You are Jamaican me horny. @PureSluttt
Throw a baby and I love you.
A threesome is 3 people having sex.
A foursome is 4 people having sex.
I find it so offensive when people call me handsome.
Jealousy is a disease, so I guess I shall be saying Get well soon bitch;)
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Who are you?
Yur mum
What are your favourite shops?
What are your favourite shops?
kk x  sket
Bae x
stfu no x  sket
fight meh x
nah x  sket
stfu, yes they are x
nah x  sket
they are x
lucy's obsessed with them pls dont  sket
They're cute as fuck omg x
feet  sket
its all about belly buttons;)
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Ryan might go mad
he wont know, lmao
my is fucking up, just do it
unblock me quick.
opinion on amber
Idk anymore,
AW cute;)
i wasnt a dick to you when we spoke, i treated you really good;)
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think u are ;)
i'm only a dick, and thats mainly towards girls but when i'm nice to girl i treat them like a princess:') \
i'm never mean:')
Its not;)
why did he block u wtf
Cos' i kept spamming him;)
u telling Ryan
Nah, i couldnt anyway cos' he's blocked me and i'm at home
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how do u unblock someone :L
omg:') and go on settings and go on block lists
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will do soon and why u not with someone
okay, and idk, we like each other but none of us have the confidence to ask eachother out but we speak like were together and act like it...
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do u want to be unblocked and u got a girlfriend
Yeah, and hmm, its complicated:/
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Your a manslag.
I'm not a slag, i'm just a boy who changes from girl to girl every couple of days, unless i like them which i end up liking them if they call me perfect, yes i fall for girls easy, i admit i'm a dick with girls i fall out with,but its fun.
oh and You're*
Do you miss Emily?
I miss speaking to her everyday but tbh, I dont miss being with her:/
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lol @ u.  sket
k den  sket
Emily, please:(
it is though, actually laughing rn.  sket
Its not:/