of parties, and yes i do have
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You look like you smell like waffles
That touched my heart
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Name three things you think shouldn't exist in the world.
1. Breakfast meals, 'cause I hate breakfast meals
2. Poverty, because no one should be poor. Everyone should have enough
3. Social classes. Ugh why do we need to label
would you be able to choke someone with your legs?
...............why are u asking
Haha putangina
Gurl what are you up to
w/ chinese subtitles coz i illegally downloaded dis shit
Gurl what are you up to
What's the meaning of scoobs?
A very supot way of saying no.. You know scooby doo? His breed is great dane...great dein gets?
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