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wat do u think about Rebecca and Connor

I'm completely over her....soooo....doesn't really cross my mind who she talks to or whatever haha!

Would you rather live without TV or music?


You are an ace dancer (you and Rebs are so cute omg)

Aw you are awesome:) thankyou!

Hey hey you anon shut up there perfect

Aw thankyou !! :)

jut cause cassie and you were depresed at the end of the relationship doesnt mean you werent right for each other. shes better looking and a fucking dancer bro?!

You have no Idea! You weren't in the relationship so you dont know! Rebecca is really good looking and it's not even about looks at're just a typical guy who goes for looks over everything else I'm with Rebs because she makes me stupidly happy. Cassie did dance at college...she's hardly a 'dancer' don't get me wrong im not slagging her off...just saying you don't have a clue.

why are you going out? shes not exactly your type and shes 16 but weird dude cassie was way better for you mate

Why are we going out? Because she makes me happy, we have shit loads in common we make each other laugh all the time, she is a wonderful person and that right there is 'my type' Cassie was not better for me...we were both depressed all the time towards the end of our relationship and she fucking cheated on me Sherlock...much better for me that isn't it? Rebecca makes me happy...end of. Pop up if you have the balls and i will explain in further detail...because clearly you know me quite well by the question so grow a pair and talk to me.


What about her?

What is something you have lost, that you wish you could get back?

My play station....I love my play station

Didnt u like her

She seems like a nice girl but like I said I don't really know her...I'm not a very social person unless it's face to face

Why dont u get to know her

Because I'm really busy all the time, the only people I get to know are the ones I see in person and I don't see her very often at all.


She's a pretty sound person...don't know her that well.

I don't know, Chloe?

The one I was talking about in the other questions?

are you wearing ur tie??

Hahahaha hi Ben ;)

when I peer throo the door of where yu work ur always on ur phone

That's because everything is probably done!

I mean when ur at work?

Yeah, if people are in then I'm constantly doing something, if it's dead then I'm either doing marketing or doing nothing :)

do you ever work??

I work on average around 25 hours a week

wats bookies? xD do you write books ?

Like betting shop, sports and all that:)

What's this Chloe like

Which one?

boooooooooo. wat you do for work?

I work in a bookies :)

Losers ask losers questions :3 !! You should cure my boredness!! lol

Ashley Skye

I would but I have to be careful because I'm working...shhhh;p

No way lair !!! Immmaaaaaa nerd/loser <3 hahah

Well I'm the exact same! We are losers together!

Yay I know right!!! I'm drawing and eating doritos :3 Imma loser <#

I'm sat at work! Think I'm the bigger loser here! xD

Lets throw a party !!!..... oh shiz.... it's the internet we can't >-< damn it

Damn...a massive party sounds good!!

Yay!!! We are both cool peoplez ! :DD


Fav profile pic

Of mine?