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heya Zoe I need your help it is very important, do you know a girl named Leyla?



i love you too x


I love Ya all😙


miss my bæ A😔❤

@omqitszoe facetimed a fan she is the real

honey she is fake

you don't fucking know how to write English hun, if you wanna fake someone you need to learn English first babe. and Zoe doesn't know how to write Arabic and stuff like that, also you talk with Bruce Jenner and let's be real, Bruce Jenner doesn't even have instagram

@alenashishkovaofficial_ I love you too bae❤

It's funny because @Shishkova1992 is the real one .

Happy Birthday!! Have a nice day and enjoy!!

thnx ❤

Happy Bday♡

Thank u❤

can you do a video?

I am on my phone , sorry

how old are you?


Coole Seite mach weiter so , hast ein Follow mehr , Kannst ja mal bei mir vorbeischauen :)

# | ° » M aRVii N✔️™ « ° | #

r u kidding me?


miss ya :(

u Know the jenner Sisters?


Hey beautiful


yup ❤

Kylie Jenner

Guys my bæ is back ❤

Are you a model ?

Wavey RaI (清萊)

yes I am


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