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Whatchu Want Kno ?
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Yo lips tho . Mmmm
Ikno huh
U and your brother look SoooOooOoo much alike
Of course '
How do u deal with a girl that have a smart mouth
I stik my dik in it '
Ima bust ya head la bishh
Why that boy talking bout he made a mistake an nutted in that girl mouth?
what Boy ? What Girl ?
What was your first mobile phone?
i had a phone sense 4th grade '
Lol yeah i want fuck, and halle (oh_kaee)
lol ' you krazy
Do you prefer giving or receiving?
receving '
If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?
the dopest nika alive '
fuk you laughin foo
lol , text me like now .
who this is
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Wat made u start fuckin wit gabby?wen weewee been here?U a retard if u let weewee slip thru ur fingers frfr.
why i gota be allat yoo ' but i feel you
985-774-5219 dont judge meh lol
lol fashxx '
txt ?  BreCaine
yea ' whatcho numba is
yeyyy Nigga uy already knoe :) fw/meh  BreCaine
lol ' you fuk with me
ahahaha :) that nigga mad too doe like he want fight or sumthing tell em Play DICK and get BEAT  BreCaine
lol ' (: You Krazy
why yuh fukin wid gabby when wewe been down for yuh from day 1 ? you been fukin ova ha dude
Why im Fukn with Gabby ? Hmm . gabby is who i wanna be with . so thats who im gone be with . an ion fuk ova nisha ' nisha straight
5043008538 ,
imma text you .
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Would you cuff my sistah ? if you didn't have a girlfriend , ha name sayykee toocole on facebook -I think you her friend . yall would make a cute couplee ..
lol . Ion do that alot baby . just with certain people . bu i prolly would . ion kno
Mann why these niggas all on yo dick ?
Kause they HEARD about me '
joked so nah they mad ? well they need some loyal bitches then ahahaha :) they cant get mad fuck hoes fuck everybody  BreCaine
Thats what i be sayin Yoo ' Dont be mad at me . Check yow Bitch ' Fuk em thoo .
why you look like a bird
Why yow pussy smell like fish ,
we gone fight 5 . you don't never text me .
im sorry slime ' whatcho numba is
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What happened with u nd Ashley
what ashley ?