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I'm 19 years old and live in UK, I speak 3 languages, which are Persian, Deutsch (German) and English. Thanks for watching the videos I upload. If you want to ask me any questions then you can ask me here, and ill reply :)
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Wunderbare Videos!
danke schön ::)
omg big fan of urs what countrie are you located in bcs i saw some lithuanian stuff keep up the videos love them  Mantas
hi, nice to meet u, i live in london, but im in holiday right now. thanks for watching my videos ;)
how much do you pay to buy the licence to a video
depends on the video . from 20 to 200$
Where ddi you find all the videos :) big fan
hi, i found many of them on youtube most viewed of the day,week or month, and some of them users sent them to me :) ... thanks for watching my videos :)))))
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what got you into doing videos like the ons you do :) big fan you yours very funny videos
with the fail videos i started when i saw failblog losing subs and views, so i thought that i should start uploading videos because i know what kind of videos to upload and then i started with some channels but i received copyright because i didn't own the videos, and then i started RFV and worked with a company who provides videos and now i still work with them. - With win videos i started when i saw other win videos on Youtube and i thought that i could make better videos than other channels, and then i started searching for win videos and shared them on other websites, and so my channel grew.
With SWV i started because i wanted a YT partnered channel and i wanted to upload wins which i own, so i i thought that ill share short win videos which i own on a new channel (SWV)
Thanks for watching my videos.
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What is your day job?
i dont work, i study, but i do spent time on my channels.
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Do you own SingleWinVideos and RandomFailVideos?
Are you a male or female?
How are you ?
im fine and u ?
What is the single best win video you have ever seen?
haha nice questions, i have many but my fav is a video which is not yet in RWV channel, ill upload that soon , its so funny , and Super win
Assalamualaikum, do you hate other religions?
walekum as salam, not i dont hate any religions :)
Why won't you answer anymore?
ask me questions :)
How do you know when you're in love?
I ask my heart :)
What is the most serious problem in the world?
Are you happy with the amount of information in your head?
NO i need more knowledge :)
What was the last thing you got for free?
10 $ JUST Some hours ago :)