Love you<3,you are the nicest girl of the world i watch Jessie now :* Leon

Thank you and love you too x.

You're the best !! jan schmidt

Thank you!

what's your dog's name Ξενοφων Παππας

Windsor ;) <3

but you have an other account Ξενοφων Παππας

Here? No.

oh sorry Peyton why are you with an other account? Ξενοφων Παππας

What? This is my only and real account in But, why do you ask?

Do u like to make TV shows and movie? Jonathan Jenkins

Yes, it's kinda cool but it's kinda stressful too.

Have you ever Been in love. Waleyshka

Of course.

you are beautiful... boris


because I know the real Peyton list Ξενοφων Παππας

Why do you want to see it so much?

you are seriously my favorite actress! !!! Harivardhni

Thank you!

Nohin' bored Calvin Adm

Oh, I see.

too see if you are real Ξενοφων Παππας

No way, that's so weird.

What's up ? (: Calvin Adm

Just chillin' out. What about you? :)


Okay, seeya :)

can you take a pic of you lips? Ξενοφων Παππας

Why do you want to see my lips??


I hope you enjoy it x)

You are perfect ‼️:* Chule Gleason

Thank you!

I might be getting braces today!!!!!im soo excited:)

Oh, that's really cool :)

I love you Peyton <3 ! Dominika♥ [JŚ]

Love you too x.


What about you? :)


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