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Benjamin Lasnier ✔ @RealBenjaminLasnier
Benjamin Lasnier ✔ @RealBenjaminLasnier
This is my only one real other are just fakers . Hi, my name is Benjamin. I'm 13 years old and I live in Denmark. My idol is Justin Bieber. I always get bullying, because I am belieber, they call me a faggot - gay. My fans are always seeing me happy, but I'm not..#Noh8

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would ever date a girl in grade 7?:)  tiana juric
yes :) i would date girl 11-14 years old ♥
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Do you like school?  Kariina
222 people like this
What is your favorite city ? :)<3  Bir
vejle ♥
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Do you have "SUPRA" shoes? :) Love u.  SWAG SKREBUTIS ;*
yes i love it :) i have purple one :)
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I think it's not fake ! :'[  Kariina
Okey im faker ofc . . . Duh still he is fake !
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what is your twitter name...reply please....  christine bieber
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I can't find you on skype. Find me please i'm karinuukas1 please <3  Kariina
no sorry
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What are you favorite hobbies (: xx
music .: )
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you veru very very very cute! And you beautifull you just perfect!! <3  Kariina
thanks :)
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HEY HOW ARE YOU?? Do u know Lithuania??  Švedaitė
hey , nice just chilling in school . yes i know :)
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Benjamin have you got a girlfriend called Laura Larkin? need you to reply xxxx  hollie+mairead13
im forever alone like bieber . .
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whats your skype name?
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you don't reply to my messages. You asshole!  Asia Tran
awww i love ya tooo ♥
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How did you start to like Jusrin B? PS. Biig fan! Jeg elsker dig! <3  Vanessa Cakolli
m im belieber since 2009 :) Aww :)
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I don't know how can I send you some gift :S  lona_albanerin
oh i can't explain :D
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I will sent you a gift tomorrow because I don't have money In my phome for this moment haahah LOL OK ? I love you ♥ I am a true BENZILERS <333333333333  laura
Awww ok ♥
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Send me some gift :D HAHA :) Please really : ]  Benjamin Lasnier ✔
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kelintoje tu klasėje?  ʆαɗƴ 69
sorry what ?
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Let all people who following me clik like :)  Benjamin Lasnier ✔
143 people like this that's me :D ♥ KLEDIA ugly or ice tell me please I am very confuse  laura
You r normal . All girls r beautiful ♥
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50 Likes :D  Benjamin Lasnier ✔
50 Likes :D
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Are u excited for your birthday?  hana alex
not really :D becose today isnt my b-day
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It's Hana Trenz Alex . She is always writing for me and asking how i fell today and we r chatting now . i love her . she's like my best friend ♥
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