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Rameesha @Rameeshah
RSS answers
i want to ask a question please do answer
Only If You Untick.
What is your favorite season?
Will I be the Odd one out if i tell you that i don't watch seasons at all?
Nae Behn , Qabar ma beth ka answer ker rae hun sub questions :)) .
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hey sexy :) :*
Aouu Jee. Apko bhi likes chaeye?
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Likes do ap  ranaa rOgerrr
Fakeer , Okey - Sure.
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muh ka samna metha rakh ka zehar ugal rahe ho larki
Tell Me More.
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Are you in pakturk ??
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yah chinese kahan se utha laye ho ,
Bukwaaas band kero apni -.- !
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Do you have a crush on anyone ??  Saud Ahmed.✔
*_* !
Do you have a crush on anyone ??
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Like for a TBH?
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rate my display /10  Hamza
Itna Farig haii.
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I like you rameesha. :)
Okey . . Thanks ?
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Being a boy i love makeup what to do :/
Dub maroo.
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noori pe a rae ho
Haha Obvioo.
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Hahaha tou api khon?
Free Hona band kero bus.
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ألطش اشي عجبك من عندي و نزلو عندك نشوف اهتماماتك ⤵  Laith Ali
Fb pr yar reply hi krdia kro rameesha. :(
Yar , like seriously ?
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Umm Happy Birthday :D  Ahmad
Haha Thanks Ahmed :D !!
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followed ;)  Laith Ali
Acha !!
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Happy birthday :P  Ahmed Minhas Raja
Thanks . :)
And thank-you everyone else ( jisne bhi wish kea haii - i cannot answer each and everyone of you ) !!
Happy Birthday Gorgeous! :*  MårYåm Khålid
Thank-you <3 !!
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Happpy Birthday Rimss. x  Hassaan Munir
Thank-you soo much Hassaan :')) !!
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how was your Eid?
Guzara Laik.
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Kesi ho?  Danish Rana
I'm Fine ! :)
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