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Paling Venise @PalingVenise
deleted the old one // 16
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Do you whistle in public?
Yes when I see a hot person... Joke lang. I don't know how
Yeah it usually does get crowded. Haha. Suuure
See you around then :) Happy Thursdaysss. Haha
People say it gets crowded there! Hahaha sure sure! :-) come w/ me
Hahaha. Yes! You'll be around Taft often?
During breaks, I think? I have few friends there too
Where will u be studying for college?
I think... Ust!
Someone's excited. Haha. Didn't take the DLSUCET doe..
Stop blaming me I feel bad enough :((( HAHAHA i'll see you around taft?
Congrats in advance! - Creep
Thanks, Bud!! :-) finally going to college HEHEHEH
Hahaha. Those are lyrics to Green Day's Basket Case! Well played
It all keeps adding up I think Im cracking up Am I just paranoid? Am I just stoned?
If you do drugs then maybe you're really stoned.. U high right now?
But if you don't do drugs, then maybe there's really something wrong.. You have to get that checked or please seek for help
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Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me
Why so?
who am i
I don't have any idea haha
Uy. 'Yun oh
Someone's graduating tomorrow :>
paling i miss you :((((
I'll miss you too :(
why is that
Why, do you, yourself, like pwets? HAHAHAHA
Gusto mo pwet ko kadate mo? :> HAHAH pwet ko lang
Ayoko sa pwet
Pwede ba ako?
Not an anon i dont know u
Do u have a bf?
I want a date for closeup tho HAHAHAHA there's a couple discount
senti night is hitting me :((((  Izzy Paterno
We'll still hangout!! We will still workout in the gym together, and closeup forever summer pa nga with sina Nina HAHAHHAA and I could always go to katip to visit you :(
Lol okay. From what school?
PAREF Rosehill School, Inc
How old are u?
I'm gonna miss you Venise :((((( like freaking gonna miss you.. iyak na tayo
Oh crap :'( don't say that!!!! You're probably my classmate huhu we'll still hang out all of us!! I'll freaking miss everyone too huhu i have no chill right now
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Post a picture of your favorite building or monument!
That oldest UST building because it has that european type thing going on there
Secret HAHA
Can't hangout with a secret person!!! Hahahahaha
Uhm who r u