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Paling Venise @PalingVenise
you're cool!!
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Shark diving, bungee jumping, or sky diving?
sky diving!
What Wikipedia article have you recently read?
Leonardo Da Vinci's
Naks independent. Just like Annalise Keating. Hahaha
omg HTGAWM hahaha
Libre transpo mo na rin. Hahaha
'wag na hahahah i can take care of myself
Libre convo 😉
hmm k... hahaha jk i'm down for it
make sure there's libre lol
Willing to go out on dates?
Y not
Haha why? Which cet is hard ba
UP of course huhu i had a stiff neck and there was too much tagalog huhu
Thanks :) what cets did ya passed
Wahaha secret
Third :)
omg sorry, i get it now.. Good luck being in hs! Don't forget to study hard for cets
How much is the tuition fee in rosehill before?
dk eh
What school are you from before?
Do ya think is it okay to study in csa even if i'm not that fluent in english language... And like middle class lang, not oh-so-rich.
Oo naman! Haha i'm sure they won't mind.. People don't really care about that usually, as long as you're a good person. What year are you in?
Colegio de sta rosa makati?? Haha idk too
well ako rin eh im pretty clueless wahahaha ask someone from makati! :)
Whats csr? Is it ayt?
i actually don't know what csr is but i know cr it's comfort room
ayaw mo ba mag aral sa san beda? hahaha
uhm, of course i do i was from there back in grade school hahaha but i'm in ust now so
Can you suggest some good high schools in makati or near makati area? Aside from ac 😊
You feel like transferring??? Aside from AC, I think CSA-Makats is quite good. but it's co-ed but if you're okay with co-ed then go to csa hehe
How can a pretty face like yours still be single?
ehhhhh ganon eh
That's right just smile :)
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Hi, you look so pretty when you smile:) Thats all I have to say ♥.♥
oks i'll smile always na lang ty
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i didn't know you could sing as good as that! gorilla was such a high song :((( idol talaga
i wanna be pabebe and say things like i messed up pero hahahaha ty
Do you like chocolates?
very much!
why are you so cute when you smile?
Do you prefer dating older or younger guys?
i pass..