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Sedhi bat no bukwas!
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whats the best gift i can give it to my girlfriend in her birthday ?
English sekh lou buss ...
NiCe DisPLaY :-)  Abbas Raza Joyia
Th@NkS :-)
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Mesha plz aisa na kaho plzzz  Hassan Raza
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facebook pay aou .
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Irritating bs is sense mein na k tumhy kehta tha k mery sy baat kro tum nahi janti mera bs dil krta hai tumsy baat krny ka  Hassan Raza
I don't talk to boys anymore.
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chand raat mubarik to you & your family :)  Muhammad Aasim Hassaan
Thank-you :')
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??????  Hassan Raza
You know what , I don't hate you but you are irritating - very irritating .
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Lo kr dia untick ab theek hai  Hassan Raza
You are the academy waley Hassan?
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Dp <3  Shiwam Gond
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Mein tumhary liye random nahi hun you know me well bs you hate me thats why i dont untick but i just want to say that i want to talk to you because i like you
-__- Untick kero forran ya or questions bhejna band keroo.
I won't eat you , Promise .
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Couldnt write anything better then my name? :p Thanks anyway. (y) Youve got beautiful hands though :)  Yasir Ahmed
Thankss. By the way i am done with two fan-signs only.
Laziness on the peak. :/
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Followed. Follow Back? ;) Thank you ❤️  Eva Jean Andao▲♔
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Why have you stopped talking to boys?
Mere Ammi ko pasand nae tha mera har random larkey ko dost bana ker usey 24/7 baat kerna.
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lovely rain in Lahore <3  Muhammad Aasim Hassaan
Mere tou ankhun ki jaga button lage hue hain na jo muje her cheez se update kerna zaruri hai.
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Rameesha you already hate me it has been a long time i havent talk to you so thats why i contact you here i dont know why u hate me so thats why i dont untick
Oh !! As far as i remember i don't hate anyone i just stopped talking to boys long time back.
You will kill me if i will untick
I Wont , I Promise.
Dont you like guys
I wana know u more about u
Moment of silence.
Wanna be friend?
Only if you are a girl.
Who was your first crush?  Muhammad Aasim Hassaan
Robert Pattinson From Twilight :3 !!
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nice dp
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How about a fansign?  Yasir Ahmed
How about a fansign?
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Fansign?:3  Asadullah Shah
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you didnot do the fansign?
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