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Yu tryna ❓
Trynna what ?
Why you think you can beat @_natethagreat_ lol
Lol Get out my face ugly
How old is yuh pretty?
U single?
You so sexy yo
Lol thank you
Can I eat that pussyyy
Ctfu nooo , idk who this is lol
Uma hit u wit da Dm & hmb if U Witt it
Can u be my new friend you real cute ;)
Lol who are you and i can tell you if i can
Are you scared of the dark?
You like tall boys?
Yea , why ?
You single
Yupp i am
How u feeln 2day lightskin?
Im chillin , how you ?
What Chu Rather Prefer Lightskin , Darkskin Or Brownskin ?
Darkskin and brownskin
Same really, how was ya day?
What was the last thing you ate?
How ya night goin lightskin?
Im kinda bored , hbu ?
You gay or nah ?
No , are you gay !?
I want you bad can I favorite ya pictures so you can know who I am
Lol idk who that is bt wat if it was???
If its not you than dont worry about it lol
I did wat u told me i fav ya stuff.
Lol Lij ?
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Lol u get that lit up star yet?
Huh ? What is that
Ard bt it dnt matter u dnt got no love 4 the kid!
Lol if i knew who you was then i could say if i did or not
What you not attracted to boxers ? I be flirting with you like crazy lol
Lol i mean just because you box doesnt mean im gonna to be attracted to you , but who are you tho ?
Text sidikheeeeee
Lol ard