Rashad ➰ @Rashad99Mazen
Rashad ➰ @Rashad99Mazen
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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Dare: Your mobile or whatsapp number?
Why ?
When is your birthday
Malk d5l❤️
G7bha ant
Ektbi zy elnas b3den t3ali
لـو النعمـه انسـان,مـين نعمـتك؟..  سلطانهه|اتيجده.
Omme w abouya w SAM❤️
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Who is your best friend ?
My phone
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What is your dream job ?
To become a doctor insha'allah
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قصة حزينة قصيرة؛... "شاحني مقطوع:(".
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Who's your enemy in your class ?
I don't have any enemy..
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Did you ever fall asleep in school?
Almost everyday
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Do you wear socks in bed?
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اللهم صلِّ وسلِّم وبارك على حبيبنا محمد❤️
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What is your favorite magazine?
ملصقات ميكي ماوس✋
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What was the last gift you gave somebody?
I made them smile ❤️
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How many times do you hit the snooze button before getting up?
I just stop the alarm and go back to sleep =))
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Are you stylish?
I don't know
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"احبك قد شحن جوالك،كم شحنك".  سلطانهه|اتيجده.
٤٤٪ =))
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( http://ask.fm/Jawahir2/answer/124940668568 ) جعلك الجنه البارده لايك هنا ؟
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What are you terrible at?
Taking selfies✋:)</3
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What was the last movie you watched?
Lets be cops
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6fsht l7ali yalla gom eg3d m3i :(
Ylla jeetik✋
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loool see, you do know me haha
Oooh I knew it LOL !=))
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lol no.. u should know who i am without me saying who i am .. because im like so awesome and i used to be awesome and i always will be awesome .. jk.. but like either u know who i am or you dont. im not gonna say my name. ;)
Mmmmmmm, were you a student in the ISA and now you moved to Riyadh?
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yas you do .. i talked to you once but a really long time ago .. like 4 or 5 years ago
I had one before but I don't use it anymore
Show your user so I can know who you are.
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omgg that person is so annoying lol.. anyway do u still use ur facebook or not?
Yea I know :| !!
Actually, I don't have a facebook at all.
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