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Paling Venise @PalingVenise
deleted the old one // 16
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how would she make u feel
I would feel like i would need to drink cherifer everyday bc i want to be tall too hehe
If you stood next to a 12 yr old 6'2 250lbs girl how big or small would you look compared to her?
I'd look small... You know what they say about 6 footers OOOH
How can you get your crush to ask you to the ball if you haven't even talked to him?!???!!!?
HAHAHA i've never even thought abt that yet
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You've never talked to your crush? Wtf how torpe of you
Whew sorry na... It's just that we rarely see each other
Have you ever farted in front of your crush
No i'll try not to if ever... HAHAHA i've never even talked to him lolllll
How do you communicate most with your friends?
Wtf by talking
You're just 16?? :o
Uhm yaaah. This isn't a dating site btw just saying
no i wish i was :(
this country is legit hot and sunny dont u ever wish that hahahhaha
whats your sc :) canada wbu
WHAAAAT HAHAHA thought you were someone from here in manille
what do u have then :P
Twitter/sc/fb that's just about it.... Where u from anyway????
Don't have that lol
yes we are :)
thats the truth princess :)
Thank u mwah but all of us are beautiful in our own ways dont u forget that
The world needs more people like you, because you're simply one of the prettiest people i know. would you be kindly as to take a selfie??
I honestly am tearing up a little :'( awww
What are you most excited about right now?
Can't wait for sembreak because i dislike waking up early
lq daw!!!! nako kung alam mo lang kung sino ako.. joke
edi wag di na kita miss
Geh 'wag na talaga Lq na tayo pwe!!!! Joke
MY POINT IS... wala miss lang kita
Awwee, man. Why would u miss me i'm not gone or anything lol
Ang bilis mo naman mag move on
Saan :(((((( i take my time, your assumption is wrong
What is it that you really like?
In terms of what?
Are you all about that base? About that base
No treble (my lyrics are right, right?)
When is your birthday
February, 12 1998