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Niall Horan @RealHoranNiall
Niall Horan @RealHoranNiall
‎@horannialloficcial 1st acc
sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

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-  Niall Horan
ok. i'm coming back in my first account.
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Bored. Nothin to do.  griffin arnlund ☆✭
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oml i love you  haylee
I love you.
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What's up?  griffin arnlund ☆✭
nothing. you?
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sure.  ariana grande
yes :)
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i know you niall, so tell me whats wrong  ariana grande
i just disabled for a time so nothing lol
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Hey Niall how are you  Julie Tomlinson
good c: you?
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whats wrong?  ariana grande
nothing, why? :)
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ok, ur choice :) wtv  anna romanova
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but ur fans need you :c  anna romanova
i'm fine to stay here. maybe later but not now. lol
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It's my birthday, love you Niall ❤❤  〽️athou
happy late birthday. :c ly
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come back :/  anna romanova
no, i don't want. :)
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Aww ❤ What are u doin ? x  Marie Edwards#NightChanges
going to sleep. have sweet dreams, bye. (:
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Awe okay then!:) What you up too?:))x  Becky#OneDirection♥ x
idk, i'll go sleep. good night :)
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I'm Pretty Fine :) I adoore u ❤❤ x  Marie Edwards#NightChanges
i love u bby.
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Well tell him that<3 x  Becky#OneDirection♥ x
nah. he's mad at me, i think. now they're talking, so i won't interfere :)
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Awe, Don't say that<3 I'm sure your a great friend:)x  Becky#OneDirection♥ x
but i did it. her boyfriend thinks i flirt with her, but it's not true.
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im fine hey I have a question  Payton Moore
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Awe, Why? Whats happened?<3 x  Becky#OneDirection♥ x
i ruined my friend's relationship. i am bad friend :)
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How are u Bae ❤ x  Marie Edwards#NightChanges
guess good.. you?
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Heyy, what's up?  Addison Elizabeth
the sky ;) hahaha wbu?
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hi how r u love  Payton Moore
idk, u?
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Why whats wrong? And yeah I'm good<3 x  Becky#OneDirection♥ x
i feel so bad.
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I love you  Payton Moore
i love you more.
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