Ɗσ∩ɪуɑ εℓɪѕнɑ ᄊɑℓɪк @RealDoniyaElishaMalik

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I understand it's been long time :/  Marion.
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Hi! You're so Pretty! How are you? i love you!  1D
Hey! Ow thank you. I'm good and you ? Love you too.
20/20like? ;p zacznij ;*  ṉαταℓïα ♥
hi how you are? :)  gus
Hello, I'm good and you?
Hello *.* <3  Dorííne .
Hi! <3
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Hi :) How are you ? x  Océane.
Hello? Good and you?
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¡Hola! ¿Cómo estas? espero que bien. Bueno, me paso por tu lindo Ask a dejarte una pregunta ¿Qué es lo que acostumbras hacer los viernes? ¿Tenes algún plan para el fin de semana? ¡Espero que te pases! Besos con sabor a miel♥  Vicky.
I speak English sorry.
I'm not here for a long time.
Ask me a question now if you want anwser. XX
Hello how are you babe <3  aurore
I'm good ad you? <3
Remember me?  Marion.
Erm, no sorry.
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#Followed.Can you please like some of my answers :)  ♥ Haiya ✌
No. I'm not here for this.
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i love you .you are beautiful <3<3  Ilariadirectioner567
Thanks, love you too <3.
☼ Missed you so much ☼
I miss you too.
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Hey !!! ♡  Jakub.
Hi. <3
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Hi bubby missin you so much!:') <3  HACKED
Miss you too
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follow me?  Laura
Yeah on my new account ‎@iamdoniyaelishamalik
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Follow me? :D  Aleeza Rashid
Yeah on my new account ‎@iamdoniyaelishamalik
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Doniyaaa Do you know what is the official Sophia Smith twitter?  Dorali Rodriguez
No I don't know sorry
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you think that Harry is fallen in love with Kendall ?  Laura
Ask him or her
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do you have twitter? <3  Laura
Yes I have <3
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Follow me? :D :*  ~Andreea~
Can you please now ask me and my second account I anwser all <3. Its ‎@iamdoniyaelishamalik .
If you don't ask me on this nex acount I don't answer you.
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Haha. Thank you.
What do you do
Look my questions and you?
Doni, my ask was hacked.  Waliyha Malik
No. You're fake!