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Maybe you can make us a Crafting Guide ? So people will have more experience when you open the server and we will be able to crafting without asking questions ..

I will do it soon, thanks dude :P

You wrote stat requirements for swords will go 10 by 10 - 210, 220, 230 str and so on... What about armors and helms?

all the equipments will be 10 by 10.

How much will be the fame rate ?

40/10 i think, we have not decided yet

in this server, is the farm site still near krc and mkc?

there's only one farm spot for now, and only for gold farm, at the center of the map.

the quests in game, only give lvl up? or some gold and itens too ?

most quests also gives gold too =]

and some others, gives other items, like gems, etc

Do you have a nickname? What is it?

My nickname is PrimoCurby =]

you think.. this server will stay live about 10 years ? and how long you aspect this server will going on ?

it will be online for the next 50 years.

pls open this server before the day end of world --''

if we open after the end of the world, only the strongest people will survive and play, it would be a nice challenge wouldn't?

Don't you think that a poll (in fb) about which nation ppl's will choose would be a good idea?

good idea, i'll do it later =D

How much % to go?

almost done mate, almost done, something about 96% :P

How many players do u expect in the first week?

man, i dont know ~~

RYL is like a lottery, but if we have 300 players on beggining, i will be very happy :P

are you going too open your server on 12/12/12 ? lol

i think 06/06/2066 would be cooler =D

i`ts about to open? I`ll travel at 31 of december and i need to play!!!

we will open before 31 ^^

1. Where is the server hosted? 2. How many hours to reach lvl 90?

USA, and if you play solo, and with a dps class, i think you can reach 90 in 7 hours

what we can buy with medals?

books, potions, tools for gems/jewels upgrade, chaos stones and some quest items.

when server online ?

This month

For what I read in your posts, all equipments got a little changes. Will u make a grade for players or we need to learn the new status by ourselves?

learn by yourself, using forum and talking to the other players =]

this is global server ? or just a choosen country can play it ? pls explain :)


ur friends ronald,robinho,kaka,cafu and pele

i don't like football =]

Some modification in First Aid? Will Enchanter have a WIS (not much :D) Build?

enchanters can made a lot of builds, but wis enchanter, would be useless, waste points only to use First Aid, is not a good build :P

first aid is normal, nothing changed.

still got a long time to open th server ?

nop, it will open this month, few things left :P

Do you already decided how will work the fame system? (+10/-10, +20-10, +50/-10, etc...)

i think it will be 40/10

now courage requieres INT, so life off have another skill ?

psalm of bless and psalm of courage =]

Why courage need INT now? It`s so bad for Priest and Cleric.

because it needs high magic power to have a good effect, (300 damage and 150 defence) and cleric/ priest will have better skills to use instead of courage. And with the limited skillpoints, courage would be useless for both.

Courage now can be used by full support enchanters or Rune offs.

what is the max lvl? it will be hard to get ?


read the first topic =]