Rachel Kivlighan @RachelKivlighan
Rachel Kivlighan @RachelKivlighan
Ask away! I live in New York City! Dance at ABT JKO, from Houston! Ask me anything :D
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What are you most excited about right now?
Your legs are perfection.
Hes you ever been to New Hampshire?
Are questions sent to you in a form of a text and do you answer them from your phone?
No I answer them on my computer
What's Amsterdam like?
beautiful! I love it, the the architecture is so different to America
You are so awesome. What makes you so awesome and kind and sweet and lovely?
I woke up like this
What time do you usually wake up?
between 7 and 830 depending on the day
Do you cook?
I microwave
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Do you like frozen yogurt?
Say how does a fella go about asking you out for coffee?
talking to me in the real world
Favorite takeout food?
Chick fil a
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have u tried hip-hop or break dance?
yes, it is not my forte
pancakes, waffles, or french toast?
all of the above
Why do you answer these questions?
Why do you ask them?
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luv u to the moon and back!
thanks :)
Do you drink coffee?
on occasion, I need to more often
How much effect did Howard's comments have on Blue Journey's last performance? Did you guys feel you needed to do something different, change the tone a bit. I loved it myself but I felt Blue Journey moved in a different direction.
Howard said we had a nice body of work in our last performance and that he enjoyed it. And we were trying to do something different and not just repeat the same thing every week. It becomes extremely difficult to put together everything for the following week in 5 days.
You are extremely talented and will go far. I noticed that a couple of JKO students went to Julliard this year. Were they encouraged to follow that path by the school? Is a contemporary career now something that's being focused on at JKO?
Thank you, and they chose that path because that was what they wanted, it wasn't influenced by the school.
Would you participate in a promotional event as a model?
Favorite cookie flavor?
toffee or white chocolate
are you an animal lover?
Can you dance at a club/party. Music that is out of your element, do dance to it?:)
What do you like to eat for lunch and dinner?
usually food
Carrot Cake or German Chocolate?
Definitely Carrot Cake
Favorite holiday(s)? :)
St. Patrick's Day