Rashad ➰ @Rashad99Mazen
Rashad ➰ @Rashad99Mazen
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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What was the last movie you watched?
Lets be cops
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6fsht l7ali yalla gom eg3d m3i :(
Ylla jeetik✋
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mta tgom ya 7ywan ? =))
5la9 gmt ;)❤️
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imissyou  Sara ✔️
Miss u more❤️
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loool see, you do know me haha
Oooh I knew it LOL !=))
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lol no.. u should know who i am without me saying who i am .. because im like so awesome and i used to be awesome and i always will be awesome .. jk.. but like either u know who i am or you dont. im not gonna say my name. ;)
Mmmmmmm, were you a student in the ISA and now you moved to Riyadh?
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yas you do .. i talked to you once but a really long time ago .. like 4 or 5 years ago
I had one before but I don't use it anymore
Show your user so I can know who you are.
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omgg that person is so annoying lol.. anyway do u still use ur facebook or not?
Yea I know :| !!
Actually, I don't have a facebook at all.
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haha =)) 6yb 5la9 bye
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ana bklmkk.. ana 7bebtk?=)))
Allah la ygola ya she5a ro7i bs allah yfkni shrrk
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mdrii .. haa z3lan al7een? =))
La jals aklm 7bebti lesh az3l w he m3i ?
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tra ent t3rfni..
Yalla goli men anti ? =))
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wla shy bss 6fshana ;'(
Wna wsh d5lni fek ??
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7ramm 3leek . almfroo6' tgooli "laaaa laaa m troo7een" =))
Wsh tben el7en anty ??
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uhaaaaa 6yb kml l3btk.. bye
6b lesh mo z3lan =))
3shan al7mdellah mrta7 3shan bl3b fifa w kda
ela ela z3lan .. goli esh eli z3lk?
Wallah many z3lan !
esh feek? malk z3lan?
Mo z3lan ma feyya shy :|
lesh? 3ndk f9'ay7.. =))
La wallah bs m7d lh d5l y3ne mw9'oo3 beeny w been w7da a7bha mab3'a a7d ytd5l?
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What freaks you out?
When my dad asks me for my phone's passcode..✋
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- صورة جميلة:
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كم صار لك وانت تحب ؟
مو شغلك
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حبتك العافيه
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أي حزن يا وطن أي جرح أصاب الجزيرة أي ألم أوجع القريب قبل البعيد رحمك الله يا أبو متعب إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون  رنا العبدالله أنحضرت "(
الله يرحمه ويغفرله ويسامحه ويكرم نزله ويسكنه الجنه❤️:(
أي حزن يا وطن
أي جرح أصاب الجزيرة
أي ألم أوجع القريب قبل البعيد

رحمك الله يا أبو متعب

إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون
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