Niall Horan @RealHoranNiall
Niall Horan @RealHoranNiall
‎@horannialloficcial 1st acc
sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

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Great x followed btw x  Barbara Palvin
Thanks! back x
I am going back in my 1st acc ‎@horannialloficcial , let's talk there :)
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how are you? :)  Barbara Palvin
good and you? (:
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Hii  Barbara Palvin
hii :)
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Happy New Year❤️ (sending to everyone I follow)  Selena Gomez
Thanks! For you too :)
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AW AW YES I WANT  anna romanova
my bae ;)
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*feeling fab bcs niall horan wants me to be his bae* im dead okay bye.  anna romanova
u really should ;)
*feeling fab bcs niall horan wants me to be his bae* im dead okay bye.
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who do you want to be ur baeee?  anna romanova
you jk jk
no srsly :o
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I love you ❤ i See you next year *.*  Michelle✖❤
i love you too :)
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do you gotta bae or nah?  anna romanova
want a bae :(
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same, niall, same.  anna romanova
kinda want a bae.
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2015 is so close i can almost taste the lips i will not be kissing on new years eve :)
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just because you don't have a girlfriend, doesn't mean you're alone. you have food & internet.  anna romanova
2014 : single
2015 : single
2053 : single
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omg yes ikr xD  anna romanova
guess who's walking into 2015 single? ME :) :)
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tell me something i don't know ;) are u still in love with heeerr?  anna romanova
duh no, she can forget me. she changes boyfriend like every day lmao
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you are rudeee .-.  anna romanova
but it's just true xD
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hey niall <3  вєℓℓα тнσяηє™
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great wbu
good , missed you.
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how are you?
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love u so much
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lmao i missed youuuuuuuuu omg  anna romanova
same, gurl ;) what's new?
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what she said? ;/  anna romanova
she said "i can give you back ur acc and you can keep pretend to be niall but just know you'll never be him and you'll get a lot of hate" lol
who cares , ik who i am.. -.-
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what's going on? :o wait , ur first acc was hacked? what the... i thought you're really fake.  anna romanova
bruh, ofc i'm real Anna -.- someone hacked my acc 20 days ago lol
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Merry Christmas!  Ines Dallas♡
Guys, my first acc ‎@horannialloficcial was hacked
someone said i'm fake , but i'm not -.-
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but you aint a boy it's normal if you're pregnant
hahahahaha yes
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