Rameesha @Rameeshah
Rameesha @Rameeshah
Pakistan , Lahore
No Whatsapp , BBM or Facebook unless i know you.
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Hahaha.. Okay thank u :) you're sweet :')  Danish Rana
Thank-you !
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Yesterday at sportsfest we met in the hall :3 and we talked in front of damia.. I told u about my friend lol just wanted to apologize for that :3  Danish Rana
Okey Okey Agya yad :3 !!
No Worries About that , It's Totally okey from my side.
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Remember me? :3 :D  Danish Rana
Honestly Speaking , No .
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Ohh shukar hai mood acha tha :)  sheikh jibran.(Jerry)
.__. Dot
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U were looking really pretty on sportsfest award ceremony *.*  Danish Rana
Thankss :) !!
you were looking pretty on misaal unifoam suit nae karta tumy ....
Awwch !!
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anyone coming from your school?
Kafi log .
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CIEs right9  hashim.
Next Year.
Oho best of luck for your exams  hashim.
Konse Exams?
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rimsha ko janti ho?
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Describe Imran Khan in one word!
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it's on Friday, registrations are closed now
That's my headache.
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ajao .-.
Hahaha. okey I'll see.
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are you coming to jt sports fest?
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Congratulations fattuu. :)))  Hassaan Munir
Shukriya Chuzey.
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Display (Y) Bdw tum kaunsi hou? :3  sheikh jibran.(Jerry)
-Jo Khari hue hai .
( Just because i'm in a good mood )
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Do u use BBM still!
Do u use BBM still!
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Like = 5 Likes ?:)
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whats the best gift i can give it to my girlfriend in her birthday ?
English sekh lou buss ...
NiCe DisPLaY :-)  Abbas Raza Joyia
Th@NkS :-)
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Mesha plz aisa na kaho plzzz  Hassan Raza
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facebook pay aou .
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Irritating bs is sense mein na k tumhy kehta tha k mery sy baat kro tum nahi janti mera bs dil krta hai tumsy baat krny ka  Hassan Raza
I don't talk to boys anymore.
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chand raat mubarik to you & your family :)  Muhammad Aasim Hassaan
Thank-you :')
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??????  Hassan Raza
You know what , I don't hate you but you are irritating - very irritating .
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