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kyun age ka kia karna h ...? age pe depend karta h name? :p
Itne Bachkana harkatain ker rae ho tab sa. STOP IT?
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mere friend ka naam h anza n he is a boy
Apki Age kya haii?
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anza to larko ka naam hota h ... apni friend ko samjhao kuch
Larkun ka naam nae hotta yaa -_-
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Hey there<3 You're so amazing girl:3 You've a great sense of humour. Stay happy rameesha..  Hamza Fayaz
Thank you?
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Ankh mari or kya ab vanda stalk b nw karay ^_^  Doraemon =p
Seriously Dude? -_-
If you could pick an eye color what would you choose?
Brown ! ^_^
^_*  Doraemon =p
Like=If i was your gf?
This sounds fun lekin thoraa zyadda hojae ga . Choro !!
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Cover (Y)  w a s a y
Thank you.
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Hey everyone, People who have an exam tomorrow must like this post. I want to know that how many of us don't study like nerds.  Hasham Khan
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Which phone you have?
iphone 5s.
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Tmhare liye petrol ki nadiyan baha dunga.
Sadqeyy Jaouun.
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Ja ciebie obserwuje na stałe mogę liczyć na to samo? :( // ‎@Roksi69 =D
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Tbh:-don't know you but you are very pyaari stay blessed! :))  Ahmed Nakai
Thank you.
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Hi.. You're so cool n pretty <3 My only wish in 2015 is to be friends with you :-)  Jamal Elahi
Maf kero.
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Nice Display Picture :)
Thank you :) !
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Following you already :) Follow back? Stay blessed :)  Saad Aslam
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Tobah .
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you so mean and **___________________**  sharjeel arshad
I don't care darling. Have a nice day , bye !
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aap cute dikthe ho..aap boys se friendship nahi karthe ho :( ?
Shareef Hun . Ya sai nae hai ? B|
Followed, Follow back maybe?  Daniyal chaudhry
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Dear Allah, make us good Muslims, upright in our deen, forgive our sins and unite us with our beloved ones in Jannah-tul-Firdaus. Join us to say Ameen.  HADITH OF THE DAY