Rainey Knowlton @RaineyMarie12
Rainey Knowlton @RaineyMarie12
Searsmont, ME
Rainey Knowlton// 15// Belfast, Maine
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Idk you, but I love your style! Friday ✌️  Hannah Montgomery
aw thank you!! :)))
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You're cute. Not ew.
aha thank you. :)
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post a pic of your school clothes now! :))
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Man, trying to talk to your crush is like talking to pizza.
dude tell me about it.
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You're stunning, so jealous!:*
aw thank you! :)
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Do you like alex .L
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Why are you spending all your family vacation answering questions from strangers on here? That's lame!
what was your fav peice of clothing you got for school?
probably my ankle boots, or my shirts from Forever 21
what did you get?
lots of clothes. :)))
have you gone school shopping yet??
I need to go again though.
post a pic of the shoes your wearing in your ask.fm profile piccc :))
I will when I get home on Thursday. :))
Literally. I just don't understand how he cold like any other girl besides u.
well he does. and I like someone else, too. soooo.
No girl will be as good as u
well obviously he disagrees. it just didn't work out, and it wasn't our faults. we just didn't work.
How could he not like u? Ur so pretty!
Looks aren't everything. I'm positive he likes another girl. and I'm positive I like another guy.
Hunny. It doesn't seem like he has moved on.
then you obviously don't know him.
Omg! You and cam should totally date again! U guys are so cute!
honestly, I like someone else. he's moved on too.
we're getting to be the close friends we used to be and that's all I wish for.
Post a new selfie
yay selfies. :)))
Post a new selfie
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Who do u like?
why does it matter?
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Who do u like?
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Are you and cameron p. a thing?
what color is it?
Do you have a favorite braa?
Would you ever send nudes?
Newest selfie yeaaaaah.