Manpooja Kaur Sohni @PoojaSoLala
Manpooja Kaur Sohni @PoojaSoLala
Dear Past, Thank you for all the lessons. Dear Future, I'm ready.
Ask me or else i'm not sure :D
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Should guys wear a beard and what kind?
w beard > without beard.
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What will you do if you have 1k with you now?
Why so little. 1K only.
How many people do you think you've met in your life?
Very few actually.
2 facts about youƕself :)
1. I'm always hungry.
2. Sleep is never enough.
Ever dated a punjabi guy?
Obviously. wow wat a dumb question.
Still dating malay guys or do i have a shot?
Lol never date any Malay guy.
If you could draw happiness, what would it look like?
It'll look like McDonald burgers
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you can drive?
I can fly too.
Ehhh you don't start ah now. I'm suffering like one babi. Tmrw last day tho, jom party haha
Haahaha where.
A dunno how old are you actually
Lol -.- 19. Why.
Haha eyyyy you don't bully me here all :p I cry cause of finals :(
Lehhh finals ni. Your smart I know.
How old are you
How old do you want me to be la girl. I didn't know you had..
Kk why crying haha.
Eyyyy someone has ask. I didn't know >.<
Ask wat.
you're sooooooo beautiful !!!
Hoho thanks!
Why so little selfies nowadays?
Why so kepoh.
Why does a guy takes so long to reply? Yet he is not busy? :/
Maybe he's isnt interested in replying your texts.
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Its simran dont get on my nerves
K symren
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Your fart so smellysss ehwww
You actually smelt my fart? awwwww that's chooo cuweet
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Solala want to cry uh ?
Shoosshh symren
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Nope not S. If you really don't know then it's okay. Look at your name and you might know as the first alphabet is the same :) not only first, 3 alphabet is same sequence as mine.
My 1st name is m. 1st three is man. Yours too man? Ha who la
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Lol you asking too many clues already la. What alphabet you think? Guess once and see whether right or wrong. I think you are getting there already.
S ah? Lol I dunno la denger
What you usually do when you're bored?
Haha superstar among society la I think ;) from Penang and of course I'm a guy. If girl means I sound very wrong already lol. You even talked to me on phone in punjabi once or twice ;)
your name starts w wat alphabet? LAST QUESTION hhehe
Nothing will happen? Haha reputation la boss. Plus people nowadays can really spread stories very fast. Especially if they wanna bad mouth someone. Any other way to tell you?
adoiii. you big superstar right? whre you from, you boi or gal haha