I am the bone of my sword
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Here we go...
Prospero Burns
The Wolves Unleashed
thoughts on ryan h.?
the new Ryan right? Really nice :D
oh cool haha
haha what where from?
WH 40K i believe it was when the main bad guy's home world was destroyed
what's "Prospero Burns"?
a quote :3
sup samuel dude dont delete ask fm delete the questions
hahah dude this is just my way of testing something :P It'll be over this weekend when the words "Prospero Burns" has been posted by me on my own wall so :P
Do you prefer fruits or veggies?
hottest girls in 10 G?
I'm sleepy so no time
someone there?
hint, i have an ask fm as well
Probably Ina then?
only if u say who's hotter :P
I can't decide haha
): you think im fake
Then tell me who you are
girl la on your table... :P
So is this Hye Min or Ina?
Probably an impersonator again
plsssss :P (hint, you better say im the htoter one because at least for how i talk to you more than the other one on the table ;P)
Wait who is this? Daneesh?
dude please delete your account not because of you but i think people are just going too far don't let that happen
Hahah it's alright. Thanks for the concern but I'll delete it soon enough.
Watch out for the statement "Prospero Burns"
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cmon.... :P at least on ur table (between hye min and ina)
Hahah nah
hottest girl in ur english class :P haha :P
Dunno haha :P
lol, what is that thing on ur background? :P
Senbonzakura (The Thousand Sakuras)
best friend in ur english class?
Uhh... Idk, Nick Chung
was referring to kanshou and those shit, marethyu may be latin but its the same - using foreign words makes u look like a rtrd
Marethyu = latin = character's name
Kanshou and Bakuya = actual sword's name
dude dont use japanese words, those are sad
Marethyu is latin biyatch
siji, loro, telu, papat
Wahh so cool ah? Counting in Javanese
i was trying to help you, and the best you can say is to cause chaos yurself, im sick of you
Hey hey, I've suffered through worse that this cannot do shit against me. Thank you for your patronage
Marethyu, why u bring it up?
Marethyu = me when I'm pissed.