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Yu look bi but imani brown told me in class yall use to talk
Yea you got me confused with somebody else , and if i was bi I wouldn't talk to her !
i never knew yu was gay
Ctfu im not gay
Are yu bi?
Stop asking me yo
You should text my bro Clay
Naw lol
She bi? I want her
Tell her then
Yes troy lol
Samir from ya old school
How you know @__princessj
She was one of my closes friends in 6th grade , why ?
You going to miss me after graduation
Depending on who this is ..
Would you talk to Samir again ?
Who !?
You bi ?
No !
Tone said he loves you
Thats nice , does his gf know lol
Who you miss from St Martin
Think real hard & u will know
Idk just tell me
Best friend in middle school?
Who was a close friend you miss?
I want u like old times before u came to del val
Old times ? Who is this
I want you
Who this ?
Ya profile pic nice
Thank you ...
You single?
Where you from?
You bi?
Yea call my iPad when you ready ,
FaceTime tonight or nah lil lightskin ??
Tiph lol ? And yea
My man E said wassup