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Between u n JD

He's got no life so in offer to get a life he's putting his nose in people's business. Hais pity kann.

Btw wat is gng on between u both

U both ? Who u both 👀

Should a girl cry after a guy who doesn't know how to appreciate and understand her?

Obviously NOT.

Jagdeep is a bastard... I m with u in this.....

Finally! Some w some common sense. 🙆🏼

Hi beautiful


why so prettyyyyyy 😍

Aye aye thankyou there hehe.

Who knows the most about you?

Jothy. Huhu.

What do you think it would be like to live life as a bird?

Stressfull. Cos no proper private part. 😂

Besides your country, which is the next best country in the world?

Oakland haha!

Do you like Coke or Pepsi? Why?

I like you. No y no z all. Huhu.

I swear you're just so pretty la jealous sial

Tell me something new plis. jkjk.

i in love with ur sister la :)

Tell her la -.-

Inlove with anyone ??? ;D

No :DD

what would you call ur best friend?

Best friend la. Takkan wanna call mother. bodohnyaaa haha.

what apps did you use for your filter in your insta pic? damn pretty sial

Camera 360 and photo grid :)

Should guys wear a beard and what kind?

w beard > without beard.

What will you do if you have 1k with you now?

Why so little. 1K only.

How many people do you think you've met in your life?

Very few actually.

2 facts about youŕself :)

1. I'm always hungry.
2. Sleep is never enough.

Ever dated a punjabi guy?

Obviously. wow wat a dumb question.

Still dating malay guys or do i have a shot?

Lol never date any Malay guy.

If you could draw happiness, what would it look like?

It'll look like McDonald burgers

you can drive?

I can fly too.

Ehhh you don't start ah now. I'm suffering like one babi. Tmrw last day tho, jom party haha


Haahaha where.

A dunno how old are you actually

Lol -.- 19. Why.


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