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Paling Venise @PalingVenise
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pap of you and prince xandu
Who is that guy anyway
thoughts on colleen tuazon
thoughts on ira ardidon
Punyeta sino ba mga ito
Pap of all your unanswered questions
Pap of all your unanswered questions
thoughts on ellie estrella
Still don't know her
thoughts on margarette hilario
I dont know her
thoughts on aui tinio
Do you make up those names idk
thoughts on kizza manotok
Omg who are these people?
Love u pare, prince xandu!
Wtf are you saying?
thoughts on dane de mata
Don't know him
Dream college?
pano mag apply sa prince xandu po
What is a prince xandu?
Do u know what prince xandu is?
Prince xandu is not a who? I don't know it/him
How can you be motivated?
<:)> Yan hug na kita. How are you feeling?
Just a little bit lonely.. But i'm trying
I love you. Do you love me?
Depends if you're my friend then yeah i love you
I can sense your plastic-ness :((( getting them blow dried is so cute kaya :| kasi that's when they'd look like mufasa
I said aah cos i was freaking out on how cute it is so what are u saying? :-(((
Getting them blow dried so cute
That was another anon lol I like cuddling with puppies too esp. If bago ligo
Make the dog's fur dry first para 'di wet look
Can i cuddle you in?
Hindi ka naman dog eh
Cuddle everyone?? Grabe naman :((( cuddles are sacred too you know
Yeah i know... But not when i cuddle dogs. I love dogs or babies so much i wouldn't let go
I want a cuddle buddy. Is there such thing?
Guess so, cuddle your dog, cuddle your baby cousin, cuddle everyone! :-)
When one should stop learning?
Nobody should stop learning. Our brains should always function no matter what
What are your plans today?
Write, and read a book