Rachel Kivlighan @RachelKivlighan
Rachel Kivlighan @RachelKivlighan
Ask away! I live in New York City! Dance at ABT JKO, from Houston! Ask me anything :D
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what about it
When did you learn to drive horses?
In Texas that is what they teach you at driver's ed
what's the color of ur eye? its captivating. .
What store in America would you be able to buy Bloch Pointe shoes?
There's a lot of them.
How ticklish are you, Rachel? Just curious.
more or less on the less side
What's next?
something fun
"Just a small town girl"
living in a lonely world
what kind of hobby did u hve?
reading, learning, I don't know
Do you play video games?
Do you know how to drive a car?
since I was 15
what is online college like? I'm considering it for myself. Is it expensive?
Its the same price as a regular class, and you just have to teach yourself
Are you watching the AGT finale?
I did
Rank: Fame, money, love, power, freedom, happiness
Everything else
ever been to Austin?
Class subject you hate most?
What car you would want to have?
I don't want a car
What U.S. state: 1.) were you born 2.) is your favorite 3.) want to visit 4.) do you live in currently
1. Virginia
2. Texas
3. Alaska
4. Who knows
Do you have a thing for Peter Parker?
I don't know who that is
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And to that I say praise the man that invented the cellular camera.
thank you whoever created #selfiesunday
y r u pretty?
beauty is in the eye of the beholder
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Have you already graduated in high school? college? if so, what did you major in?
graduated high school currently doing online college for a bachelor of science
Aside from dancing do you see yourself in other field, like doing a desk job,be a doctor,or even a singer?
defiantly singing
thats a joke, I am basically tone deaf
I like science and such
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have you ever popped a balloon,? or a balloon animal? which one?
I don't really keep track of those kind of things
Are you a cat or a dog-person? If you don't know what that means, what would you pick as a pet?
Post a selfie :)
Only because it is Sunday
Post a selfie :)
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