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# فولوويني / ما ارتاح لو ما......
ion speak that
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I had this channel for some time now, I still have my other channels but RapTheLyrics2 is now closed because of copyright.
high school nicki minaj on ur vimeo
Your videos are awesome man!
Thanks, Gonna start uploading a lot again
IF YOU'RE WONDERING why I'm taking so long on uploads, It's mainly because copyright. I uploaded 70 videos in 60 days. This caused me to get 2 copyright strikes pretty fast from J.Cole's Born Sinner album. Not sure what I'm gonna do about this but I WILL CONTINUE making requests :)  Rap The Lyrics
BTW I do have more than one channel but my main ones are:
I also rap myself.. with my own little personal channel Lol
Your videos are pretty much the best.
Thanks, Working on more atm
Your videos are the Shitt!  Dakota Westerkamm✔
Thanks :) More coming, I been kinda slow lately cuz copyright issues
Please Make Pour It Up Lyrics
Would you fuck me? Please.
umm prolly not lol
Who's your favorite rapper? :)
Dont have a favorite one.. it all depends on my mood but lately its been j. cole and kid ink
Nicki minaj high school
High school nicki minaj
I like you videos c:
thanks :) more coming. Actually setting up a website now since so many get taken down from youtube.
Hey love, UR videos are awesome! I subscribed to UR channel on YouTube & all my friends are hooked!!! U do such a awesome job!!!! I LOVE IT. I got a song I would love for you to do because your super good at it! Please & Thank You! It's called "Fake Shit" Tweet me ‎@jr_hoskins & I'll send you the MP3
high school
Angel haze/ Iggy Azelea - Otis
Youtube blocked this, I already got it though its on vimeo
rihanna stay
Make a lyric video of Born Sinner-J.Cole (The song not the album) Although the whole album would be nice
Been working on this album, at least to get a majority of the songs
gimme 20 dollars
Are you talking about this? I made this video back in 2010 but lyrics are in description because I couldn't find them at the time until someone inbox-ed me them