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I'm Rαchel ygm @RaychM
I'm Rαchel ygm @RaychM
Were me Im in Norwichhh
I Ƒuɔҟ Ɓ¡s¢uits
Snapchat~Raach3L Kik~Raych_M
Frequently Asked Questions.  I'm Rαchel ygm
-Are you pregnant: Yes, with twins.
-When are you due: September.
-Who's the father: My ex ‎@Cary008
-Do you know the gender: No, we don't wanna know.
-Have you picked any names: Nope, not yet.
-Are you keeping the babies: Yes.
-Is Cary going to support you and his babies: Yes.
-Are you a virgin: Obviously not.
-Where are you from: I'm Irish but I live in England.
-What is your sexuality: Bisexual.
-Have you had sex with your brother: No.
-Who is your brother and how old is he: ‎@Medwaaaaay (Aron Medway) and he's 16. (he's not on askfm anymore btw)
-Kik: Raych_M
-Facebook: Don't have it anymore.
-Skype: Don't give it to people I don't know.
-Number: Not a chance ;)
-Instagram: Don't have it.
-Tumblr: Don't have it.
Baby bump links:
Can't find the other one...
-Do you do fansigns: Only for mates.
-Who do you follow: (I've unfollowed and followed new people since posting that though)
I've prob left out loads, but yeah...
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