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Niall Horan @RealHoranNiall
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right now, i wish you were here with me.
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What it like being famous  Neci
it's really cool because we have our fans who support us and love us and we're enjoying every moment when we meet you because you guys are the best.
but it's annoying too because we have haters and everyone wants to know about our private life and relationships.
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oh..give it pls!  Louise#Niall
please stop asking me or i'll block you, i swear. it's kinda annoying that you're asking me all the time here and in my 1st account too, but you talk with my fakes! it's stupid, so please go away and wish you good fake relationships with my fakes. goodbye.
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Snapchat ?  Chloé Ruben
it's private, sorry.
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I love u so much xxxxx.  Kaylee Nichole Clark
i love you babe.
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hi my boobear.
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-  Niall Horan
I will love you unconditionally.
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-  Niall Horan
I never want you back into my life. You can take your words and all your lies, oh oh oh I really don't care.
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kik?  Louise#Niall
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-  Niall Horan
whoever sent me the gift yesterday, a huge thanks. but pls don't spend ur money & and buy something nice for yourself. ly. x
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omgg , come back . i need you k.  Anna Romanova ♔
nah, sorry bae.
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u have a kik?  ZaynMalikSmile:*:*
i do.
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hi  Madison Beer
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Heey xx  Rebecca
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I love you so much !♥♥  AnnabelleMatheo21.06.2014♥♥♥
i love you so much more !
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hey  ZaynMalikSmile:*:*
Hiiiiiii .x
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You have no idea how much I love you. One day you'll see.  Jason Hewlett
i love you.
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ayee  MattyBRaps ♛
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why are you perfect?  Linda Cernuschi ツ
ask my mom haaa
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whats ur age right now? Just 1 more month for ur B-Day. #happyearlybirthdayNiall #withlotsandlotsofLoVe  Mehak=D
duh? Are ya kidding? If ya are Directioner ye should know how old i am. btw im 20 years old x
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HEY congrats for the Teen Choice Award 2014  Mehak=D
Thanks :D
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Love youuu <3  Joanna.V ✔
Love you so much more !!!!
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You really don't love me  Mehak=D
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can u like some of my answers? :3 plsss :*
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whAT maKES yoU haPPY?  Mehak=D
singing. and making our fans happy (:
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