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Paling Venise @PalingVenise
deleted the old one // 16
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have you ever driven a car with bad brakes?
I don't drive yet!!! Will learn next year weee
Hey:) I already followed you! If you like anywhere from 1-100 of my answers ill like the same amount of your answers!! Thanks:) ‎@RowannQuintero
Why are the likes so important to u you just gotta chill, grab a beer or read a book
Pap of you and our sisters
OUR???? SISTER NATIN??? Hehehehe honestly we rarely are complete in a photo and so far this is the only complete photo i saw on facebook
Pap of you and our sisters
Ikaw wish ko sa xmas nasabi ko na kay santa
Pag ako nakidnap tonight hay lord
Did you take the dcat?
No, I didn't.
Duet tayo? :)
Who is your favorite live performer?
The phoenix because they sound like the album no kidding
What is better the truth even if it hurts, or a lie?
The fruit
How many hours do you sleep at night?
Uh.. Way less than the norm
You look like Nana Shorbaji!
She sounds familiar!
Xcuse me anon asstastic kaya yan
Slr... Thank u na lang i guess
LOL! Where'd you get that?
On twitter from a rant account! It made my day!! Hahaha
Nakakagood vibes ka ah hahaha :'>
Like this :-)
Nakakagood vibes ka ah hahaha :'>
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Diet ka na babe
Next time na pag may paki na ako
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Lollipop ka
Thanks fan balik ka ulit bukas
What do you like to cook?
Fried chicken, and sukiyaki
Do y knpe sh isndjs kreke sad
R u drunk asking me right now
Mga utong ang mga tao
Ay bad 'yan
What is your favorite music?
Indie, classic rock.. Hey! You know what, i'm starting to like Taylor Swift because of 1989, it's her best album yet.
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preach it venven #madrengmadre
jerk siya
wow kayo ba like how do you really know he's a jerk hahaha not picking sides but yeah you shouldn't hate bc you don't know the person yet. I have my personal opinion of him but i'd rather keep that. We're not in the place to judge, only izzy is in the place for that.. That's what i just realized because i really think i've been judgmental lately, and hey it's not too late to better myself right??
kung totoo, salamat sa Diyos wala na sila
Why'd you say so?
wala na daw sila izzy and yeah? is that true??
Oh man, not my business.. And i don't think my opinion matters :(
Haha maybe you're right. But why??
Idk??¿ maybe because people are different and we have different likes and dislikes. You may not like it, but your gf does.
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Why would i do that
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