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fall in love when you're ready, not when you're lonely.
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kik?  Louise#Niall
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-  Niall Horan
whoever sent me the gift yesterday, a huge thanks. but pls don't spend ur money & and buy something nice for yourself. ly. x
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omgg , come back . i need you k.  Anna Romanova ♔
nah, sorry bae.
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u have a kik?  ZaynMalikSmile:*:*
i do.
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Ariana?  ~Cam.
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hi  Madison Beer
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Heey xx  Rebecca
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I love you so much !♥♥  AnnabelleMatheo21.06.2014♥♥♥
i love you so much more !
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hey  ZaynMalikSmile:*:*
Hiiiiiii .x
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You have no idea how much I love you. One day you'll see.  Jason Hewlett
i love you.
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ayee  MattyBRaps ♛
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why are you perfect?  Linda Cernuschi ツ
ask my mom haaa
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whats ur age right now? Just 1 more month for ur B-Day. #happyearlybirthdayNiall #withlotsandlotsofLoVe  Mehak=D
duh? Are ya kidding? If ya are Directioner ye should know how old i am. btw im 20 years old x
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HEY congrats for the Teen Choice Award 2014  Mehak=D
Thanks :D
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Love youuu <3
Love you so much more !!!!
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You really don't love me  Mehak=D
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can u like some of my answers? :3 plsss :*  Andreea ♛
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whAT maKES yoU haPPY?  Mehak=D
singing. and making our fans happy (:
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status:  Hellen ;3
taken by all Directioners :)
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niall  chloe
hello (:
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You're the best <33  Impxrfxction Maheu ✨
naah . my fans are :)
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heyo nialler!!! I love you so much!!! do you love me??? by the way I don't like my self, I think im not wanted..... I hate my self sooo much.....  Imani Horan_2010 #FOUR
don't hate yourself , love yourself :) love you <3
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Nialler I love you so much!!! I really hate my self,I don't love my self, I think I'm worthless, untalented, fat, a loser, I would keep on going but I don't fell like it....... Do you love me niall? Please write back and tell me the truth. I love you so much! Xxxxxxx  Imani Horan_2010 #FOUR
I LOVE YOU ! and stop calling yourself w/ bad words. you're beatiful , just the way you are. stay strong <3
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Your beautiful,hot,sexy,cute,adorable!!! Your everything to me nialler Xxxxxxx I love you so much!!!  Imani Horan_2010 #FOUR
woaah , thank u bae !! lym
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rly cute :) lym
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