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Zoee @RawGZee
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Whatchu Want Kno ?
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What type of girl you like?
Cool bitches who lik Fukn , Kause I lik Fukn
Dirty dick ass
You prolly kissed My Dik befo Bitch
Fake as nigga
With a BigLongAssDik ,
Yes you did hoe
Who don't kno dats my baby , let's be serious
Where u stay
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What you think about strippers?
I love strippers , that's my people
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How one minute you denying the fuck out of your child then you want to start claiming it like you care so much
Bitxh ion NEVA deny my baby ! NOT GABRIELLE BABY ! Fuk off my Dik , An stop worryin bout me an mine
How would the world be different if everybody was vegetarian?
Nobody wouldn't lik Sukn Dik , datll be real bad
But that's your bm rite ?
Who don't kno dat shit ,
I Love How You Got That One Fat Long Vaine on the top of yo dick , I Miss it .
He miss you to , which Eva one you is
gabby got yo name in her bio like yall summ
Lol , Seriously Fiv ? Lik Fahreal ?
What's wewe ig name
Whatchu just spelt .
whats alnisha ig name
Ion kno
your gf pregnant
Ion have no Girlfriend ,
You serious ? Or you playing or something
Hmm . you gon Find out
So who she pregnant for ? I don't want to say no names or nothing
I kant speak fah nobody . I ain't them .
Ur gf not pregnant ?
Ion have No girlfriend slime '
You still with you r bmm
Don't ask me no dumb shit lik dis , ion got no Bm
Boy or Girl ?
Neither , ion kno whatchu talkin bout
You have a baby ?
No ,
At what age you kissed for the first time?
11 , or probably 8 .
how much a feature?  Tyler Mincks
150 slime
Who will be the next person you will kiss?
Dis a Real Dumb ass Question ,
You so handsome, should be my brother?
How ima b yow brudda thoo
What's up with you
I'm jusBoolin fiv , wassup WithXhu