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Ary Kay @RabeeKhan
Ary Kay @RabeeKhan
|#Gemini |#Pathan | #Christian Pitre <3 |#Gym |#GAMES <3
KrO bakWas!
RSS answers
Are you a good liar?
bhott achhha
Kya ap pedaishi kameenay hain?  Uzair Latif
Kiya ap latif k hi betay ho???
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hey :)
i loveyou yaar *.*
chaloo shadi karen ;) ??
I followed u!!!!! Follw back kr pheral and nalbu :D  Ayan raza
misningggg mathpaaa
achiii nalbu :*
Are you afraid of falling love?
It depends how lamba is love...
1 2 Floor ho to chaly ga :D
What are some of the first things you do in the morning?
Findingg my phone all over tha bed :D ^.^
What's something most people dont know about you??
Thr's many things :p
What apps do you mostly use on your phone?
Fb..insta..ask..wats app... :D
Hmm aur i think i'm in love wid u!
I like u! <3
Hmmm acha or kuch
<3 Single or committed??
I'm happily committed and she really love me and we will marry n have kids,a daughter and two sons....and we live in beautiful house with a pool
^ Thats how i fool myself all day
Forever alone level!
awkward moment?
:(((( :3333
awkward moment?
its me ur jane jahan !!
n its me ur dad bitch ._.
i still love u!
ohhh really bitch ._.
What do you miss?
myy jaanaaY jahann... <3
What is the most beautiful car?
suzuki FX! :'D
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heLLo! how's ur day?
heLLo! how's ur day?
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Ap rply q nae kartay?
Meri marzi! ·_·
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But i m serious....... ):
But i m nOT! :p
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i Love U <3....
WhAt A cOiNcIdEnCe.!! I love MySeLf Too :P
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If you could listen to only one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?
tum ho =>rockstar! :)
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What song defines your childhood?
Jab me chota bacha FALTU movie :p:D
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Is it easier to forgive or forget?
sometym forgive....sometyme forget..!
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