Peyton List @PeytonRoiListOfficialAccount
Peyton List @PeytonRoiListOfficialAccount
Hey, I'm Peyton!! I play Emma Ross on Disney Channel's 'JESSIE' & Holly Hills in the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' films XOXO :D :D Real and only account. Don't believe in others accounts, please Listers! xx Proof's: @
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Love you very much more ! You are a great actress xoxo More kisses from Romania xoxo  ღCataღ
Thanks. Love you too x.
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hey Peyton, and thank you for giving me an made MY DAY :D  john delaresma
I just want my Listers happy! :)
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You are one of the prettiest girls in the. World love you pretty  Tyson Ayton
Awwh. Thank you x.
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Your so pretty  Nick gianelos
Thank you x.
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hey Princess at this account i send a question could you answer it ?!<3 <3  Nick Dod
That account isn't mine. That is fake!
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I'm a fan!!:) Love ya!!:)  Allison Karrick
Great! Love you too x.
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i love you  noelia door castro
Love you too x.
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I love you so much hope you answer me :)  Declan
Love you too x.
1 person likes this is It a Ur Brother Profile................  Tharaka D.H ✔
No! That account is fake because my brother haven't an account on
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IM A REALLY FAN  noelia door castro
Great! :D
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Hey <3 Peyton :)  Stefanie Scott ⋈
Hello! :)
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I'm doing this for a school project if any actors can answer some of these that would be great  Lexi Young
Hm. Sure.
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hi, you re so beautiful  Jack Helmis
Hello. Thank you x.
hey peyton when exactly is you birthday i'm so confuseed :((  Agni P. P.
My birthday: 6 April
peypey u are so beautiful :) I LOVE you so much <3  peypeybella
Thank you. Love you too x.
Ur cute how old r u  Reilly
Thanks. I'm 16 years old.
Ur beautiful babe  Reilly
Thank you x.
I LOVE YOU  noelia door castro
Love you too x.
How are you??  Izzypalmieri
I'm fine. How are you?
I'm a huge fan! You're amazing! (: ily!<3  AmmonToo'Dope✔
Thank you. Love you too x.
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so pretty Peyton  Trixie Jopay Santos
Thank you x.
Thank you, sweety!
That would be so cool if you responded back...I love you!!  Declan
Here is your answer! Hahah. Love you too x.
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Perfect  Alee Zapata (✔)
Awwh. Thank you! :D
Hi are u the real Peyton list  Alexis Velasquez