What Tv series are you currently watching rn?

I'm done w the flash hahaha i'm watching gossip girl right now lol

You're the most beautiful thing in this planet. Perhaps you won't believe me cause it's cliche. You're right. but for me, You're most beautiful lady my eyes have ever seen.

I feel so so appreciated, thank you. It means a lot to me..

What is one thing you don't want to relive again?

like a moment? Bad dates

Magkaaway ba kayo ni gian??

answered this already

Bakit ka lagi nakaipit sa school? Lugay mo naman hair mo. Hindi ka na nagttry eh parang wala ka ng pakelam

???? Why do you care HAHAHA inaaway mo ako

Ganda ng mukha mo bes parang walang mali :(((

wow mali

Bakit ang haba ng mga classes mo?

minor subjs we only get to meet once a week, kaya 3hrs siya and 5hr classes are my major...minsan kulang pa yung 5hr honestly hahaha

Pap of your sched

no chill

What do you think of guys that don't know how to make the first move?

idk let them do themselves haha no pressure


'di rin ako nagiisip bes but past is past

Just be yourself, travel, study, smoke, listen to lana, draw, sing at 1am, grab your favorite poison(wine), immortalize anything that's important to you; your artworks. You are a work of art

how?? do ?? you?? know?? me so well?? this is exactly me it's shocking

I'll be waiting til you're ready, dont worry

but don't say you love me lol like are u even sure yet

i will always love you.


You're right, you should know your worth, you deserve someone who will treat you like how you should be treated. Anyway, did you say it in person or through text?


Augustus waters girl version


Was it hard on your part?

To feel unwanted? It felt bad but i'm not the one to mope about it. I know my worth in this world. Confessing isn't hard for me, I just wanted him to know what i appreciate. I don't deny beauty and admiration

How did that happen by the way, like did you already know that he doesn't like you or, after you confessed?

actually i was unanswered and i didn't wanna know anyway

that would be really great


What did you feel after confessing your feelings to someone who doesn't like you? :(

aruy ko beh

Haha I wish I had the chance to really get to know you

you can haha when u meet me in person i'm friendly

I know you do too. And you have a really nice voice haha

hahah thank you it's really a hobby of mine

You know me very well

i dont think so hhahaah

Listen to Chasing Shadows by Santigold. I think you'll like it. Haha I really like music 😅

You got good taste 😌

What is your idea of hell?

the one in inferno

Cause you seem like a really cool person haha

thank you!

The song is on repeat now by the way hahaha


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