Manpooja Kaur Sohni @PoojaSoLala
Manpooja Kaur Sohni @PoojaSoLala
Dear Past, Thank you for all the lessons. Dear Future, I'm ready.
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Ask me or else i'm not sure :D
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Are you afraid of falling in love?
Again ? Yeaaa very :/
You look so beautiful and angelic, I feel like I’d dirty you just by touching you, Happy Bday To yew. From- Crazy
Lol wat shit is that la. Thanks btw.
How did you celebrate New Year's Eve?
With my favourite person. Watching the fireworks and spending some time together ♡
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What do you expect in 2014?
My loved ones health and happiness :)
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How many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror?
like so many many times, hahaha
What happened between you and Laqthesh?
LOL wat do you mean wat happened between us ? When did we have something -.-
Are you in relationship with Jeff??
lol no.
What makes you strong?
The past. I mean those situations , those rilyy crazy ones -.-
Jeff la
i think I know Jeff better la, not tryna boast or wat but. He doesnt even have an Insta so how come this ? LOL just mind your own business pls. Get somebadehh else :)
why did you block me insta?
who are youuu ? -.-
whyyyy don'tttt youuuu expectttt myyyy friendddd requestttt
expect ? lol wats that -.- I dont accept people i dont know .
What do you want right now?
Him him and him :D
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describe Jeff sandhu
funny. ask so many questions sometimes. handsome. good looking.
why don't you expect my friend request? :(
who you ? lol
what your fuckin age?
Lol -.- 18.
are you single?coz I'm going mad into you sayang
lol im not :)
that guy Jeff sandhu is a fucker
simply say people things. Dont think your perfect okayyy :)
what's your status nowadays ? single or relationship ??
I'm attached :)
What if 1 day PENANG got NO electricity for a week? what you think it will happen?
the whole city will become dark laaa. yorr wat a question -.-
do you think is fair when a person shouted at you for no reason? what will said back to them?
ofcourse not fair :( but I wont make things worst so I'll just be quiet. telan pi jelaa. eventually that person will be tired :)
Do you prefer talking or texting?
Both :D
Who is the best prefect in 2011. The form 5 that time one.
err okayy i gotta flashback now -.- i think Farah is good. Damn sportingg. Hehehe
What was the last life-changing decision you had to make?
Dont want to have anything w that skinny boy but at last went back to him -,-
why are you so pretty? :o  Anna Lee
ehhh youu perli i ka ni ? Youu lawa lgyy okayy! Love your hair :*
hope you will do not colour ur hair again....atleast once look urself in black hair...isn't nice ?? otherwise leave's ur life. from-crazy
k I shall try my best :P