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Who was your first crush?  Muhammad Aasim Hassaan
Robert Pattinson From Twilight :3 !!
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nice dp
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How about a fansign?  Yasir Ahmed
How about a fansign?
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Fansign?:3  Asadullah Shah
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you didnot do the fansign?
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what will impress a girl so much that it will make her love me i love a girl i fight for her when some guys were teasing her she didnot saw me ever i ask you because you are a girl to help me please
I am not sure but May-be ... May-be
It's your Grammar.
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3 likes = Fansign?
Sure. Drop me A Question once you are done.
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girls ko sb sa boori cheez kia lagti hy  Shehroz Khan
Esa Fazul sawalun ka jawab dena.
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girls ko sb sa achi cheez kia lagti hy  Shehroz Khan
Shopping kerna.
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not any fuck
Shit instead.
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call ayaan 03054860990
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hi :p  Kåràm Kårëém ♥
This is not particularly for you only.
People ( Hi ) ( Hey ) Send kerna band kero or sedha sedha sawal pucho jo puchna hai.
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lips are red nails are green take my intro I am free .......
My middle finger salutes you.
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1= vodka 2= party 3=sleep 4= on bed 5= with cloths or without cloths as you wish babay rameesha ch ....♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
One Cheapster = One Cheap Question
Send me another one and you are getting blocked.
- Rameesha Ch.
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Rameesha are you on kik ....and ...Facebook...  Sheikh wahab
And this is around fourth time you are sending the same question.
No Kik , Facebook Until i know you .
Clear? okey ? Ok .
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If your friend is in danger would you step in to help save them?  Muhammad Aasim Hassaan
Step One # Vodka
Step Two # Party
Step Three # Sleep
Step Four # Continue..
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Pit-Bull~Go Girl B| !!
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strangers cant be friends? lol  Chaudhary Rahil Jung
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tumhe hindi filme dekhana pasand hai kya?
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mind being friends?  Chaudhary Rahil Jung
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O'levels?  Ali Ahmad
Fuck Off !! -_-
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hii beautiful ;)  Chaudhary Rahil Jung
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hi ⋈ can u like my 11 answers ? thanks follow me = i will follow back :))  Leighton Meester ▲
Kisi Angreez ko sakoon nae hai -_- !!
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how can i know u?
You Better Don't.
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