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Omg I Just Found Out That You And Me Have The Same Birthday <33 ❤

That's awesome :)

" i miss the old ask.fm, when you, justin parker, kendall, christian, kylie, austin, becky, taylor, lea, kevin and more always were online talking and making us laugh. that was the ask.fm i loved. the chatzys :') haha don't you miss it? because i do. " I received this question today, I miss you

Alli Simpson

I miss you too!!

I miss icarly, brings back so many childhood memories, especially the first episode! Anyways, stay awesome!!!

I'm glad that it had became a good memory from a part of your chilhood, stay awesome <3

Happy women's day!! :))

Thank you!

One day I'll be able to meet you hopefully. I've always thought you were the super gorgeous and funny. I honestly don't want anything other than a simple conversation you seem like a famous person who isn't true to themselves and that's the coolest thing about you. Happy wednesday!

That's awesome thank you! Means a lot:)

OMG MIRANDA I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! You're one of the most sweetest, most pretty and talented girls in the world. I really admire you for that!! I know you will never see or respond to this, but I will keep loving you :)

You're amazing thank you so much

You are a very pretty girl :) ... My mom said so too;p

Thank you <3


I love you more!

You are such a talented and amazing actress! You are so dynamic in your acting skills that it's crazy!!! Keep on being wonderful pretty girl!! I can't wait to see the new projects that you will be working on soon!

Aww thank you so much you're awesome! Your support is what keeps me going:)

i'm watching drake and josh .. oh good memories.

My really great evil memories <3

Mirandaa :) hi well I know you won't see this but I love you so so much and you're my idol :) thanks for everything

Sofy Dragoni

You're really amazing thanks for the support <3

Would you say that your childhood was a little bit ruined cuz of acting? cuz thats wat child actors usually say

No acting didn't ruined it, it made it better:)

do people from your college get excited or something whenever they talk to you? i wanna meet you soooooooooooooo badly

Well most of them are my friends but there are people that gets excited;) haha no they all know me

you're my inspiration for music and acting. i didnt even know any pop stars until i watched your show and listened to your music, you really saved me from social suicide <3 ilysm

That's so nice thank you so much!

i wanna have you so you could always feel loved, cuddle when you have a nightmare, kiss you when your mad, hug you when you feel lonley, say the sweetist things to your ear when your bored and all i want in change is to see your smile, thats all i need <3


My boyfriend says I'm ugly but I feel pretty Is that bad?

Danna B

Why would a guy call his girlfriend ugly omg keep feeling pretty because you ARE pretty, love you beautiful don't let anyone tell you different.

Miranda I have watched you on TV from school house rock and drake and josh to icarly and despicable me 2! Your such an amazing actress, I wish I could act in scenes with you it would be an honor, I cannot wait to see what's up next for you in acting, your amazingly awesome Miranda :) <3 <3 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Aww you're amazing thank you for supporting me <3

Do you miss Zac Efron sometimes, i mean you were such a cute couple..

Wrong profile lol

LOVE YOU MIRANDA <33333333333 Just watch iCarly on Nickelodeon Poland <33333333333 I love you Miranda <33333333333333

Lots of love to Poland:) Love you

Miranda , I´m a big fan , I admire you so much! You and all the team from Icarly did a wonderful program ! I love you so much ❤

Thank you so much you're awesome <3

I think it's funny how when young kids who don't know your name call you Carly because they know you by that role and people my age sit in the background going "Awww Megan!"


Mih, I want you to know I love you so much, I'm your fan, a long time, I think it is already seven years, always watching iCarly and Drack and Josh, loved much, you've always been a good actress, I admire you so much! Keep it up and this queen you are, you perfect! I am a fan of yours from Brazil

Thank you so much that made me smile <3

how do you stay so thin, what's your diet & extercise plan?

In fact I eat a lot I don't do diets or anything I just have a high metabolism:)

I wanted to say thank you because you're so inspirational. I was in he hospital when I was 11 for 9 months, and now still have a chronic illness. You're music inspired me, and I think it saved my life. Literally. You're my everything, thank you so much. Your positive attitude is amazing. I love you

You're wonderful <3

You are so beautiful! You are amazing at singing! I love you so much! <3 <3 <3

Thanks for supporting me! You're so unbelievably kind ;) it means a lot


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