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I texted you happy birthday & was salty as shit lol
My bad lol , who this tho ?
You got ya number changed?
Yea why ?
Nothing up watching tv , wyd
I miss you a little bit
I cant say it back cause i dont know who this is lol
i started asking u questions from are u from philly until the last one, follow me on twitter and instagram ....hitit2times....
nah just asking and these niggas on ya ask aint got no respect sheeesh
Oh okay , and yea i know
like diamond
Why wassup !?
what part?? I'm from logan
u from philly?
It don't matter
What dont matter ?
I want you but you talk to somebody smh
You can at least tell me who you are lol ...
How many niggas you been real serious with
About like 2
Who your favorite ex ?
I dont have one
How long you been single
For a minute now ..
When me nd you gonna be laid up together?
lol who this ?
Take who you took last year
I would but he got a lil situation so im cool ..
Take me
Idk who you are
Go on prom with the boy you talk to
Can I go on prom with you !?!?!?
Umm who is this ?
Prom date yet ?
Nope lol
Grammar is for pussy I'm in college doe no Lil boy
Well you need to go back to kindergarden talking like that ..
Goodnight beautiful my dick 9 inches to let you know dream bout it you going woke up panties wetter then ever
Go back to school and get your grammar corrected first , gn little boy
Do you like it face down ass up back shots I'm famous for
Whatt , ctfu go to sleep .
Aww to bad I could have taking that pussy to parts you didn't even know could been touched
Weirdo ..
I wanna text you nd let you get to meet your secret lover lol
Im cool
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