Zoee @RawGZee
Zoee @RawGZee
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Whatchu Want Kno ?
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What's wewe ig name
Whatchu just spelt .
whats alnisha ig name
Ion kno
your gf pregnant
Ion have no Girlfriend ,
You serious ? Or you playing or something
Hmm . you gon Find out
So who she pregnant for ? I don't want to say no names or nothing
I kant speak fah nobody . I ain't them .
Ur gf not pregnant ?
Ion have No girlfriend slime '
You still with you r bmm
Don't ask me no dumb shit lik dis , ion got no Bm
Boy or Girl ?
Neither , ion kno whatchu talkin bout
You have a baby ?
No ,
At what age you kissed for the first time?
11 , or probably 8 .
how much a feature?  Tyler Mincks
150 slime
Who will be the next person you will kiss?
Dis a Real Dumb ass Question ,
You so handsome, should be my brother?
How ima b yow brudda thoo
What's up with you
I'm jusBoolin fiv , wassup WithXhu
what I gotta do ta join DP? #Rns  Tyler Mincks
You with da Gang already Fiv , yu kno Dat
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What that Girl is to you
Who ?
Sooo , are you single ? or taken ? Cause Everytime I look you saying something different
Goo Look again , an Den Kome tell me whatchu see
Who is wewe
Don't start with this shit Fiv , we All kno Who she is
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How many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror?
Lol ion kno , I always make sure I look how I'm supposed to
You really got a baby on the way
You want have one of my baby's ?
Wassup with that dick thoo pretty boy
Kome Get it
Why y'all don't fuck with rawguyz nomo
Bitxh don't ask me no stoopid ass question lik DAT ,don't bring them Nikaz up when you talkin to me . you luky I kant smak you
I would literally fuck both of you guys at the same time ,
ohyea ? Hit my Phone Fiv
You and Your brother is like the hottest Ever
Thank you baby. Who eva you is
Y'all keep rapping y'all really gone make it forreal forreal
Of course thoo