Paling Venise @PalingVenise
Paling Venise @PalingVenise
deleted the old one // 16
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In which city you would like to live?
New york city
pap of u and gian
He has it on his phone lol and he posted one on his askfm you can search him if you like
Her legs, sure
Pap of u rn
On the way home from the cinemas ft. my sister's hand
Pap of u rn
Venise...sino boypren mo
Don't have one, buddy
Pls be gay
Why though
You saw the d? :O
I didn't see my dad's thing i saw my mom's.. Can we not talk about this i DONT WANNA THINK ABOUT IT 😭😭😭
The most awkward thing ever happened to you?
Oh lord.. When i walked in my parents' room when they were doing it. It was traumatizing, pero keri lang :(
If you could be a superhero, who would you be?
hit girl
Could you have a listen to this song I wrote for a girl? It's called "Amber Day" :)  ♪ George Chen ♪
Hi amber, keep him
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So what are you looking for then?
Dude rn my parents i just woke up then they're gone lol
ganda mo
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Venise.. Kailangan mo na lumandi
oo nga eh
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How is your family different from others?
They're gone most of the nights
What do you look for in a boy?
Who said i was looking for one?
Where are you headed for college?
Ust.. Actually was there this morning
How would you rate yourself from 1-10 if you were some other guy?
Wouldn't do that, because all girls are beautiful <3 yie #fuccboi
Lol i would rate myself a 7, on a good hair day
Would you want to be internet famous?
No, i have internet famous friends and they always have to update their instagram accounts or else their unfollower count increases. H A S S L E
HAHAHAHA VENISE PALING I LOVE YOU. Putek I miss you  Izzy Paterno
I miss you too! My anon loves you so!
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ven huhu... miss na kita... and I only saw you like 3 times in my life haha
Aw i understand the sepanx.. I once hung out with some distant friends once, then i missed them badly after lol
but what if they fall for each other again?? mahirap magmove on kaya..
They learned their lesson. LOL
puta, na motivate ako ulit sa answer mo
Waw i could be a motivator naka
pap with izzy in it!!
I have it on my laptop
What did you see in Gian ba?
Ewan ko di ko siya nakikita HAHAHAHAHHAAHHAA
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pero syempre, like naman someone with standards :)
I have standards of course, but it changes when you get to know the person truly