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Rainey Knowlton @RaineyMarie12
Searsmont, ME
Rainey Knowlton// 15// Belfast, Maine
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are you jealous of delia helen because shes always with cameron and theyre super close?
Hahahaha omg no.
Why would I be jealous? I love Delia.
Delia and Cameron have been best friends for a long time. So no I'm not jealous.
It's between him and I.
We're still super good friends though. :)
Are you and Cameron still dating
Noooope. We broke up a couple weeks ago.
Will you ever
WOW Brianna does
Why do I care?
I've never given a blowjob and I'm not ashamed of that.
I don't suck.
I am gonna rip your asshole apart with this large dick baby
My butt is a one way street, bub.
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followed, follow back?:)  ♕ your queen ♕
Of course! :)
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I like u
I go 2 ur skool
Haterz are my motivators!
Do you like snapping in the butthole?
Is that even possible..? Who are you?! OMG
I am your present and past
Oh. Okay. I see.
Do you like anal
Who are you omg.
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I'm sorry. :(
It's okay. :)
do you think you were actually in love with Cameron?
Yes. I do. And tbh I still am. But he's over me, so I have to get over him. But we're friends. So it's all good. :)
I don't know why you're so upset about cam you're so much better than him
I don't put people above others. So no I'm not better than him.
Yes, I'm upset. But that's because I loved him. I'll get over him. It was just one relationship out of many. I'll be fine.
Hey gurl  Elisabeth Taylor
Hey bb
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Nice!!!! Azz LOL - Nadya
that makes no since.. head up. he's a dick anyways
He's just going through some stuff, and he'd like some time to sort things out. But it's okay. I'll be okay. :)
awh why? you answered it first saying yes
He doesn't want anything to do with me.
u and cam r friends now?