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kitne fashion shows per gi ho jete ho kbhi kch

4 Fashion shows.
7 Awards !

Most people like to watch the Olympics, because they only happen once every 4 years, but I'd rather talk to you cause the chance of meeting someone so special only happens once in a lifetime.

Banda bano !

Token se zarra bach ke. Token se zarra bach ke. Arre paint laikr ana, token se zarra bach ke. Kay?

This Thou!

What would you name your first child?

And I am not even 17 yet .

ooh you got cherry lips

Lipstick Baby.

which gym u go to?

Pakoraas FTW!
Ramdan Mubarik :')

t'was me you ass. That constipated smile tho. (If you answer this,I'll never send you cream puffs ever again)


Any special talent you got which others don't?

I am just an ordinary girl . I wake up in the morning , Go to school come back and do my homework !

Girl that should be me calling on your phone 📲saying you're the one and that I'll never let you go I never understood what love was really like but I felt it for the first time looking in your eyes ❤️🙊

Hahahha This is so cute!

Hi @Rameeshah! Can I have your views on this dress? I'm tempted to buy it but I don't know... http://www.shopstyle.co.uk/action/loadRetailerProductPage?id=479420286&pid=uid3936-30409044-44

Amanda Bertens

Well ! I will be honest . It's an average dress but it will look good on you because of your fair complexion and buy it only if you are not chubby . Well , It is good for casual wear !

Kik do phir I'll add ya


Biggest regret in life?

Zachariah Bangash

Look , Everyone makes mistakes.
And Past mistakes are meant to guide us not define us.
Moreover , I am Thankful for all those difficult people in my life. They have shown me exactly what i do not want to be. We are Still Learning !
And Frankly Speaking , I Regret Nothing.

Share any of the Best Hadith of MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) you know :')

Nadeem Khattak✔

Allah Does not look at your bodies or appearance but he looks at your hearts.

pap.of you.new

Scroll Down! I posted two recent pictures .

that mole on neck :-)

For how long did you stare at my picture?

Hi . Can you suggest me a good sunblock please i hav tried cosmecutique and Diana's sunblock but my skin is oily nd want suggestion please?

Well ! My skin is oily too and i use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen. It's light weight and i really like it.



ur very very beautiful but this dp is not so good ive seen u in personal u look gorgeous girl if possible please change this dp please don't mind ur secret admirer

Okay I am confused. Bestti the ya Tareef?

You've got kik, pretty?

Noah White

I don't use kik.

again,Likers get talk or not please?

I Am Tired now , Reham ?

hey how are u. can i know u. ifee

Kill me !

Like= friends or not/ talk or not?

Alright! For First 10 only!

Thoughts on legal gay marriages

God Created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

rrriiissshhhuuuui 😂

-_- ! Zindaa Ho Tum bhi.

Hey there<3 You're so amazing girl:3 You've a great sense of humour. Stay happy rameesha..

Hamza Fayaz

Thank you?


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