Cameron Boyce ✔
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I love you soo muchh omg ❤❤❤❤


I love you too <3

Ok now I'm just confused I was more than sure you were the real cameron,but now I'm not sure there's another account that's gotten my attention @XMOB_BBoyTruth my sister is gonna be devastated and the saddest thing is non of you can really prove to my sister if your real:'(

Angelica Rose Sanchez
Have you ever heard me saying bad words?
No...Not to my fans...
This is enough to prove I'm real :)

I really love that comment about a sad sad serenade. Obviously from Selena.

Yes :)

Hi I love you, don't mind what the people who think you're fake is saying because you're real and I believe in you x I love you

Abby Cabrera

Thank you! I love you too <3

All the pain that I hide,let it play through the night.... A sad sad serenade,sad serenade,for every broken heart tonight...

Hi good morning (: ily

I love you too Amanda <3

You have such a bright, happy and cute personality <3

Thank you so much! <3

Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle,it's only a reminder of just how strong true love can be<3 -Anonymous :)

Awwww <3

I'm translator here lol volim te means I love you ^^ cute <3

Awww I love you too <3

y r u so hot

No,I'm so cold :D

Volim te <3 hahaha

I only understood this haha...
hahah <3

Hey Cameron! I'm a huge fan u are so awesome!!! I love u!! <3

Miranda Garcia

Thanks! I love you too <3

I don't care about what you look like(well I do)but it's what's inside that matters most. You are a good person and I respect. Others may like you just because of what you look like, but me, I like your personality, your humor, and the way you treat your loving fans. I love you so much.


My cousins keep saying that you are fake, but I know it is really you. They aren't even fans of you. They are probably just jealous. What do you think?

I agree with you...They are so jealous :)
Thank you for supporting me...Love you <3

hii cameron!! love ya!! (L)

Love ya too <3

Haven't been on in a really pong time nice to see your still on haha

Yeah,I missed talking to my fans :)

Hey Cameron, happy easter and I hope you enjoy your day ;) <3. #Truthanator 4 life

тαηαє ωнιтє♡!*

Thank you! <3

Happy Easter everybody!
Have a good day! <3


Thank you thank you you you <3

I can't believe you even live in this world! Your too good to be true! I know the saying "nobody's perfect" but it seems like that saying is not even true because your PERF! <3

Well thank you so much! I'm not perfect....And it's not true that nobody's perfect,cuz my Truthanators are <3